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  1. Eric Bass

    WTB Paradigm v.2 atoms - black

    Looking for a used set of atoms or possibly Titans to match the rest of my v2 Paradigm performance line setup. Don't have to be in perfect cosmetic condition as long as they still perform well.
  2. Eric Bass

    Future of Sony SA-WM40?

    I see Best Buy has these on clearance? Is Sony discontinuing this model?
  3. Eric Bass

    Projector table vs ceiling mount

    I'm currently trying to decide whether my projector is going to rest on a table in the middle of the room, or whether ot ceiling mount it. Due to my room setup (heat duct along the ceiling) it would be much more convenient to keep in on the floor. I'd be curious to hear what solutions others...
  4. Eric Bass

    Piece of Cake DVDs, any reviews?

    I see the British miniseries Piece of Cake has made it's way to DVD. Has anyone seen any reviews or purchased these DVDs who could comment on the quality?
  5. Eric Bass

    Scared of RPTV

    Ok a local retailer is having a 24 month no interest financing deal and I just bought a house (finally!!!) So I've been cruising for a new display for the past week and had more or less made up my mind on a nice 47"-53" HD ready RPTV, being undecided between the Toshiba 50" and the Panny 47" or...
  6. Eric Bass

    Fair Price for a Sony VPL-W400Q

    One of these babies is being ebay'd in my home town so I have an opportunity to potentially get a great deal and buy local, which with used projectors is a huge bonus. However I've been out of the projector shopping scene for awhile so I'm curious what the general consensus on a maximum bid...
  7. Eric Bass

    Again with the cheatin A.I. (NFL 2k3)

    NFL 2K3 My one gripe with this game is the AI and it's tendancy to cheat. I was a Madden 2002 player but I ditched the series this year because I was sick of the 4th quarter BS cheating by the AI. Well I'm not finding much different in Sega land. About every game I play is a see-saw. If the...
  8. Eric Bass

    So did anyone get the thing yet or what?

    I was pretty sure the PS2 version of the Thing came out today. Has anyone got a copy and checked it out yet?
  9. Eric Bass

    Pi Dvd Ft

    FT: Tron - Not SE Tremors SE PI - Still in shrinkwrap. Wants: U2 Elevation Fugitive Shallow Grave One Flew over the Cookoo's Nest Awakenings Close Encounters of the Third Kind China Syndrome Riding in Cars with Boys Sense and Sensibility Notting Hill When a Man...
  10. Eric Bass

    Question about possible Trainspotting SE

    Anyone know why BestBuy.com lists a Trainspotting SE available for preorder with a release date of 4/23/02? I haven't heard anything about a rerelease.
  11. Eric Bass

    The Thing

    Looks like they're making a Resident Evil style game out of John Carpenter's The Thing. Gamespot has some minimal info about it and it's current release date is 3Q 2002. Anyone else have any info about this?
  12. Eric Bass

    American Beauty - Looks Horrible

    I have never really noticed edge enhacement on DVDs, probably due to my pathetically small 28" tv. However I recently picked up American Beauty and at times it just looks horrible. Has anyone else noticed massive pixelation on this disc or is it just me? Perhaps something with my player?
  13. Eric Bass

    TRON SE - Anyone have this yet?

    If anyone happened to pick this up already please convince me that it's worth replacing my old copy.
  14. Eric Bass

    TV/Projector/Projection TV - Confused here

    Okay some of you may remeber some of my posts awhile back conerning my hunt for projectors. Well I eventually just put off the whole decision since money became rather scarce, well the money situation is looking better and I'm stuck once again trying to decide on what to replace my 27" tv with...
  15. Eric Bass

    3 dvd ft

    Last of the Mohicans - DTS - Traded Jurrasic Park - DD Tremors Collector's Edition Looking For: The Mexican Wrath of Khan The Longest Day Sex in the City 2nd Season (all for this) open to all offers [Edited last by Eric Bass on September 01, 2001 at 11:48 AM] [Edited last by...
  16. Eric Bass

    Last of the Mohicans...Hate to be picky...but...

    ...but I really didn't care too much for the re-edit that the DVD contains. One or two minor improvements and some changes that I didn't much care for. What were people's thoughts in general on the new cut?
  17. Eric Bass

    Last of the Mohicans....possible re-release???

    I'm just curious, as this is now on sale which it has never been before..and I can't seem to find a copy in stock anywhere in town....this smells to me like the signs of an upcoming re-release. Are there any rumors anywhere hinting that this may be so?
  18. Eric Bass

    Unfinished basement to HT

    Yes at long last I have myself a basement. I began moving into a duplex as of Tuesday and it comes equipped with a nice dry basement. Currently a roughtly 13'x13' space has been sectioned off by a makeshift wall. This area is where I will be setting up shop. My basement doorway is directly...
  19. Eric Bass

    FT Fantasia Boxed Set - 3 DVDs

    Looking to trade the Fantasia 3 disc set 2 for 1. Both movies have been watched 1 time, the third disc has never been out of the case. All offers considered but here are some particular wants: Star Trek II - Wrath of Khan Glory - 2 disc set Last of the Mohicans DTS Close Encounters When a...
  20. Eric Bass

    Free at last! Free at last!!

    Finally making the move from apt life to a duplex fully equipped with a basement which has everything necessary for putting together a small HT. Finally noise levels and space sharing issues are a thing of the past. I'd like to throw a couple of questions out to those of you have put together...