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  1. Mark Hammon

    Win an Onkyo TX-NR1030 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AV Receiver

    I need to win this receiver as my wife would leave me if I were to purchase it. On the other hand I would have to buy more speakers which might end in the same result. Hmmmm... If I win, I might lose a wife of 34 years but I will have a brand new receiver...
  2. Mark Hammon

    Win a copy of Jupiter Ascending on Blu-ray!

    Quatermass - Brian Donlevy
  3. Mark Hammon

    Weekly RoundUp 2-28-2006

    Controversial Classics: Volume 2 is going to be $36.49 at Costco. I found one in the stacks today (Saturday) but when I went to purchase it they told me I couldn't have it.
  4. Mark Hammon

    Fox's Collection of Bruce Lee DVDs are going OOP on 9/30/05

    Someone else asked this and yet no one answered the the documentary BRUCE LEE: THE LEGEND included with the new Ultimate set? Do we still need to hang onto our Master Collections? Thanks!
  5. Mark Hammon

    "Now Playing ..." dvd stand??

    I bought mine a long time ago myself and went to the link and got redirected (Show Off Display):
  6. Mark Hammon

    Is the OOP, Recalled, Unaltered version of The Devil's Advocate still very valuable?

    The original DA part number was: 15090 The repressed DA part number is: 16172 According to what I have read this number is on the box spine AND on the actual DVD itself. The original DVD had problems with Playback. There were problems with specific players both with audio and lock up...
  7. Mark Hammon

    Grand Prix: Will it EVER be released?

    An interesting WB sidenote...I just watched ICE STATION ZEBRA (a former MGM widescreen LD) DVD and there was a making of about the "cameraman" who also worked on GRAND PRIX. There was a lot of footage from GRAND PRIX so maybe it will be one of the "options" for the next AOL/WB vote.
  8. Mark Hammon

    Problem with Looney Tunes LASERDISC set

    It played fined on my LD player (Philips). I have encountered a similar problem you are talking about on other titles. What I mean is that a disc would skip/jump in one player but not another. I used to have a Pioneer player and every disc I owned played perfectly on it. Then a few years later I...
  9. Mark Hammon

    Stolen collection: advice sought

    I work in a used CD/DVD store. We have a form that allows victims to buy back their collections at the cost at which we purchase them. There is no way of being able to tell a customer who is selling "stolen" items to: "hand them over or we're calling the cops" with out possibly having a...
  10. Mark Hammon

    The Deadly Spawn?

    I'd never seen it before and did a blind buy at $14.99. I wasn't all that thrilled. It was OK, but nothing special. It does have extras which I have not yet gone through. I wouldn't recommend it as a blind buy.
  11. Mark Hammon

    PILLOW TALK problems: Framing, freezing, etc. (MERGED THREAD)

    On the 17th of July I received a Monty Python MEANING OF LIFE disc and called Universal (see my previous post). They told me that the PILLOW TALK DVDs were not done yet - Interesting since someone received their replacement two days later.... Anyway calling in September I was told that...
  12. Mark Hammon

    Dvd Collection Question Needs Answered......

    The only reason you have run out of space (unless your collection is bigger than mine -3100-) is that you have "locked" all your movies. What happens is that by locking the movies, it takes more space. I have gotten to the point where all I lock is the Title and Cover. Every-once-in-a-while (if...
  13. Mark Hammon

    Canadian gets ARRESTED bringing THRILLER DVD across the border!

    The opening sequence does involve a little girl. So if the movie was "thrown in" to give it a "quick look" you could see why customes might question it. The movie has been available via Mail Order for a couple weeks.
  14. Mark Hammon

    Original GODZILLA

    Many years ago Criterion announced it was going to release several Godzilla films on LD and then nothing more was said. I see that Columbia/Tristar is releasing GODZILLA VS THE SMOG MONSTER in a month or two.
  15. Mark Hammon

    Battle Creek Brawl AKA The Big Brawl aspect ratio

    I looked everywhere for the DVD yesterday, and finally found it at Circuit City for only $6.99. I'll suspect that Walmart will put it in their $5.88 bin. Anyway on to your question... The package is mismarked (not a first for Fox). The DVD/film is aproximately 2.35:1 and anamorpically...
  16. Mark Hammon

    Best Buy/MGM Exclusive Titles Not Stocked

    Just went to my local Best Buy and asked about the new "Exclusive MGM" Midnite Movie double features. I was told there was a box in back and they brought them out. The titles which were announced were: Land That Time Forgot, The/People That Time Forgot, The Empire Of The Ants/Tentacles...
  17. Mark Hammon

    Wonderful Blue Underground horror news

    I spoke with Blue Underground just a few weeks ago, and was told that they would be released in 2005. I had asked the same questions as it was on the website and then gone. I was also told that the Giallo Volume 2 was also still in the works and would also show up in 2005.
  18. Mark Hammon

    Best SHOWGIRLS deal....?

    Frys and Best Buy had it for $24.99 last week. Circuit City had it in their ad today (8/1) for $24.99
  19. Mark Hammon

    PILLOW TALK problems: Framing, freezing, etc. (MERGED THREAD)

    Interestingly enough, I received a package from Universal on Wednesday (7/14). When I opened it up it was MONTY PYTHON'S MEANING OF LIFE! Go figure. I mailed out my PILLOW TALK DVD on July 3rd. I called on the 14th and asked Universal why I was sent a MPMOL when I returned PT. The guy did not...
  20. Mark Hammon

    Samuel Fuller's Shark!, Is The DVD Any Good?

    It is Pan & Scan. I haven't "watched" the film yet so I can say how it looks. As for the other person's comments about Troma, Dario Argento's film STENDAHL SYNDROME is widescreen but not anamorphic. So they do release DVDs widescreen.
  21. Mark Hammon

    Abbott & Costello Vol. 3, Halloween, Marx Brothers and W.C. Fields Titles COMING

    OK so it's July 9th and I have yet to see DOUBLE INDEMNITY. I've been in two states (Utah & California) and every store I've been to (7) all said it was supposed to come in, but no one had it. I went to the Universal link listed on the first page of this discussion and could not find DOUBLE...
  22. Mark Hammon

    Criterion, how about these Universal titles?

    In reading about the extras on VIDEODROME I notice there is no mention of the extra footage used on the A&E broadcast of a few years ago. The footage was mentioned in VideoWatchDog and Tim Lucas appears to be involved with this DVD. It is nothing special but it does add to the story.
  23. Mark Hammon

    Master & Commander Best Buy Bonus Disc

    MY Costco (Concord, CA) did not have the S.E. Version. They did have what looked like the S.E. Version for around $18.95 but it was the regular version with a "book" similar to what was done with SEABISCUIT. So beware.... Mark Hammon
  24. Mark Hammon

    Brother Bear BAD VIDEO Compression?

    Thanks for the replies. TedD - You guessed WAY WRONG! I have a Mitsubishi HD65" with a Sony Progressive scan. No other DVD I have played has had that bad of "banding" as I saw today on BROTHER BEAR. Not even "cheap-o's"! Bob Kaplan - and I appear to have the same set up. :) The sections...
  25. Mark Hammon

    Brother Bear BAD VIDEO Compression?

    I've read quite a few reviews of this DVD and they all praise the video quality, some even stating it is reference quality. Am I watching the same DVD as everyone else? The picture quality is AWFUL! There is (what I've been told is called) compression artifacting all through out the...
  26. Mark Hammon

    Raw Deal DVD Anamorphic?

    I just checked mine tonight. It is "Enhanced" for 16:9. It is also 5.1 but it defaulted to 2.0 when I hit play. Aspect ratio is 2.35:1.
  27. Mark Hammon

    Rush: Chronicles - Does It Have An Insert?

    Thanks. I let the program play all the way through and they did not play. I found the "hidden" logo (on the main menu) and saw the two videos.
  28. Mark Hammon

    Rush: Chronicles - Does It Have An Insert?

    I know that Universal no longer utilizes inserts. I just won a RUSH: CHRONICLES on EBay and received it in the mail. It did not have an insert. The only reason I ask is because older Universal titles did have inserts and R:C is an older title. Also how do I get to the "hidden"...
  29. Mark Hammon

    The Original FREAKY FRIDAY?????

    The original FREAKY FRIDAY also starred Bob "Col. Hogan" Crane. The original film of FF came out at the time it was discovered that Mr. Crane was not the family man that Disney thought he was. The film was not supported very well by Disney at the time because of Mr. Crane. This may also be why...
  30. Mark Hammon

    VCI is selling DVD-R's. Will this start a new trend?

    Disneyland in Southern California sold CDrs of music. I purchased THE HAUNTED MANSION and was furious I paid $17.00+ for a CDr! There was nothing on the package that said it was a copy. To add insult to injury it was written as TAO vs DAO so there were clicks between each track during playback...