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  1. Juan M

    The "Buffy/Angel" All Spoiler/Speculation Thread

    I don't know if this has been picked up here yet... On the issue of Spike joining the cast of Angel, David Greenwalt said, "...when you see how 'Buffy' finishes, you'll realize that we have a bit of a problem there. But we'll figure it out."
  2. Juan M

    Considering getting the Panasonic PAN PT47WX42, is this a good buy?

    Yeah, from the limited info, the only difference between the current WX52 and the WX53 is the addition of DVI. Currently we have both WX42 and WX52, where the 52 has the screen protector and some other minor upgrades (speakers and remote, I think). I wonder if they are dropping the line without...
  3. Juan M

    Considering getting the Panasonic PAN PT47WX42, is this a good buy?

    Info about the new "WX53" models is available via this press release from CES. Should be out soon. I know Sears is clearing out the current line. A local dealer told me about higher end model called the 56TW53...this must be the new line JohnnyG mentioned. I knew nothing about it besides the...
  4. Juan M

    AVR-525 fan kicks on with adequate ventilation and 8 ohm speakers at low SPL levels.

    With my 525, if the fan has come on, I have never noticed it. I do know that it gets hot, so I removed the glass doors from my TV stand and removed the back, as well, to make connections easier and aid ventilation. Maybe the fan is drowned out by noise from the hard drive in my TiVo...but...
  5. Juan M

    Outdoor Speakers

    I just thought I would throw out some more suggestions. I haven't heard either of these. Home Theater Direct has some really inexpensive outdoor speakers. Level 2 are $59/pair, Level 1 $39/pair. Also my local Target was carrying some outdoor speakers by HiFi Works. They are a division of...
  6. Juan M

    Old Pioneer receiver with JBL as mains and Bose AM as surround...suggestions please

    I think you want him to connect the Front R/L speaker outputs from the receiver to the N26s, Center to N-Center, then connect only the R/L surround outputs from the receiver to the "acoustimass" module, which then connects to the cubes via the acoustimass surround outputs. All of this occurs...
  7. Juan M

    Z1 vs 300U...anyone compare the 2 directly?

    I finally found this thread:
  8. Juan M

    Z1 vs 300U...anyone compare the 2 directly?

    Me too. Originally was thinking only RPTV but these two and the X1 change the game. I can't recall seeing these two directly compared over at the "other";) forums...and you can't search terms with only two characters like "Z1" and "X1":angry: (there not here) I contacted a local Z1 dealer...
  9. Juan M

    HK 525 - Defective FM tuner.

    This may also be a stupid question, but have you considered that it just might not be able to pull in any stations? Are you using the included wire antenna? In my house I know those things don't work too well. I recently got a 525 and the FM tuner was the first thing I was able to test. I didn't...
  10. Juan M

    My PB1 shipped!!!!

    I should have mine on the 24th :D I can't wait
  11. Juan M

    speaker stands: top plate size?

    I'm looking for some stands. Most of the speaker stands out there measure about 6"w x 6"d for the top plate that the speaker rests on. My speakers are roughly 8"w x 11"d. Would this be sturdy enough to hold up my speakers? Otherwise, the best I've been able to find are the Sanus SF-22, which...
  12. Juan M

    What Speakers Do You Own?

    Here's my new (and first) system: Acoustic Energy Aesprit Front: 300 Center: 307 Rear: 301 SVS PB1-ISD :D
  13. Juan M

    LSi Vs. Dalhquist Vs. Rockets Vs. Klipsch

    quick question related to this topic: Is the "Ring Radiator" tweeter in the LSi's the same as used in the Rockets?
  14. Juan M

    5.1 Input Bass Managagement in Receivers

    The H/K 525 does digital bass management on the multi-channel inputs. It is well in the price range.
  15. Juan M

    Brand new Fry's in Vegas Baby!!

    Whoa! Did you say Fry's and customer service in the same sentence?? :eek: In my experience it has been tough to get decent help at my local Fry's, so that was funny to read.
  16. Juan M

    The Plot Sickens .... Acoustic Energy

    Here are a couple more reviews I have found:
  17. Juan M

    The Plot Sickens .... Acoustic Energy

    I plan to audition the Aegis Evos soon. I will try to report back after I have done so.
  18. Juan M

    news on SVS PB1-ISD?

    SVS folks- Is there any updates on the new sub? Your site mentions that preorders were supposed to start soon. Any pictures or other info? thanks, Juan
  19. Juan M

    Harman Kardon AVR525 for $667.13 Shipped FedEx 3-Day Free!!

    Great deal!:D This will be my first receiver. I was set to get the 325, but couldn't pass up this sweet deal.:emoji_thumbsup: Now for speakers...
  20. Juan M

    Harman Kardon AVR320 or AVR320-Z or AVR325?

    I've heard from others on this board that the refurb models may not come with remotes. J&R is listed as an H/K authorized internet dealer.
  21. Juan M

    Any thoughts, info on Mission or Monitor Audio?

    I read about the new Bronze series recently in S&V. I found there is more info on theirUK site
  22. Juan M

    First Receiver - Denon 1603? has their 10% discount offer every few weeks. If you sign up on their mailing list you will get an e-mail. It is fairly frequent, so it wouldn't be too long until they are running that promotion again.
  23. Juan M

    New Marantz Range Confirmed.

    Official :emoji_thumbsup: Marantz news: Sep 24, 2002 CEDIA WEBCAST - MARANTZ DEMONSTRATES UPGRADED HOME THEATER RECEIVER LINEUP AT CEDIA 2002 Four New Receivers Feature Higher Power Output, Compatibility With The Latest Surround Sound Formats and Enhanced Installation Flexibility...
  24. Juan M

    Totems, Axioms, Aperions

    John, What was being used to amplify the Dreamcatchers when you auditioned them? I noticed the mains are a 4 ohm load. I'm interested in these, as well, because of the price, but it would probably be paired with a budget receiver ~$500. Would this kind of amplification be enough? I wonder...
  25. Juan M

    New Sherbourn Pre/Pro

    Well, the power button is not green:laugh:
  26. Juan M

    Energy Connoisseur C1 or C3 for Mains?

    Steve, I'm considering that exact speaker set-up (as soon as I can save up for it;)). I say you are fine with the C-1. I think a lot of people will probably say it is better to have the same speakers all around for HT. Plus, your room is small enough that you don't need the extra bass the...
  27. Juan M

    Denon 1803 @ ~ $450 shipped

    2802: 6.1 with 7.1 pre-out plus multi-zone L/R pre-out 1802: 5.1 with L/R/C + sub pre-out 1803: 6.1 with only sub pre-out plus multi-zone L/R pre-out so it looks like the 1803 gained an additional amp, 6.1 decoding, and multi-zone in exchange for the 3 front pre-outs that the 1802 had...
  28. Juan M

    dipole to bipole psb

    The Alpha S is a bipole not a dipole, so no worries:emoji_thumbsup:
  29. Juan M

    6.1 with couch against rear wall????

    I read this on the dolby website. It is in reference to 5.1 rear speaker placement, but I would imagine you could try the same for the rear speaker(s) if your couch is up against the wall:
  30. Juan M

    Why do some companies receivers leave off B-speaker? Marantz, HK, etc

    I, too, am interested in a receiver with B out and was bummed to find that most Marantz and HK didn't have this. Receivers with multi-source capability are a bit out of my price range. The other option is just to get a separate speaker switch so you can either run your indoor or outdoor...