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  1. shoeshineboy

    International Insight & This Is the Life

    Here were two series created by Catholic and Christian producers that had lengthy (especially in Insight's case) runs. Have either popped up on DVD yet? Does anyone remember them -- they often featured big and familiar names, telling stories with a religious moral ending. Not sure if they were...
  2. shoeshineboy

    LG polarity

    Stupid question time; I lost the cord for my LG BP330 bluray player. I've purchased a new cord w/AC adaptor but it says the cord is only good if machine is positive polarity. i don't see anything on the machine that says polarity -- but I do see "5v - 500mA" ... the dash has a couple of smaller...
  3. shoeshineboy

    DuMont network shows -- any hope?

    I know that although it was documented that the DuMont Network had nearly all its kineoscopes dumped into New York Bay in the 1970s, we have seen a few pop up on DVD -- like the Kovacs Show and some episodes of Captain Video, for example -- but is there any hope of others seeing some release...
  4. shoeshineboy

    Nakia - forgotten 70s TV

    Anyone recall the ABC cop series Nakia (1974) starring Robert Forster as a Navajo native who's a deputy policeman in New Mexico. It only ran 13 weeks before being cancelled. Created by Christopher Trumbo and Michael Butler, the show wasn't on my viewing list as a 12 year old but sounds...
  5. shoeshineboy

    Joseph Cotten Show/On Trial

    So is there any chance of seeing this old Revue Production program on DVD ? There are few TV shows, with a 3-year footprint, as forgotten as this gem. I can't even find evidence that it was re broadcasted in the past 30 years, which is a shame.
  6. shoeshineboy

    More Zane Grey!

    With season 2 on the verge of delivery after a llloooonnnnggg wait from the 1st season, TMG is jumping right out of the corral with Season 3 announcement! According to tvshowsondvd, season 3 is due Dec. 3rd... That cover picture of Eddie Albert looks like it was taken in 1981, not...
  7. shoeshineboy

    International Welles' MacBeth and Othello in BR

    Carlotta Films will be releasing Orson Welles' MacBeth and Othello films, separately and in a package titled "Orson Welles' de apres William Shakespeare Coffret Collector", on Nov. 5. Tres Magnifique! http://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=14966
  8. shoeshineboy

    The Persuaders!

    Tvondvd.com announced that VEI is coming out with an 8-disk complete set of the Tony Curtis-Roger Moore crime busters show..... It's been so long since I saw it, and while not nearly as fondly recalled as The Rogues, this is another that has my interest. It would be fantastic if Moore was given...
  9. shoeshineboy

    Walter Mitty

    I'm shocked - shocked! - to see no one has commented on the announcement that The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, along with Stella Dallas, is going to be released on pressed discs by Warner's, as part of their Goldwyn series. It's a superlative comedy-fantasy with Danny Kaye at his...
  10. shoeshineboy

    Hen's Tooth releases

    It seems another small company is dealing pressed DVDs of old 'classics'... Hen's Tooth Video has over the past couple of months released or announced the following: * Kit Carson, with Dana Andrews, Jon Hall and Lynn Bari (Jan. 29 -...
  11. shoeshineboy

    Merv Griffin show

    Touring Mark Evanier's interesting blog today I stumbled across an interesting link/item.... Apparently (and I apologize if this isn't new info; I couldn't find it being talked about here) the people at www.reelinintheyears.com have acquired the distribution rights for the complete run of the...
  12. shoeshineboy

    Gone but not forgotten?

    There are so many forgotten or lost Tv series, like 1960 Troubleshooters with Keenan Wynn. It was produced by Universal and Meridan, and is believed to been destroyed or just rotted away. Anyone remember that gem ? Or have any other Lon lost classic that has long disappeared?
  13. shoeshineboy

    A few words about...™ Tyrone Power / Matinee Idol Collection

    It's been quite sometime since Fox hit the jackpot with Tyrone Power DVD collections 1&2 ... Is there any chance of a third? I know most of his films have seen DVD release, but there are a handful that could make a nice bookend for that Classic bookshelf...
  14. shoeshineboy

    McCallum's Invisible Man coming to Canada!

    I have vague memories of The Invisible Man, the 1975 series starring David McCallum. Does anyone recall this one -- it could be a nice blind buy with decent price point... Apparently it was more popular in reruns in the UK than it ever achieved over here...