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  1. Erik Farstad

    FOR SALE: Martin Logan SL3's

    It's time to say goodbye to my beloved SL3's (oak rails). I am the second owner. I've had the SL3's for 4 years (one year in storage, three years of use), the previous owner had them for 2 years before me. I have the original boxes, power cords, jumpers, spikes and glider feet, etc...included...
  2. Erik Farstad

    FS: Axiom QS8 Surround Speakers

    SOLD!!! Here's what they look like: Features: Twin Titanium Tweeters Dual Aluminum Woofers, top and bottom Anti-Standing-Wave Cabinets Multi-directional Quadpolar Technology 5-way 24 karat gold-plated binding posts QS8 Specifications: Max Amp Power: 400 Watts Min...
  3. Erik Farstad

    FS: 92" Da-Lite HCCV Perm Wall Screen

    I have a MINT Da-Lite 92" HCCV Perm Wall screen and it's yours for $350 SHIPPED! This is Da-Lite's "gray" screen that enhances black levels in the common LCD and DLP projectors used today. Here are real pictures: The screen might as well be brand new...it's always behind...
  4. Erik Farstad

    FS: Studio Experience 30HD DLP Projector & Dalite 92" HCCV Screen!

    I have a brand new 30HD that has only 3 hours on it!!! I'm an SE rep and I bought it for a demo...now it's someone's for a steal at $2,550 plus shipping!!! The Studio Experience Premier 30HD has the Matterhorn DMD Chip, a 2500:1 contrast ratio, 800 ANSI lumens and is HDTV compatible for...
  5. Erik Farstad

    FS: Musical Fidelity A3cr Dual Mono Amplifier

    Amp has been babied and looks fabulous, no scratches, dents, dings, anything. Here's a real live picture: Amps But onto the details: Musical Fidelity AC3r Dual Mono Amplifier $650 + SHIPPING! It outputs 120Wx2 into an 8-ohm load; 210Wx2 into 4 ohms. More info here: Review...
  6. Erik Farstad

    Energy AC-300 Center Channel FOR SALE!

    With my new center channel in place, my beloved AC-300 (PLUS STAND) will hopefully find a new home with one of you guys! :D Click HERE for specs direct from Energy. Grill cloth in perfect shape, even the high gloss black end caps are spotless...I baby my gear! :D Will box and ship...
  7. Erik Farstad

    Amplifier BLOWOUT Sale!

    A new center channel and my desire to get new amplifiers, necessitate selling these amps to you fine folks! :D All have been babied and look fabulous, no scratches, dents, dings, anything. Here's a real live picture: Amps But onto the details: Musical Fidelity AC3r Dual Mono Amplifier...
  8. Erik Farstad

    Denon Gear FOR SALE!

    Hey gang, I'm selling this gear for a past client of mine who upgraded, so these have got to go: Denon AVR-3300: Perfect working order and great for someone who wants a 5.1 system, 2 high-bandwidth component switching inputs, and all the Denon goodies. The volume knob has some scratches on...
  9. Erik Farstad

    Riser Modification FINALLY!

    Hey Gang! I finally modified my riser to bring it up to "appropriate" seating height so folks in the back row can "clean and clearly" see over the front row. Follow link in sig to see what I did! :D
  10. Erik Farstad

    Just chatted with NAD re: PLIIx

    To all those wondering if NAD is going to release DD PLIIx for their newest receivers and processors, here's the update: NAD is contacting/working with Cirrus Logic to request the "code" so that NAD can then "update" the software in their gear. And that my friends is where things are...
  11. Erik Farstad

    E-Cinema *UPDATE* (Finally!)

    Hey gang! I FINALLY updated my website with process and pictures of my air return and new lights! Check it out if ya like, just follow the link in my sig! :D E
  12. Erik Farstad

    HT & Air Flow Problem *Fix*

    You all may remember how my HT room has a register but not a fresh air intake...and how I discussed how to keep the room at a decent temperature especially given the extra heat our new projector throws off. Well, I could just crack the door, the window, etc...but I still wanted to do...
  13. Erik Farstad

    Small Update

    Just thought I'd share a quick pic of the theater now that I've finally positioned (appropriately) my Martin Logan SL3's and got a second SVS...oh, a shot of our theater phone as well. :D More shots and details on my website...still more to come...the fun never ends! :) E
  14. Erik Farstad

    FS: ONE Axiom QS8 Surround Speaker

    I have a slightly used Axiom QS8 Surround Speaker available for someone looking to jump on the 6.1 bandwagon! :D If you want to add a rear channel speaker to your home theater, here's your chance! Here's what it looks like: Features: Twin Titanium Tweeters Dual Aluminum Woofers...
  15. Erik Farstad

    Wtb: Svs 25-31 Cs

    Well the title says it all...I'm looking for a used 25-31 CS and I live in Puyallup, Washington...thanks for looking! :D E
  16. Erik Farstad

    SVS PCi and CS at the same time?

    Hey gang! Anyone here have a SVS PCi sub and a SVS CS sub running in the same room? I currently have a 25-31PCi and am thinking about getting a 25-31CS because I have a spare amp channel and I'm curious if anyone else has done this. Yes, I've e-mailed SVS but in the meantime I'd love to hear...
  17. Erik Farstad

    FT: LOTR, Stargate, Charlies Angels

    For Trade: Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (2-Disc) Widescreen Stargate Special Edition (Discontinued) Charlies Angels Special Edition Wants: Hook Zoolander Shanghai Knights Hunt for Red October Special Addition Or make me an offer...ya never know. Thanks for...
  18. Erik Farstad

    Bi-amp my center channel?

    Hey gang! Currently I have one channel of my AMC 2N100-5 (150x5) amp running my Energy AC-300 center channel. I'm thinking of getting two monoblock amps "AMC 2100 in bridged mode (250 watts)" to bi-amp the center channel. What do you folks think I'll expect to hear/notice? Thanks! E
  19. Erik Farstad

    Website Updated w/Screen Shots (Sanyo Z1)!

    Hey gang...I recently posted pics of my screen and theater curtains...but I actually DO throw an image on the screen too! :D Too see pics...follow link in my sig! E
  20. Erik Farstad

    Screen Shots (Sanyo Z1)!

    Hey gang! I finally got around to taking some screen shots...abeit bad one's because my camera is old and does not take good, detailed, or completely color accurate pictures...but they're up on my website nonetheless...so take a look if you want by following the link in my sig! :D E
  21. Erik Farstad

    FS: Star Wars Trilogy "SE" Laser Discs

    Star Wars Trilogy – Special Edition (AC-3) for $50 + shipping!!! Thanks for looking! E
  22. Erik Farstad

    FS: Star Wars Trilogy – The Definitive Collection Laser Discs

    Star Wars Trilogy – The Definitive Collection for $85 + Shipping (likely $5-10 via USPS Media Mail)!!! Won't find a better price or deal on this collection anywhere!!! Some places selling for list price of $250 still...which is how much was paid for it originally! Thanks for looking! E
  23. Erik Farstad

    Energy Veritas 2.1 Speakers w/Stands!

    I'm selling these for my good buddy Jeff who is on vacation. These beauties are two years old and look and sound immaculate! He paid $999 new for the speakers and $250 for the stands. Asking price is $750 + shipping for speakers and stands!!!! Here's what the speakers look like on their...
  24. Erik Farstad

    E-Cinema with Major Updates!

    Well...I stayed up way too late and updated my site to what is now currently in the theater! Check it all out if you want by following the link in my sig! :) E
  25. Erik Farstad

    A 'Sneek Peak' of what's to come...

    Here's a teaser for you folks: Shortly I'll be sharing A LOT of what took place to get to this point! :D And I mean A LOT... Stay tuned.... E
  26. Erik Farstad

    Cara Room Acoustics Program & Test CD

    Well I'm done building my HT and don't need this Computer Aided Room Acoustics (CARA) program and test CD...so it's available for a bundle price of $30!!! I bought them for $65, so that's over 1/2 off! It works great and can be used to help with speaker placement and room design! Here's a...
  27. Erik Farstad

    FS: Energy C-2 Speakers w/Free Stands!

    Energy Connoisseur Series C-2 The above is a picture of the FREE 17" stands that come with the speakers, fill them with sand or lead for maximum performance! Here's the original brochure: http://www.energy-speakers.com/sourc...s_brochure.pdf Specs: 2-way front ported, 130 watts...
  28. Erik Farstad

    FS: Musical Fidelity A3cr "Stereophile" Preamp

    Musical Fidelity A3cr Preamp I could say so much about this baby...but this sums it up so much better: http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/m...3cr_preamp.htm Specifications: Inputs : Five line plus one phono, MM or MC switchable THD : 60dB 'A' weighted, Line >86dB 'A' weighted...
  29. Erik Farstad

    FREE Theater Chair

    Well gang...I have an extra theater chair that I won't be using so I thought I'd just give it away to the first person who wants it. You just pay for shipping and I'll box it all up nice and neat for you! Here's what it would look like: Just imagine one of them, cup holders on either...
  30. Erik Farstad

    Preamp, CD Player, Speakers

    Hey gang...selling off some beloved goodies: Musical Fidelity A3cr Preamp I could say so much about this baby...but this sums it up so much better: http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/m...3cr_preamp.htm I'm asking $900$850 + shipping ($1,495 Original retail) Energy...