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  1. Angelo.M

    MacBook No Longer Maintains Connection to Wireless Network: Help!

    I'm hoping for some help with a puzzling problem. I have three computers at home (an iMac and two MacBooks), as well as four other devices that connect to my wireless network (an iPhone, an iPod Touch, a Wii and a Blu-Ray player). I'm using an Airport Express as my wireless router and, until...
  2. Angelo.M

    FS: Jolida 102b Tube Integrated Amplifier

    This is a wonderful, sweet-sounding, 20 Watts per channel tube amplifier that really sings, with plenty of real-world power when matched with the right speakers. The unit is about a year old, purchased directly from Jolida, and the tubes have less than 100 hours of playing time on them. It's...
  3. Angelo.M

    My iPod is Gonna Love Having it's Own Tube Amp

    iPod, meet the Concertino... :D "What is unique about Concertino is the combination of highest quality sound, an amazingly small size and modern design. It is not a piece of technical equipment. Instead, it decorates the interior of your living room or your office. And the warm glow...
  4. Angelo.M

    Protection: WAP or WEP and WHY?

    Can someone give me a quick rundown on the difference? I currently use WEP, I cancelled SSID broadcasting and I restricted MAC addresses. I only know enough about this stuff to be dangerous, however. Should I be WAPping instead of WEPping? :D
  5. Angelo.M

    The Well-Recorded Piano

    Based on the recommendation of a friend, I bought Hiromi's Brain (Decca) CD (also available as an SACD). She's a young, inventive, dextrous pianist who plays an interesting combination of jazz (good) and new age (not my thing), mostly acoustic but with electronic flourishes (also not...
  6. Angelo.M

    One Movie, One Meal, One Beverage

    Inspired by another thread... What's your idea of a great movie/meal/beverage combo? One of my choices would be something along the lines of The Magnificent Seven, a nice bowl of avgolemono soup with pita slices and saganaki, and a frosty Old Speckled Hen. Or, a spin of In the Mood For Love...
  7. Angelo.M

    FS: Sony STR-DA2ES, Mint Condition

    Pristine condition, purchased brand new and kept in top condition in a non-smoking home. Shipped in original carton with all manuals, remote and accessories. Asking $325 double-boxed, insured and shipped in the continental US. Reply here or PM if interested. References available. Photos...
  8. Angelo.M

    Shaolin Master Killer

    Anyone have a good source for purchasing the R3 version of this film (Shaw Brothers, 1978)? Looks like R1 is out-of-print and inferior to R3.
  9. Angelo.M

    The "Kill Your Idols" Poll

    A few weeks ago I posted a thread about a recent book called "Kill Your Idols," in which most of the sacred cows of "classic rock" (and a few more recent "classics") are rounded skewered by younger critics. Not quite Lester Bangs writing about Astral Weeks, if you know what I mean. Well, at...
  10. Angelo.M

    Anyone have this Spinal Tap screen capture?

    I hope this question doesn't violate forum rules. I need a capture of the image from Spinal Tap wherein the band and Jeanine are looking up at the marquee at the amusement park. You know the "Spinal Tap first, puppet show last" gag. It's for a lecture. Any help appreciate in advance if you...
  11. Angelo.M

    Columbia House: What Happened to Classical Music?

    I've been a member of C. House for about a decade, and haven't really purchased much from them in the last few years. I noticed that they no longer seem to have any classical selections. Did they stop stocking these? Is there a separate club for classical music now? Curious...
  12. Angelo.M

    Directors Fun with Bartlett: A Quotation Tournament

    A tournament of quotations. I don't care whom you quote, and fictional persons (even HTFers) are eligible. Specific quotes preferable, but attributed and apocryphal quotes are OK unless someone balks and provides a good argument against (not that something like that would ever happen around...
  13. Angelo.M

    FS: Harman/Kardon PA2000 2-Channel Amplifier

    Harman/Kardon PA2000 2-Channel Amplifier This amplifier is 3 months old and in pristine condition. Shipped from a non-smoking home with all original documentation, in original packing and carton. Includes detachable power cord. Specs: 4 x 45 Watts @ 8 Ohms 2 x 100 Watts @ 8 Ohms (bridged)
  14. Angelo.M

    Software MP3 Player (iTunes, Winamp, WMP9) Volume Question

    Do all of these programs control volume output directly through the system volume? That is, could you set the system volume at a constant level but still vary the volume output of these programs.
  15. Angelo.M

    FS: Sony 2ES [STR-DA2ES], Mint

    Selling a Sony STR-DA2ES, aka Sony 2ES, in pristine condition. Has been used for 1 year as a pre-amp/processor. This is a stellar unit, which serves well as either a pre-/pro- or as a stand-alone AVR. There are 4 years remaining on the ES warranty. The unit was purchased from a large, popular...
  16. Angelo.M

    HTF Review: Rio Cali 256 MB, A Jogger's Perspective

    Admins: please relocate this thread to another area of HTF if you see fit. Any interest in a new area for digital audio hardware/software? Rio Cali 256 MB .mp3 Player This is my post-5K review of the Rio Cali 256 MB, a portable digital music player designed with the active sort in mind...
  17. Angelo.M

    FS: Harman/Kardon PA2000 Amplifier (Mint)

    Less than 1 month old, in absolutely pristine condition. This is a 2 channel amplifier (45 Watts x 2) that can be bridged to 100 Watts x 2 for stereo. Will be shipped in original carton, with instruction manual and (unfilled) Warranty Card. There are 2 years of coverage through Harman. A...
  18. Angelo.M

    Microsoft's Clip Art site: Cookie problem

    Don't laugh. Trying to use the on-line Clip Art gallery from within Power Point XP, but when I try to search the gallery the site keeps telling me that I'm not configured to accept cookies. That's funny, because I am. Nothing seems to fix this, even disabling EZ Firewall. Any suggestions?
  19. Angelo.M

    How Do You Like Your Covers?

    OK, I'm bored. Just heard Counting Crows cover of the Dead's "Friend of the Devil." Dig the Crows, love the song, hate their cover; seems to squeeze the spark out of the song entirely. I was wondering how folks like their cover tunes. Do you like a complete reimagination? Do you like a...
  20. Angelo.M

    H/K PA 2000 Amplifier For Sale

    This unit was purchased from and shipped (March, 2004) directly from Harman and the box has never been opened. Refurbished, but carries the full manufacturer's warranty as if brand new. Four-channels, bridgable. See the specs here: http://www.harmankardon.com/product_...202000&sType=C...
  21. Angelo.M

    Your HTF mix-CD

    You're making a mix-CD for all your buddies on HTF. Maybe not your favorite tunes, but some stuff you'd want everone to try. What 10-15 songs are on it? Mine: The Velvet Underground, "I'm Waiting for the Man"The Beatles, "Here, There and Everywhere"Emmylou Harris, "Where Will I Be"Simon and...
  22. Angelo.M

    Error message: interpretation

    A few weeks ago, I began getting this message multiple times per day while using Internet Explorer: A Runtime Error has occurred. Do you wish to debug? Line: 37 Error: Expected identifier I also choose "No" and continue on my merry way. What gives? Is the computer mad at me?
  23. Angelo.M

    Led Zeppelin Remasters Question

    Folks: I have the individual albums on CD, all of which are labelled "Digitally remastered from the original master tape by JP and GM at Sterling Sound." They're in standard jewel cases, and no issue year is indicated except for the issue year of the original LP (e.g., 1970 for LZIII). Are...
  24. Angelo.M

    Potentially Interesting if You're Shopping for an Entry Level AVR

    http://www.homecinemachoice.com/cgi-...?reviewid=3695 A frequent question around these parts is what to choose as a decent entry-level receiver. This is a fairly interesting read, if you put stock in 'professional' reviews. Compared are: Denon 1804 JVC RS-8032VSX Marantz SR4400 Onkyo...
  25. Angelo.M

    Networking Question

    I have two computers networked at home, sharing a broadband connection through a wired router (glad the house is Cat5 wired; had little idea I'd ever use it). Now, I'm adding another computer (laptop) with a wireless card. What will I need to keep my wired computers and the wireless connected...
  26. Angelo.M

    Laptop Advice Sought

    I'm replacing my laptop, a Dell Inspiron. I use the machine primarily for PowerPoint presentations with heavy graphics, audio and moving images. I typically build the presentations on my desktop (a PC) and then bring them over to the laptop. I'm considering an Apple laptop, but I need to...
  27. Angelo.M

    Anyone need these Best Buy coupons?

    I have a set of coupons which I won't be using. In the spirit of good karma, I will mail them to someone (first-come, first-served). The coupons are for discounts on new CD's by Puddle of Mudd, Tupac, Sting, Toby Keith, Limp Bizkit, Nickelback, No Doubt, Rolling Stones, Blink 182, Sheryl...
  28. Angelo.M

    Dylan Hybrids/Remasters

    Picked up Blood on the Tracks, and I'm not certain how I feel about the CD layer remaster. Guess I'm just so used to the vinyl and the earlier CD. It sounds great, no doubt, but do I like it? Not sure. Can't comment on the SACD layer. Opinions sought!... :D
  29. Angelo.M

    Simon & Garfunkel Tour

    Any reviews will be greatly appreciated. Does anyone have a setlist for 10/18 or a link to it? Also, what's the status of the Everly Brothers/S&G? Update: www.simonandgarfunkel.com had most of what I was looking for.
  30. Angelo.M

    Not the usual "connect PC to stereo" question

    I'm reconfiguring the 2-channel system in my office. I'll be using my PC as a jukebox for .wav and .mp3 playback, and outputting the signal to a receiver or integrated amp, depending on the information I learn here. This is the question. When playing .wav files on a PC in this type of set-up...