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  1. Kirk Tsai

    2013 Film List (Reviews, Discussion, Tracking)

    Tracking solely 2013 new releases. Seen: 1 Broken City - **1/2
  2. Kirk Tsai

    2012 Film List (Reviews, Discussion, Tracking)

    Seen: 47 Haywire - *** Man on a Ledge - **1/2 The Secret World of Arrietty - *** Safe House - *** The Lorax - ** The Hunger Games - *** Wrath of the Titans - * The Raid: Redemption - ***1/2 21 Jump Street - **1/2 The Avengers - **1/2 The Dictator - *** Dark Shadows - ** Prometheus - ***1/2...
  3. Kirk Tsai

    Our Top 10 Movies of 2011 -- Time To Throw Down!

    A preliminary list. I probably saw the least amount of movies in 2011 since joining HTF, and especially lacked in the foreign films department. 2011 movies seen: 62 1. Tree of Life 2. Hugo 3. Contagion 4. The Artist 5. Drive 6. Win Win 7. Warrior 8. The Descendants 9. The Debt 10. The Adventures...
  4. Kirk Tsai

    The King's Speech - quick review

    I noticed the stylistic choice of shooting closeups that Patrick and Chad mentioned too. I agree that it was disorienting, or maybe that's too strong a word, more noticeable let's say, at the beginning of the movie. At some point in the movie, I started to not notice it as much. I don't know...
  5. Kirk Tsai

    Our Top 10 Movies of 2010 -- Time To Throw Down!

    Last count of 2010 films seen: 72 1. The Secret in Their Eyes 2. Toy Story 3 3. Shutter Island 4. The Social Network 5. Inception 6. The Next Three Days 7. Black Swan 8. A Prophet 9. The Kids Are All Right 10. The Town Most want to see, but haven't yet: Blue...
  6. Kirk Tsai

    2011 Film List (Reviews, Discussion, Tracking)

    Seen: 66 Sanctum (3D) - **1/2 Unknown - ** The Adjustment Bureau - *** No Strings Attached - **1/2 Hall Pass - *** Drive Angry - * Ip Man 2 - **1/2 Rango - *** Source Code - *** Limitless - ** The Lincoln Lawyer - *** Hanna - *** The Conspirators - ** Rio - ***...
  7. Kirk Tsai

    Time to Smash Down! 2000s decade Top Thirty Lists

    My list could probably only be based off of my memory and rethinking of the movies. I have not rewatched most of these movies in the past year. It's entirely possible, for example, that I would once again prefer Batman Begins to The Dark Knight if I saw them back to back now, as I did when I...
  8. Kirk Tsai

    2010 Film List (Reviews, Discussion, Tracking)

    I intend to list only 2010 releases. 2010 films seen: 72 Daybreakers - ** The Book of Eli - ** Valentine's Day - *1/2 The Ghost Writer - *** 14 Swords (2010 Asian) - * Monga (2010 Asian) - ***1/2 The Warlords - ***1/2 Cop Out - ** Shutter Island - ***1/2 The Wolfman - *1/2...
  9. Kirk Tsai

    Time to Throw Down! 2009 Top Ten Lists

    2009 films seen: 84 Last updated: 12/31/09 1. Goodbye Solo 2. Inglorious Basterds 3. Ponyo 4. The Hurt Locker 5. The Cove 6. The Fantastic Mr. Fox 7. Avatar 8. A Serious Man 9. Sugar 10. Up
  10. Kirk Tsai

    Your fave films of '09?

    Is this the 2009 "time to throw down?" So far I've seen 83 2009 films. 1. Goodbye Solo 2. Inglorious Basterds 3. Ponyo 4. The Hurt Locker 5. The Cove 6. The Fantastic Mr. Fox 7. Avatar 8. A Serious Man 9. Sugar 10. Up Haven't seen yet: Broken Embraces, Bright Star, In the Loop...
  11. Kirk Tsai

    *** Official THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX Discussion Thread

    I agree with Patrick's positive review, and might have liked it even more than him! The bad guys in this movie are a hoot. Cameron, I never got that feeling while watching the movie. I did not like Tennenbaums or Life Aquatic very much, so it's a surprise how much I enjoyed Wes Anderson's...
  12. Kirk Tsai

    *** Official RED CLIFF Discussion Thread

    I have only seen Part 1 of the two Asian theatrical releases, so my comment is limited to that part. The rental DVD I got in Taiwan for part 2 was abused too much for me to finish the movie. I thought Part 1 was close to a disaster. Of course I am familiar with this material, but I don't...
  13. Kirk Tsai

    BIRTH: What music used in the famous Opera scene with Nicole Kidmnan?

    Look like it's the Prelude to Act I. See the links above. The person who hosted the Birth clip thought it was from the legendary Solti and Vienna Philharmonic recording. I quite liked this movie, and thought this scene was pretty effective. It seems like Desplat writes a waltz for every...
  14. Kirk Tsai

    HTF Fantasy Basketball

    Here we go again: http://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/register/joinprivateleague_league_select?.scrumb= League ID#: 189002 Password: 2010
  15. Kirk Tsai

    *** Official PONYO Discussion Thread

    Dave, the father figure feels somewhat like like a misdirection, no? If this was a more conventional movie, I would say he is being set up as the "good motive, extremist, turn into bad guy" role early in the film. But it turns out he is not so extreme as to want the planet's destruction, and...
  16. Kirk Tsai

    *** Official PONYO Review Thread

    I loved this movie, but FWIW, I love Miyazaki films in general. Although I can see Dave's points on his other criticisms, I disagree the most with him on the artwork of the film. Before reading Dave's reaction, I PMed another HTF member, specifically saying how much I loved the look of the...
  17. Kirk Tsai

    What has happened to people?

    Quote: Really? Really? This is exactly what I was trying to express worry in my earlier post. I mean, this deserves the thread title, right? -- What has happened to people?
  18. Kirk Tsai

    What has happened to people?

    While I don't totally disagree with the OP's message, I find the reverse--people NOT caring--to be even more disturbing than people spewing venom. After all, we are on this forum, and others on the IMDB forums because we have opinions on movies and are trying to seek others' opinions. We're...
  19. Kirk Tsai

    NBA 2008-09 Regular Season Discussion Thread

    I've been on the record many times hating on Artest's game the last few years. He's been the definition of an offensive black hole, and his quickness on the defensive end hasn't been the same as his Indiana days. So when I jumped back on the computer after watching Woody Allen's latest, I was...
  20. Kirk Tsai

    NBA 2008-09 Regular Season Discussion Thread

    Team loyalty and personalities aside, from a basketball stand point, this should be a very entertaining Finals. Like many (most?) others, I thought a Lakers-Cavs Finals was inevitable, but this Magic team is so much more fun to wach than the Cavs. They have been the team of the playoffs so far...
  21. Kirk Tsai

    NBA 2008-09 Regular Season Discussion Thread

    I have no love for either team, but Celtics-Bulls game 6 just made me giddily happy and exhausted. I am now setting in stone what I'll be doing at 5 pm Pacific Time on Saturday. It's series like these that really make the old Association slogan ring true--damn, I love this game. Very happy...
  22. Kirk Tsai

    R.I.P. Jack Cardiff

    I just happened to have watched A Matter of Life and Death for the first time last weekend (double feature with Cantebury Tale). Not surprisingly, it's another color masterpiece by Cardiff and P&P.
  23. Kirk Tsai

    NBA 2008-09 Regular Season Discussion Thread

    I'll take the Cavs sweeping the Pistons too. More than a Cavs-Magic series, I see KG being out as cementing a Lakers-Cavs Finals. It wouldn't surprise me if the Celtics beat the Magic, but it wouldn't be out of the blue if they struggle against the Bulls either. It's too bad, really, I was...
  24. Kirk Tsai

    The Matrix - March 31, 1999

    I really, really liked the first film. When the second one was about to come out, some of my other friends were far more excited than I was. Then I saw Reloaded, and it knocked me out flat. I'm with Chuck and Patrick. I couldn't stop thinking about that picture. Even if it looked silly to many...
  25. Kirk Tsai

    HTF fantasy baseball 2009 starts!!!!!!!!!

    If anyone would like to play in a standard Yahoo roto league, please feel free to join. We currently have 8 teams, and I would like more players. Thanks! League ID# is 248737 Password is Manny
  26. Kirk Tsai

    TITANIC: Jim Cameron's film in 3-D coming...eventually.

    I have to cast another unimpressed vote on the current RealD 3D process. From several stories I have read, it seems that many believe this latest 3-D technology works very well. When I watched Coraline 3D, I didn't feel strain on my eyes, I just wasn't impressed with the image quality. The image...
  27. Kirk Tsai

    NBA 2008-09 Regular Season Discussion Thread

    The Cavs have been the most consistent team throughout the season. I feel that the Lakers still play to the level of their competition at times, evidenced by them sweeping the season series against the Cavs and Celtics, winning back to backs in Texas, etc., but also giving up big leads and let...
  28. Kirk Tsai

    NBA 2008-09 Regular Season Discussion Thread

    Marbury so far has played terribly. Not in the no-help sort of way, but in a "he's actively hurting the team," or "it's hard to imagine worse" kind of way. Didn't watch the Lakers-Rockets game. From reading the stories and box score, Artest had one of those inexplicable games. I've watched...
  29. Kirk Tsai

    *** Official WATCHMEN Discussion Thread

    Obviously, Wagner was used because of Apocalypse Now. But what is the commentary or point here? In Jarhead, Mendes and Murch used the Coppola film to both contrast the mundane daily soldiering life with their lust for action, as well as a mirror to show audience expectations of war films. Here...
  30. Kirk Tsai

    *** Official WATCHMEN Discussion Thread

    I agree with this. In addition, as someone who has never read the work, I thought this tipped the hand of the mystery. He was mentioned as the smartest man in the world, was a part of Watchmen, yet his role in the movie was fairly slim, all of which meant that I was not surprised to see him...