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  1. JayDomK

    Superman (2025)

    Many movies have the same title, they differ only by sequential number. But if you look at the movie Fast and Furious, most of the episodes have different titles. I think it depends on the creators of the movie. If they wanted to, they would have come up with more original titles. That's why we...
  2. JayDomK

    Should Apple purchase Tesla?

    My belief is that one day drivers will just be passengers. And it will happen sooner than it seems.
  3. JayDomK

    Cocktail Hour (1933) coming from Sony - 3/19/24

    I don't quite get it. This is currently unavailable, but will be available if you get the right number of orders. Or what?
  4. JayDomK

    Suggestions for 4K with region free Blu-ray playback

    If the region can be changed with the remote, what's the point of the region?
  5. JayDomK

    Monkey Man (2024)

    Judging by the trailer, there will be a lot of fight scenes in the movie. I watch MMA sometimes, so I like this kind of movie. I guess all men like this kind of movies :)
  6. JayDomK

    General Discussion YouTube TV 5.1 sound only 2.0

    Looks like they want to attract more Roku customers.
  7. JayDomK

    Greetings from Sydney

    I've been looking to buy a home theater system for a long time: a big screen, 5 speakers and a subwoofer, but I'm still struggling to find the right system for me. I decided to register on the forum and ask some questions to people who know about it. I like watching movies and listening music, I...