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  1. Jordan_Brulotte

    WTD: Decent Stereo amp for my 261s

    As the title says, I am looking for a decent stereo amp for my Exodus 261s. I have a modest budget of $300-350 CND (including shipping). That is about $250-290 US. I know my budget doesn't allow for too much, but I am getting to the point where I am anxious. I have been checking the forums...
  2. Jordan_Brulotte

    FS: Large unique starwars hangable cutout for HT

    Hello all. I have here 4 large, high quality, Star Wars Original trilogy torso cutouts, perfect for an HT room. They are approximately 3' x 2.5' each and are in excellent condition. The only visible problem with any of them is that C3P0's antenna has a slight crease in it. Each one has tabs on...
  3. Jordan_Brulotte

    Finally pics of my Tempest Sub

    EDIT. Sorry posted in the wrong are. Can a mod please move this to DIY for me? Thank you (Admin note - Thread moved) It's been 90% finished for quite some time now. I still need to complete a bunch of little things such as re sanding and mounting the face plate correctly (thats why its...
  4. Jordan_Brulotte

    WTD: Behringer DSP 1124 or 1100

    As the title says I'm looking for either a BFD model 1100 or 1124. I live in Canada, and if possible would like to purchase from Canada as well, to avoid any border hassles. Thanks
  5. Jordan_Brulotte

    DIY amp for kit 281s

    Hey guys. On my quest to build a complete DIY home theatre, I started thinking about building an amp to run the kit 281s, LCC, and 81s that I will be putting together. Now the most popular DIY amp I've seen so far is the Gainclone found HERE. Now this amp will be primarily used for HT use, and...
  6. Jordan_Brulotte

    Port chuffing at low end... fix?

    Since completing my diy tempest, I've been putting it through the paces. As I do not have the rest of my HT setup I've been testing it mostly with music. I recently played the first song on the album "Songs for the deaf" off the Queens of the Stone Age album. It's not quite a song but more of an...
  7. Jordan_Brulotte

    Tumults for PA bass bin

    As I have never been able to hear the Adire Tumult in person I have no idea how they perform in the real world. I will soon be constructing a bass bin for my friends audio business, that will need to be able to play in large rooms. Most places, where this setup will play, will be ~1600 ft^2, but...
  8. Jordan_Brulotte

    Advice on sub $1000 receiver

    I'd like any advice possible on purchasing a home theatre receiver for around $1000 Canadian (~$790 US). Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  9. Jordan_Brulotte

    Voices coming from my new sub

    I just completed my tempest sub with this amp creativesound.ca/details.php?model=SUB250RF I have set the crossover to ~90hz. However, I can still make out voices and lyrics in the music I am playing, with only the sub playing. Is this normal? I didn't think harmonics in human voices could...
  10. Jordan_Brulotte

    Help needed making good cabinet

    Hey everyone! I've been browsing these forums for awhile now getting as much info as I can, but now it's time for me to start asking some questions. I'm currently building a tempest sub enclosure out of 3/4" MDF, as many people are. I can afford the space to make a larger enclosure, as my...