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  1. Marlon

    Heroes season 1 thread

  2. Marlon

    Heroes season 1 thread

    you guys should check out the graphic novel on nbc.com. It gives more background on the characters' stories...
  3. Marlon

    *** Official BATMAN BEGINS Discussion Thread

    This movie is easily my favorite of the year so far. I rank it even higher than Crash. The issues with the fight scenes that others had didn't really bother me; I enjoyed the depth of characters. All in all, a solid effort that I will be seeing again on Friday at the IMAX. One of my favorite...
  4. Marlon

    HTF Rainbow Six 3 Server

    Can I join as well? My gt = Ausar
  5. Marlon

    Die Another Day audio sync problem

    I've noticed a sync problem on the DTS track as well. It's very subtle, but there nontheless.
  6. Marlon

    Wolfesntein Tournament-New Teams, Schedules and Rules are up. Lets get this going

    I'll be an alterate as well. My gamertag should be below.
  7. Marlon

    Wolfenstein Impressions--Are There Any Out There?

    I played until 2am last night and consequently I'm dragging today (behold the power of caffeine!!). Even though I'm quite a newbie, the experience was awesome. Hope to see you guys on at some point.
  8. Marlon

    Advice for Online Newbies in RTCW

    I played this game last night for the first time last night...unfortunately I'm now addicted. Gamertag is Ausar...
  9. Marlon

    Testy Area 51

    Is this thing on?? Yes it is
  10. Marlon

    Fellini & Hitchcock: Where to start?

    OK, you guys have definately given me an incredible start. I think I'll try Lew's chronological approach, but begin with rentals (per Matt). Seems like I'm going to have to get a nice bonus this year to cover the DVD purchases... Thanks again...
  11. Marlon

    Fellini & Hitchcock: Where to start?

    I think it's about time for me to start collecting (or at least begin to watch) some of the films from these masters but I have no idea where to begin. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks...
  12. Marlon

    LOTR DVD issues (merged thread)

    Mine was +4 as well. I have a pioneer elite VSX-26TX
  13. Marlon

    What mutants do you think we will see in X-men 2?...

    Psylocke would be a welcome addition to the gang.
  14. Marlon

    I need some good "chillin" music!

  15. Marlon

    Validate my purchase... Toshiba 50HX81 HD RPTV

    I just got delivery of my 50HX81 on monday and so far, I love it. I did the basic adjustments so far (turning down contrast, etc) but I'm waiting a few days before I give it a dose of Avia and conduct convergence. If anyone else has this set, experiences would be appreciated (in the way of...
  16. Marlon

    Jay-Z: MTV Unplugged

    I think the presence of The Roots made that album much better. Live instruments give a mellow sound to hip-hop that no amount of synthesizing can replicate...
  17. Marlon

    Fast and Furious Cars? Huh...

    The Skyline is the Infiniti G35. The new GT-R is only a concept now, but is supposedley also coming to the US. Rumors have it that the twin turbochargers and inline-six will be gone, replaced with a V-8. It should still be a Porsche-killer though...
  18. Marlon

    Toshiba 34HF81 advice

    Am I to assume that no one has had any experience with this product?
  19. Marlon

    Toshiba 34HF81 advice

    I have the opportunity to buy the toshiba 34HF81 for about $2k. What is the consensus on this product? Should I go for it, or select another product. Thanks for the advice. marlon
  20. Marlon

    Probs with My Pioneer VSX Receiver

    OK folks, I got the receiver back. Apparently IC9374 had to be soldered. I haven't tried it out yet but hopefully my issue has been fixed. Later.
  21. Marlon

    Dvd Etc. Magazine Poll: All Members Please Respond

    1. Snow White & Seven Dwarves (restoration & features) 2. The Matrix (Sound Effects) 3. Gattaca (content & picture quality)
  22. Marlon

    Probs with My Pioneer VSX Receiver

    I'm surprise you guys even got to speak to someone at Pioneer. When i tried calling, all I could get was a referral to the service center (via an automated voice, of course). Do you think that all Pioneer service centers are aware of the problem? Now I'm kinda worried if my receiver is...
  23. Marlon

    Probs with My Pioneer VSX Receiver

    Larry, I have a Pioneer VSX-26TX receiver and I experienced similar problems. The receiver would indicate that Dolby Digital and DTS signals were received from my DVD player, but no sound was sent to my center or surround speakers (only to the fronts). I carted it off to an authorized...
  24. Marlon

    Paradigm Monitor Series owners, what receivers do you use?

    Fronts: Mini Monitors Surrounds: ADP-170 Center: CC-370 Receiver: Pioneer Elite VSX-26TX (sub is kinda crappy so I won't mention it) This combo works for me, for the time being.
  25. Marlon


    I rented Pollack this weekend and found the performance by Ed Harris specatacular. I'm really trying to figure out how he didn't win an Oscar for this role last year... Must be a conspiracy...;)
  26. Marlon

    Toshiba DVD player sound issue

    I have the DVD player connected via optical cable to the receiver and the DVD player is set to output bitstream. However, I still don't get 5.1 sound.
  27. Marlon

    Toshiba DVD player sound issue

    For some reason unknown to me, my Toshiba SD-3109 DVD player refuses to decode Dolby Digital (or DTS for that matter) signals into something my receiver interprets as surround. I hear sound, but only from the front surrounds!! :angry: I know it's not a receiver issue, as the receiver correctly...
  28. Marlon

    Surround Sound Issue

    I believe so. When I get home later today I'll validate. Good point though. Thanks.