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  1. JayF

    A Few Words About A few words about... Unforgiven -- In High Definition

    Yep, just bought both Unforgiven and FMJ at my local Best Buy. They didn't have them out, but when I asked they said "oh yeah, those are OK to come out today."
  2. JayF

    THE FOG Remake

    I think it's possible to have more gore and still get a PG-13. I don't think the original version would get more than a PG-13 if it were released today. What was R then certainly isn't now in terms of violence.
  3. JayF

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Malevolence

    Hey guys, don't get your hopes up too high. I too had read some positive things about this movie, so I went to it during a brief theatrical run here in Minneapolis. As much as I really wanted to like it, and I tried, it just fell flat. It's clearly inspired by Halloween and several others...
  4. JayF

    New bad habit, anyone else doing this?

    I do it from time to time when I get home from a late night at the office and know I just don't have time to watch a whole movie. I try not to though. This is exactly why David Lynch opposes chapter stops on his movies.
  5. JayF

    Is Jet Li's "Hero" worth a blind buy?

    Jon, if you didn't care for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon I do not think you will like Hero. They are similar in spirit. That said, it is a beautiful film with great action.
  6. JayF

    Rabid S.e

    I never saw the older release, but I would have a hard time believing that this is worse. The soundtrack isn't the greatest, and is a bit shrill in some places, but given the budget I think it's acceptable. Haven't listened to the commentary.
  7. JayF

    Sunfire-Carver Amps

    I have three Sunfire amps and have never had a problem with any of them. I use a Cinema Grand Signature to drive a pair of B&W Nautilus 805s and an HTM1 center. The sound is fantastic for audio and home theater, and is never strained. As someone mentioned, they run very cool which is a big plus...
  8. JayF

    are those power conditioners really worth it?

    I have a PS Audio Powerplant. I consider it an essential part of my system. I clearly notice a difference with my CRT projector (deeper blacks/vibrant colors) and with audio. There are plenty of people out there who do not believe in these products, but you'll find many who do. The best thing...
  9. JayF

    Rabid S.e

    I can confirm it's non-anamorphic. Disappointing, but the print itself looks pretty good. I picked up the last copy at my local Best Buy yesterday at lunch. The kid at the register said he'd already sold 4 of them and was wondering what the movie was.
  10. JayF

    OAR of Trouble With Angels?

    Damn... Thanks Randy. Well, I purchased it anyway and to be honest I don't think it looks that bad. I'm projecting onto a 106" diagonal screen and actually pleasantly surprised.
  11. JayF

    B&W N804's or 803's for an HT setup?

    Brian, I'd second the post about callibrating before making a decision. I have the same setup and do not feel the HTM1 overpowers the 805s at all. When I bought the 805s I was going back & forth between those and the 804s and chose the 805s because I felt they had a wider soundstage. The B&W...
  12. JayF

    OAR of Trouble With Angels?

    I emailed Columbia/Sony about whether or not a widescreen version of TWA would be released and this is the reply I received... "It could be released this year, but we don't have release dates yet. To be notified when it is available please register for our Sony Pictures Network newsletter...
  13. JayF

    Wim Wender's "Until the End of the World"

    Chris, I read somewhere that Anchor Bay was working on a 2-disc set but has cancelled it. I hope it's not true as I was really looking forward to getting this.
  14. JayF

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Dawn of the Dead - Special Edition

    Personally I'm glad this is the version they're releasing first. I've always preferred this version over the longer cut and I LOVE the Goblins soundtrack. To me this is the definitive version.
  15. JayF

    MANHUNT is coming soon

    Is nobody playing this? I bought this right before Thanksgiving and have been hooked ever since. The atmosphere is great... it's a tight, intense game. I'm nearly done which makes it one of the few games I've ever played all the way though until the end.
  16. JayF

    All 4 "Airport" Films From Universal -- Coming February 10th

    The Good Times anniversary release of Airport is very, very good in terms of picture quality. Colors are extremely vibrant, the blacks are black and the picture is sharp. I can't image this getting any better. Browse your local Best Buy discount rack because mine has had it for $5.99 for quite a...
  17. JayF

    Abel Ferrara's The Addiction - Any news?

    I am very interested in any news about The Addiction as well. This is a great movie.
  18. JayF

    Japanese zombie flicks

    Thanks for the suggestions... looks like I'll be tracking down Bio-Zombie and Versus for sure.
  19. JayF

    Recommend some Good Foreign Horror Films?

    Already mentioned, but I would highly recommend Kwaidan and Devil's Backbone.
  20. JayF

    Japanese zombie flicks

    Recently watch Junk and Stacy, and wondering if there are other Japanese zombie flicks I should know about. Thought Junk was alot of fun, but had a hard time getting past the amateurishness of Stacy.
  21. JayF

    Coverart: Spy Kids 3D

    I loved Spy Kids 1 & 2, but this one was an absolute mess. 3D or not, this is not worth a purchase.
  22. JayF

    Ravenous , good movie?

    I loved this in the theater but refused to buy it because it wasn't anamorphic... that is until a few weeks ago when I found it on the bargain shelf at Best Buy for only $5.99.
  23. JayF

    Aswang - B movie horror fun

    The film is a little grainy in places, but considering how low budget this was I don't think it's terrible. There are a few places where the audio drops, but again, given the source I think they did a pretty good job.
  24. JayF

    Aswang - B movie horror fun

    With current releases like Cabin Fever & House of 1,000 Corpses going after the "70s" feel, here's a fun little independent horror film from 1994 that actually delivers on some good chills and laughs and easily fits into the same camp. Based on a Philipino vampire legend about vampires sucking...
  25. JayF

    Advanced Anime Discussion Part V

    Thanks for the recommendations, and thanks for the welcome Tony-B. I just ordered Lain from Amazon. Really looking forward to watching this. For those of you who have seen Lain and Boogiepop, I'm curious if the audio in Lain is as creative as in Boogiepop. I only listened to the pro-logic...
  26. JayF

    Pirates of the Caribbean sails on Dec. 2

    Why no DTS? Don't most Disney DVDs have DTS?
  27. JayF

    Advanced Anime Discussion Part V

    I'm relatively new to anime. I've seen & enjoyed most of the "mainstream" features like Metropolis, Akira, etc. I recently purchased Blue Submarine #6 (but haven't watched) and have just finished watching Boogiepop Phantom. I'm now trying to decide what to get next. I LOVED Boogiepop and could...
  28. JayF

    Is Day Of The Dead :SE worth a blind buy?

    I'd hold out as a blind purchase and rent it first. I doubt it's a movie you'll want to visit again and again. I'm a fan of Romero and Night & Dawn, but this one pretty much blows. I'm sure I'm in the minority, especially on this forum, but this is a BAD movie.
  29. JayF

    House of 1000 Corpses - Crappiest Packaging ever

    The top of mine ripped on both sides as well when taking the security tag off. I was so pissed, and am really pissed that other stores have a standard amray case! I did have a promo for Zombie's new CD coming in October slipped inside the pocket of my case, but clearly they were initially...
  30. JayF

    War and Peace soundtrack

    Douglas, my guess is this is the best it's ever going to get. Given that, I'd buy it without hesitation.