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  1. Chip E

    Anything that top's the Ultra's on the horizon?

    Looking to sell my PB2+ to a buddy.. I'll upgrade to some sort of SVS Ultra. I thought i read rumbleings of a possible new driver that out does the current Ultra? If anyone has any insight, i'd appreciate it. Thanks. -Chip
  2. Chip E

    FS: B&K Ref50 pre/pro - Mint condition

    Selling my Ref50 pre/pro w/ 1.04 software. Perfect physical & working condition. $1500.00 Or best offer for the Ref50 $2500.00 package Ref50 + Ref200.5 amp firm Email me if interested at [email protected] SOLD :emoji_thumbsup:
  3. Chip E

    FS: PSB Stratus Silveri's,C6i,Image 10S's,JBL HLS810's

    For the last 3 years i've been running: PSB Stratus Silveri's in high gloss piano black PSB Stratus C6i center channel HG piano black PSB Image 10S bipolor side surround's JBL HLS810 bookshelf's for rears This 7.1 setup rocks home theater & music! (the .1 is an SVS PB2+ - not for sale...
  4. Chip E

    Weird 3805 problem..Need some input..

    My buddy's new 3805 when on the tuner or CD input fades the sound down to nothing within the first 10 seconds of listening. I have no idea why? He runs an Outlaw 200 x 5 amp for LF,C,RF,LS,RS. the rear surrounds are run off the 3805. When watching tv or a DVD through the receiver all is fine...
  5. Chip E

    What influences sound more, my pre pro or my amp?

    I run a Ref50 pre, a Ref200.5, Ref200.2 amps. Does the pre pro influence the sound more or, is it the amp? Reason i ask is... thinking about changing my pre (eventually). If i bought an Integra pre for example, would the sound change or is it mostly in the amp? I'm curious to see some comments...
  6. Chip E

    Will a Denon 2200's DAC's equal or better my SCD-C555ES player for Redbook playback ?

    I'm looking consolidate some gear. I have a S9000ES DVD/SACD player thats been recently retired due to it exibiting some erros. I now have my Panasonic RP91 in my rack. I also have a SCD-C555ES multichannel SACD/CD player in the rack. Question is: Will the Denon 2200 be as good or, better via...
  7. Chip E

    Any quality 5 disc DVD players w/DVD-A&SACD

    I'm interested in replacing my RP91 with something newer.. I would like a high video quality 5 disc or so changer with DVD-A and SACD. Anything out or, on the horizon that fits the bill? Something under $1000.00 thanks.
  8. Chip E

    Ref50 firmware upgrade did not help audio drops

    I just picked up my Ref50 from Tweeter in Cherry Hill,NJ. I had it sent back to B&K for a firmware upgrade from version 1.0 to version 1.04 I also have Comcast High Def cable via the SA3100HD box. I had major audio drops and was told this would fix it. I still have the drops. I'm bummed. I know...
  9. Chip E

    My GOD- The sub i've been drooling over

    Just checked the SVS news page. The PB2-Ultra is announced. I ordered a PB2+, cancelled it wanting the Ultra .. then, after moving all my gear into my basement, i needed more woof. I've sold my original 20-39PC to a friend just getting into HT. He gets it this coming Wednesday...no matter what...
  10. Chip E

    Just ordered a new DELL.. Tell me what ya think..

    Scratch the junk Haron Kardon speakers that come with this order. I bought the Logitech Z680 system in the peripherals section on DELL's site ;) 5.1 DD/DTS processor 550watts total Order detail - order placed 4/19/2003 1:45:52 PM Pentium® 4 Processor at 2.80GHz w/533MHz front side...
  11. Chip E

    How do you calibrate a duel sub configuration ?

    In my upgrade trek, my SV sub is next. Right now i've got an SV 20-39PC w/original driver. If i was to go with duel subs, like let's say, duel 20-39PC+'s, how would i go about calibrating them ? With my current sub i just go to the test tone for my sub on my Ref50. Do i only turn one of them on...
  12. Chip E

    PB2+ pic's are up !

  13. Chip E

    Ok, so, who's gearing up for the the PB2+ preorder list ?

    I've made my decision. Just wondering who else is going for the preorder. Should be a noticable upgrade for me, going from a 20-39PC w/original driver to the double bubble PB2+ :emoji_thumbsup:
  14. Chip E

    PR vs. Ported question..

    What's the difference between a passive radiator based sub and a ported sub ? Is one better than the other for HT or music ? Thanks.
  15. Chip E

    Upgrade time - Adire Denali or SVS Ultra ? Roughly $1500.00 budget...

    Ok guys, i've had an original SVS 20-39PC sub for like 2 years now in a 11'6" X 10'6" room. I'm finishing my basement right now. The finished demensions will be roughly 20' X 15' with a split ceiling height of half- 7', other half 8'. No other openings.. With a budget of roughly $1500.00 which...
  16. Chip E

    B&K updates website (finally)

    B&K finally udates their website!
  17. Chip E

    Looking for multiple X-over points? Read this:

    Some may find this interesting: http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/volum...rs-9-2002.html
  18. Chip E

    Is there a difference between these two XLR interconnects ?

    I'm really curious because the specs look identical too me... right down to the exact same terminations ? 2 meter balanced audio cable from AVCables.com - http://www.avcable.com/Merchant/merc...egory_Code=LC1 And this 2 meter balanced audio cable from CobaltCables.com -...
  19. Chip E

    XLR vs RCA Which is better and Why ?

    Since i've ordered a Ref50 - Ref200.5 combo and the Ref50 has balanced in's & out's, i would like to know which termination is preferred by most people in the know. I'd like to know what the difference is between the two terminations, how small or big those differences could be and lastly, since...
  20. Chip E

    B&K Ref50 Prepro

    Pre ordered today. Ref50 pre-pro & Ref200.5 - 5 X 200 amp. October 15th scheduled delivery date. Can't wait... All silver too. Home Theater Master MX-700 remote included, fully customized for the Ref50.
  21. Chip E

    Multichannel SACD via SCD-C555ES through Denon 5803 question

    I hooked up a rear center this morning to check DTS-ES discrete (Haunting DTS-ES, works pretty good even with the rear-center right over top me on my dvd storage rack, distance set too 0). I then was curious how this new speaker configuration would handle a multichannel SACD (James...
  22. Chip E

    Good 3 channel amp for my front stage ? - I want nuetral to warm sound

    Any suggestions guy's ? I run a Denon 5803. Nothing bright please. Like in the header, something nuetral to warm sounding. At least 200 WPC. I figure the front three would be a good way to start and let the 5803 handle the surround's for now. Thanks!
  23. Chip E

    Question regarding going with a 7.1 setup ?

    Ok, here's what i have.. A pair of PSB Stratus Silveri main's, C6i center, Image 10S bipolor surround's and an SVS 20-39PC sub. If i were to buy a pair of Stratus Mini's should i use them as the sides, or the rears ? In other words, where do i want the bipolor 10S's ? I'm thinking the 10S's...
  24. Chip E

    Question on adding an amp to a Denon 5803 ?

    I have a question for ya's... If i want to buy a mutichannel amp for my 5803, how does it work? Do you go into the system setup and turn off all the internal amps? or, do you just connect the cables and it automatically shuts off the internal amps? How's it work? Thanks guy's.
  25. Chip E

    Denon 5803... Anyone got their's yet ?

    I'm curious.. I have one on order slated for April 11th delivery. I did read on another forum of two different people who got their 5803's already. So, if anyone has the 5803, let us know! :)
  26. Chip E

    WTB: Eliptical satellite dish for HighDef. DirecTV

    I have a Panasonic TU-HDS20 high def box on the way.. does anyone have an 18"X24" eliptical dish for sale? Hell, i'll trade for a Dish Network-4900 Dolby Digital box if anyones interested. Lemme know.
  27. Chip E

    Dish Network-Dish4900 Dolby Digital receiver W/dish

    Sold the Dish6000 HD receiver& one dish.. I have the 4900 Dolby Digital receiver and one dish left for sale. $150 + shipping. Email me if interested. [email protected]
  28. Chip E

    F/S -Dish 6000w/8VSB,4900 DD receivers w/dishes

    I'm switching to DirecTV. I have an entire Dish Network High Definition rig for sale. The second receiver (4900) is Dolby Digital ready. I want to keep it as a package deal.... Priced to go. $650.00 FIRM Dish 6000 High Definition receiver W/ 8VSB OTA module (8VSB module slides right into...
  29. Chip E

    WTB or Trade- DirectV HD box for Dish 6000

    Hey all, i'm looking to switch to DirectV from Dish Network. I have a Dish 6000 HD receiver W/8VSB module (for local channels). I want a high def DirectV receiver with H card. I'll buy it or, trade my Dish 6000. I also have a Dish 4900 Dolby Digital receiver to throw in the mix somehow. Thanks.
  30. Chip E

    Anything from B&K @ CES ?

    Anything, i mean anything???