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  1. Swami

    Harman Kardon HK AVR 520 for sale - $460

    I got an extra AVR520 from It will cost me shipping both ways to return it. So I thought I'd offer it here to someone who might be in the market for a new/unopened AVR520. Asking $460. If you pick up in the SF Bay Area, you won't have to pay shipping! Box goes back in two...
  2. Swami

    AVR 320 binding posts??

    They should just call it a 4-way binding post. I went through this "fit a square peg in a round hole thing" too! Swami
  3. Swami

    I need a good program to block pop-ups

    adshield is the bomb! > Download at Link Removed > > Use the blocks.txt halfway down the page at > > > Hope it works for you > > Swami
  4. Swami

    Buying a PVR, which one??

    Can I use a Tivo without subscription to just pause live TV and skip commercials? What kind of PVRs can I buy that allow this? Thanks
  5. Swami

    CD vs MP3 (sound card/computer related topic)

    Use the MAD input plugin for winamp. Get a decent soundcard (not soundblaster!) Maudio Audiophile 2496 is the usual suggestion. Or you can buy a cmedia 8738 card like I did and use the midiman maudio 2448 drivers. The problem with soundblaster is that it converts the sampling rate from 44.1 to...
  6. Swami

    Left Front Channel much louder than the right.

    I dealt with this issue and got quite frustrated. It happened with a pair of Axiom M3Ti's and then a pair of JBL S38. Switching speakers, speaker wire etc didn't seems to change a thing and there seemed to be no consistent pattern. Pretty soon I was questioning my own hearing :) The left speaker...
  7. Swami

    Left Front Channel much louder than the right.

    I had a similar problem with my Studio 60s. Turned out to be a combination of speaker placement and bad speaker wiring. Check them both out. Swami
  8. Swami

    If its too good to be true then it probably is

    I had a problem with a transaction right here on this forum. This guy says that he has an SPL meter in "like new" condition still in plastic bag he bought it in. So I bought it. And it turns out to be atleast 3 years old. Thing is that it did come in the plastic bag he bought it in 3 years...
  9. Swami

    a Classical Music discussion

    Another alternative to the misnomer of "Classical Music", as suggested by a music appreciation course I listened to (from the teaching company), is Western Concert Music. Swami
  10. Swami

    Paradigm Studio 60 manual

    ^^ Anyone? Much appreciated. On another note, what kind of spades do you use to connect the speakers. The binding posts seem to be 3/8 rather than the more common 1/4 Thanks Swami
  11. Swami

    Paradigm Studio 60 manual

    I was wondering if some kind soul could fax/mail me a copy of the manual. I bought a couple of used 60s which came without a manual. I feel kinda naked without it. Please PM me for a fax number. Thanks Swami
  12. Swami

    How to test speakers are working fine

    Hi, I bought a pair of Studio 60 v1 (which sound awesome by the way). For a while today it seemed that the left speaker was somehow lower in volume than the right. It seemed to happen at various places (both highs and lows). What compounded the problem is that the left speaker is about 2...
  13. Swami

    WinTV-D HDTV Video Card

    Yup, it only displays 480i. See the link above. It's useful if you want to get digital channels on your TV or computer, but don't have a HDTV. Swami
  14. Swami

    WinTV-D HDTV Video Card

    Comes in original box. Great for watching digital tv if you don't have a HDTV. Can also record the ATSC stream directly on Win98. Check out avsforum for more details. $175 OBO Swami
  15. Swami

    FS: Monty Python 14 DVD set (shrinkwrapped)

    Bought this in a fit of nostalgia after watching it on PBS. Haven't opened it since. $125 OBO Thanks
  16. Swami

    Paradigm Studio 60 v1 vs v2

    Is there much sonic difference between the v1 and the v2s. Also will a Studio CC v2 timbre match with the v1 60. Thanks
  17. Swami

    Axiom M3Ti SE (pair)

    Sorry. These are sold! Swami
  18. Swami

    Axiom M3Ti SE (pair)

    Updated with new price. Thanks
  19. Swami

    Paradigm CC350 Center channel speaker

    Brian, you've got mail! Swami
  20. Swami

    Bookshelf shootout! Axiom M3, Mini Monitor, and some GRs...

    This is kind of on a tangent and a newbie-ish question. I have the M3Ti's and am wondering if a pair of Monitor 7's is a worthwhile upgrade. Thanks Swami
  21. Swami

    Axiom M3Ti SE (pair)

    These are in black. Swami
  22. Swami

    Axiom M3Ti SE (pair)

    Forgot to mention that they'll be shipped in their original boxes. Swami
  23. Swami

    Axiom M3Ti SE (pair)

    These are in absolutely excellent condition. $180 + shipping. Thanks Swami
  24. Swami

    WTB Hoontech Daughter card for Soundblaster LIVE

    One last bump. Thanks Swami
  25. Swami

    WTB Hoontech Daughter card for Soundblaster LIVE

    Thanks Swami
  26. Swami

    Radio Shack Analog SPL Meter

    Greg you've got pm. Swami