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  1. Steve Felix

    Best 4K UHD player for under $200

    Very strangely, it doesn't. I'm leaning toward the Sony X700 despite just learning from this thread about having to manually switch Dolby Vision on and off.
  2. Steve Felix

    The greatest Christmas song ever

    Low - Just Like Christmas
  3. Steve Felix

    Top Albums of 2007 - "Time to throw down!"

    Busy listening to some of your picks... here are mine: 1. MIA - Kala 2. Working for a Nuclear Free City - Businessmen & Ghosts 3. Shocking Pinks - Shocking Pinks 4. Madlib - Beat Konducta Vol. 3 & 4: In India 5. A Place to Bury Strangers - A Place to Bury Strangers 6. Jens Lekman - Night...
  4. Steve Felix

    The Real ID Act

    Today (May 8) at 5 PM EST is the deadline to submit comments to the DHS. From privacycoalition.org/stoprealid:
  5. Steve Felix

    Roger Ebert reviewing again in 2007 (Passed Away: See Post #158)

    We're not used to seeing him without his glasses. I'm optimistic.
  6. Steve Felix

    Slings and Arrows on Sundance

    True... I was going to mention how well comedy and tragedy were balanced and yet I didn't see the ending in that light.
  7. Steve Felix

    Slings and Arrows on Sundance

    It was another strong season that did a remarkable job of selling the aura of a brilliant performance at the end. For just a few excerpts and reaction shots, the result was moving. The musical and the people involved in it got no redemption or forgiveness for their lack of erudition. Ha...
  8. Steve Felix

    What ONE Summer Movie Do You Most Want to See?

    Hey I ranked mine that counts as picking one.
  9. Steve Felix

    What ONE Summer Movie Do You Most Want to See?

    1. The Bourne Ultimatum 2. My Blueberry Nights
  10. Steve Felix

    The Definitve 200 -- A new "Best Album of All Time List"

    Right. Creed has already been shown not to have "potential for continued success based on enduring popularity." Nine Inch Nails and My Bloody Valentine just might have what it takes though.
  11. Steve Felix

    1st speaker project - was: New Idea For a Small Business, at age 15! (Moved)

    I started a business when I was nineteen -- I wish I'd done it when I was fifteen. The experience will be great. You need to have high expectations and yet not get discouraged if you miss them completely. It's a tough balance. Until you reach a point where the next step is to spend vast...
  12. Steve Felix

    pubwic wadio

    The variety of voices on NPR is nice compared to the relentlessly upbeat and aggressive tone of most other radio.
  13. Steve Felix

    Your mugshot...

    It's a similar situation for me, Adam, or so I'm told.
  14. Steve Felix

    The IMDB has a new look...

    Either it's been changed or it's a browser issue, because to me, in Firefox, the user comments look like the same 10 point arial font as everything else.
  15. Steve Felix

    The IMDB has a new look...

    It's jarring since my eyes are used to darting around the old one, but I think it's at least a cosmetic improvement. I don't see any problematic tiny type.
  16. Steve Felix

    Gulp!! Getting Married: How Much Did You Spend?

    I'd also recommend separating video and photo. Speaking as a wedding videographer.
  17. Steve Felix

    *** Official THE DESCENT Discussion Thread

    I saw it the other day with what I believe is the original ending (with the torch/cake). Being startled just annoys me, so I wasn't into it until the end, when I realized how deeply it was about losing a kid and not being able to overcome it. My impression is that the entire trip was, if not...
  18. Steve Felix

    HD A2 audio input issue.....

    It's supposed to say that -- the player decodes the audio and all the receiver knows is that it's getting some PCM channels to pass along.
  19. Steve Felix

    artists that you purchase CDs from sight unseen "sound unheard"?

    The White Stripes Nine Inch Nails Neko Case My Bloody Valentine (I can dream.)
  20. Steve Felix

    Composer Shirley Walker - RIP

    Mask of the Phantasm is one of the only scores I listen to regularly.
  21. Steve Felix

    Marie Antoinette - was i the only one?

    Thanks very much Nathan, the feeling is mutual, but now I feel like I should clarify. Coppola approaches Antonioni's themes from a different angle. That angle is Wong Kar Wai-ish sensitivity mixed with her own optimism. (Now I sound like a name dropping music critic.) Her characters come out of...
  22. Steve Felix

    Borat: Cultural Learnings of America

    I liked it when I saw it but my opinion has been rising ever since. Like many others, I initially considered it a weakness that Cohen seemed to entrap basically good and well meaning people. But the movie is (heroically) only 84 minutes long. It would have been easy for him to find all the nasty...
  23. Steve Felix

    Marie Antoinette - was i the only one?

    Even if I didn't love Coppola's films, I would love her for keeping Kevin Shields working. His remix of Bow Wow Wow's "Fools Rush In" is his best work since Loveless, I think. Lance Acord's photography is quite different from his work in Lost in Translation. Many shots use a big depth of...
  24. Steve Felix

    Films You've Intently Studied

    Citizen Kane Vertigo Collateral The Bourne Supremacy Back to the Future Pulp Fiction Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV) Audition Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (I've spent more time with Buffy than any other artwork... hundreds of hours. It deserves it.) I think I'm at a point where...
  25. Steve Felix

    Deadwood: Season Three

    The walking of the children was a tense scene thanks to the Leone-esque soundtrack (just the sound of a bell, primarily). I agree it was an excellent reminder of what's at stake. The theatrical fade out at the end was a graceful touch.
  26. Steve Felix

    Michael Mann's MIAMI VICE (merged)

    I don't think that scene with them in the car at the end of the both the teaser and trailer was in the movie either. (edit: Brent beat me to it.) I'd like to see it all in the form of deleted scenes. Rewatching the trailer makes me wish I had a competent theater nearby. This movie will get...
  27. Steve Felix

    Michael Mann's MIAMI VICE (merged)

    I wrote that before I saw your edit or I wouldn't have contradicted without a source, but here it is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gong_Li. Also, IMDb has it as Li Gong and they use the Western order I believe. PS again: Which all goes to show how annoying the inconsistancy of the flipping is...
  28. Steve Felix

    Michael Mann's MIAMI VICE (merged)

    In MTV's defense, there is some seriously impressive technique going on in the shooting of Laguna Beach and The Hills. (Er, not that I've ever seen them. ) It's in service of vapidity, unfortunately. PS: Gong is the surname. Good catch.