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  1. Marque D

    Help pick my new phone!

    For less than $200 I picked up T-Mobile Dash ($99 after rebate) Motorola HT820 (~$35 on ebay) 4GB microSD card (~$43 at Office Depot) The Dash has Wi-Fi and Office Mobile which lets me edit documents. It can run a little slow every now and again but I love it. Sometimes I hang up...
  2. Marque D

    The very definition of 'Owned'

    im a little hurt by the AVS comment I think Home Theater Spot if it still exist would have been fair game though. Anyway that was great. I got blocked after page 3. Did I miss any thing big? Don't spoil it though.
  3. Marque D

    Kosher Coke, or Mexican Coke made with real suger cane

    I don't know if this answers the question about the lead but In Mexico they recycle bottles and the sprite from mexico are the ones you can tell most easily. The year is usually on the bottles I want to say I've seen bottles from the late 90's for sprite. Most of the Coca-Cola were from 2003...
  4. Marque D

    *** Official LIONS FOR LAMBS Review Thread

    I saw the trailer for this movie at the end of the summer and assumed it would be fairly polarizing. This past evening at which may or may not be ironic; Southern Methodist University had a preview screen with a Q&A with Michael Pena. After seeing the movie you can drink either glass of kool-aid...
  5. Marque D

    Ok seriously, enough with Peyton Manning already

    A tribute to the marketing juggernaut that is Peyton Manning, a remarkable athlete who managed to find time in his hectic filming schedule to win a Super Bowl. CASH FOR MY SOUL other favorites BRADY MR. UPSIDE DOG'S IN THE KENNEL
  6. Marque D

    Colin McRae mostl likely dead in helicopter crash

    Man I hadn't even heard about this. Very sad. It's interesting who end up being some of the biggest stars that you identify with a sport. David Beckham, Peyton Manning, Dale Earnhardt Jr haven't exactly been the most accomplished yet to...
  7. Marque D

    2007 at the Box Office

    I had to buy a Pirates ticket to get into see Knocked Up. I don't hang out in this section often so I don't know if I'll get blasted for doing that. They really should be kicking themselves for not having this on enough screens. But it was a rated R movie and that may have made it a lot harder...
  8. Marque D

    Miller & Kreisel Has Officially Closed, Feb. 22, 2007

    very sad news, I have the 750's but I always wanted to upgrade to the 150's. I also needed some surround brackets to hang my rears in a new spot, but the website and dealer said they didn't have anymore.
  9. Marque D

    Career choices: recommendations and advice

    Im not sure how the petroleum engineering would work. Im just not familiar with that as a discipline in college. Is it a program that is chemical engineering / geology or do they really focus exclusively on oil? If he's competitive and confident that he can keep a strong GPA (3.6+) he could...
  10. Marque D

    Lumbar puncture (spinal tap)

    thanks guys, I guess maybe Im trying to hype myself up into thinking it will be really bad so that when it happens I'll be fine.
  11. Marque D

    Lumbar puncture (spinal tap)

    Ok, who's had it and how was it? My back is really weird. I can sleep on my side without a pillow up against it and I can't stand up for long without putting my hand up against my back. It's weird, I start to get a light sensation that unless I put pressure against it, my brain thinks that its...
  12. Marque D

    Tigger hits kid..

    Yeah Tigger should apologize just like everyone else in this country, say he has an problem with alcohol and was abused as a child and will soon enter rehab. But really, that prick was probably tried to unzip his suit or mess with his head. I also think he would have been able to see much so...
  13. Marque D

    The Most Dangerous Roads in the World I think the WRC should look at added a few of these roads to their 2007 Calender. To me the #1 road is just jacked up but the #2 is by far worst. The Hiking Trail that's in China is now on my to do list before I turn 40.
  14. Marque D

    Saturday Night Live - Season 32

    Digital Short - D*ck in a Box - Uncensored Version The uncensored version that didn't air on TV! This holiday season, give the biggest gift of all. Unlike when you see the chappelle's show unedited this is actually funnier when they...
  15. Marque D

    2006 NFL Fantasy Football Advice Thread

    We were going to have a 10man league but 4 people didn't show for the draft so everyone is loaded on strong players, and we have a deep bench. It's championship week and I need WR and DEF help. All In With 2Pair QB Drew Brees @NYG QB Tom Brady @Jac WR Torry Holt Was WR Chad Johnson @Den...
  16. Marque D


    First and foremost Facebook blows Myspace out of the water but though they've made it open to anyone. I still have a few friends that only have Myspace right now and the musical artist pages are good. The only thing Facebook is screwing up right now is that they will no longer let you share your...
  17. Marque D

    2006 Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix (MotoGP)

    Its good to see Kenny Roberts MotoGP team running so strong this year. (Wish Red Bull would sponsor them and make them a big time contender) I know not that long ago he said he would never lease again but I like this new strategy of the satellite teams making their own chassis and running OEM...
  18. Marque D

    2006 Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix (MotoGP) Big Weekend for MotoGP as it makes its only stop in the western hemisphere. Current Standings 1Nicky Hayden(USA) 169 2Valentino Rossi(ITA) 143 3Dani Pedrosa(SPA) 140 4Marco Melandri(SPA) 134 5Loris Capirossi(ITA) 118 6Casey Stoner(AUS) 91 7Colin...
  19. Marque D

    Miami Vice (2006)

    this is the film trailer done to in the air tonight there's a HD version to download but its pretty slow
  20. Marque D

    Six Feet Under Season 5

    BTW (Sia –Breathe Me) I read that the song is about self-harm. I do not if I’m supposed to take anything from that. Also Rare Earth's song is heavy on my playlist right now, too. After watching the last 5 minuets, when I watched it Sunday night it was complete slow motion. It felt like so much...
  21. Marque D

    Six Feet Under Season 5

    Sia - Breathe Me Help, I have done it again I have been here many times before Hurt myself again today And, the worst part is there's no-one else to blame Be my friend Hold me, wrap me up Unfold me I am small I'm needy Warm me up And breathe me Ouch I have lost myself again Lost...
  22. Marque D

    Six Feet Under Season 5

    Loved this eposiod, why was Keith's ghost not of the age that he died when David saw him. That was out of place. And I still don't get what Nate said to Claire to before she drove off.
  23. Marque D

    Six Feet Under Season 5

    Didn't Claire say you win, in response to David giving her %#*$ for not dressing up. I think that was the only time I laugh the whole episode.
  24. Marque D

    Six Feet Under Season 5

    It really going to be tough to see this show end. For me it will be the first show that I've watch religiously come to an end. I never watched Friends and most of the other sitcoms have ended with the generic main character turning off the light in the now empty house. Or the show ends with a...
  25. Marque D

    Six Feet Under Season 5

    I have question about what happen with Ruth and Hiram(?). In "Singing for Our Lives" I would have thought that they umm... had relationes since she invited them to stay the night and he did cook pancakes the next morning. So why did she start acting funny when they went camping? BTW I love...
  26. Marque D

    United States F1 Grand Prix 2005

    [flame suit on: tongue-in-cheek but over all Im serious] The biggest problem is that this one set of tires for a race weekend exists in the first place. I don’t know what kind of a corner the teams were pinned into but they should have never agreed. But I’m sick of Bernie and Max and yet again...
  27. Marque D

    Eva Longoria of "Desperate Housewives" tops Maxim's Hot 1oo list

    1. Eva Longoria 2. Evangeline Lilly 3. Jennifer Garner 4. Lindsay Lohan 5. Jessica Alba 6. Rachel Bilson 7. Angelina Jolie 8. Brittany Murphy 9. Jessica Simpson 10. Sara Foster 11. Cameron Diaz 12. Eva Mendes 13. Ashanti 14. Rachel McAdams 15. Charlize Theron 16. Christina...
  28. Marque D

    Eva Longoria of "Desperate Housewives" tops Maxim's Hot 1oo list

    Since current popularity plays such a big part of a list like this I think Miss. Longoria is a good choice. However, as for a pure hottest, Adriana Lima has no match. (is putting IMO even necessary?)
  29. Marque D

    Canon Rebel Ti (need help)

    I’m taking a beginners Photography class and I have a Canon Ti but I really don't know how to use all the settings I need. I mostly use the camera in AV mode. I'm sure I'll ask other questions in the future but right now, I don't know how to change the exposure. I see where to do it but I don't...
  30. Marque D

    Formula 1 2004

    I guess Im a very bad F1 fan since I have no idea why Williams is running a car that looks like last years. EDIT: