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  1. Andy Goldstein

    "vintage" CD players?

    my sony d5 portable still works fine. 300 bux in '84. thousands of miles in my car. many hours hooked up to 2 stereo rigs in the house. ag.
  2. Andy Goldstein

    What type of paint to use on cabinet?

    i used flat black, brushed on, followed by granite paint in a spray can. or 2. or 3. :) ag.
  3. Andy Goldstein

    Metal Oxide vs. Wire Wound?

    wire wound resistors have high inductance. usually not a good thing, unless accounted for in the crossover design. ag.
  4. Andy Goldstein

    How old is your CD player?

    still have my Sony D5 from 1984! still works, although i have not used it in a while. it's logged several thousand miles in an assortment of cars on a home-made mount (there were very few commercial mounts available back then), and many hours in a bag on my hip while i mowed the yard wearing a...
  5. Andy Goldstein

    Anyone else using "vintage" speakers ....

    i'm using vintage speakers for L/C/R. sorta. i have taken my "new large advents", bought new in 1977 or so, combined them with parts from ebay, and built 3 sets of doubles in custom cabinets for the living room home theater. amazing sound! and using 3 pairs of RS Minimus-7s for side and rear...
  6. Andy Goldstein

    twisting speaker wires together good or bad?

    twist and wire nuts. solder and shrink tube. crimped butt splice connectors. all will do fine. i prefer #2 or 3, but have been known to do just about anything. and you can always replace the run later! ag.
  7. Andy Goldstein

    Turntables: New or Vintage?

    an old dual, thorens, or AR would be an interesting addition to a modern system. sorry its a bit fuzzy. lousy lighting and cheap camera. its a dual 1245 i bought in the late '70s, with a home built base and cover. ag.
  8. Andy Goldstein

    Have a spare Kenwood 6060 receiver, any 'easy on amps' speakers out there?

    you shouldnt have a problem driving just about anything you want. i'm running 3 double "new large advents" across the front, and 3 pairs of radio shack minimus 7s down the sides and across the back. everything is wired in parallel. thats about 3 ohms for each front set, and 4 for each pair of...
  9. Andy Goldstein

    Advent Speakers

    well, i do believe i am the one you are talking about with the minimus-7 surrounds. as for the advent center channel, i tried an actual one, but with a pair of dinky little full-range drivers it couldnt hope to keep up with a pair of doubles. so i bought another sheet of mdf and started cutting...
  10. Andy Goldstein

    HDTV?? Expensive CRT or cheap Plasma???

    the crt should have the best contrast ratio going. they have the blackest blacks. notice they never tout the contrast ratio of crt sets? they are not a selling point, since they are better than the other technolgies to begin with. to get black on a digital set you need to block out a light...
  11. Andy Goldstein

    Audio Rack

    how about making your own flexi-rack? still not finished. the shelves need paint. ag.
  12. Andy Goldstein

    Antique Speakers, how old are yours?

    large advents, bought new in '77 or so. rebuilt last year into a set of doubles, with parts from ebay. center channel is also a double advent, split into 2 bass units (one on either side of the TV) and the tweeters inset into maple blocks on top of the tv. wouldnt replace them for anything but a...
  13. Andy Goldstein

    Progressive DVD Player for Panasonic 47x54?

    i have the 53wx53 at home. i have used a few different dvd players. both interlaced and progressive. not much difference. the panny has a very good deinterlacer/scaler in it. i would either wait until the hd/blue ray standards get ironed out, or get a player that outputs 1080i. ag.
  14. Andy Goldstein

    My Kenwood 6070 takes 2 minutes to work!???

    probably not the protection circuit then. thats an odd one. wish i could help you more, but i havnt got a clue. i dont suppose its still under warentee? ag.
  15. Andy Goldstein

    My Kenwood 6070 takes 2 minutes to work!???

    does it make a click sound when the sound comes on? if so, thats the protection relay closing. it should only take a few seconds. try disconnecting all your speaker leads setting the volume low, and turn it on. listen for how long it takes for the relay to close. if it only takes a few seconds...
  16. Andy Goldstein

    CD/DVD scratch

    i have one of the "neon wheel" cleaners. i loaned out a harry potter dvd and it came back scratched to the point that it "stuck" at one spot. so i used that as the excuse to buy a scratch remover. works great! i use it on rentals/library discs that show up looking like they were dragged on...
  17. Andy Goldstein

    Which is better?

    i would go with a bigger box. you can then either stuff it to make it seem bigger, or put bricks or 4x4s in it to make it smaller. you can only put so much stuffing in it to make it "bigger". ag.
  18. Andy Goldstein

    my Panny 53WX42 is going fuzzy!

    sounds like the electrical and/or the manual focus needs to be adjusted. be aware the blue will be slightly fuzzier then the red/green. if you try to tighten it up too much you will get purple edges. check out btw, i run a 53wx53. love it!!! ag.
  19. Andy Goldstein

    CRT RP and off-axis

    i have a panny rpcrt. the off-axis viewability in the vertical direction stinks (dont stand up when you watch tv!), but the horizontal is great. as far off as 45* looks fine. i have had 12 people over to watch a movie, spread from wall to wall, starting 6' back from the screen. the room is 12'...
  20. Andy Goldstein

    Dual 1229

    hey, i had one of those! 1229Q, right? nice TT. sorry, dont know of any repair places. i recently went through my 1245, cleaned and lubed where needed. try it yourself. if its already not working, you cant make it much worse, right? well, maybe you can. just be careful, and do only what makes...
  21. Andy Goldstein

    Do you have your center channel set to large ?

    i'm running 3 sets of double large advents across the front. i wish they had a setting of "enormous". large will have to do. ;) ag.
  22. Andy Goldstein

    Anyone heard of the Digital Sound DS-6.1 HDT system?

    you was robbed! not even worth the 85 bux to ship them. time to suck it up. toss 'em! sorry...... ag.
  23. Andy Goldstein

    How much $ do you have tied up in gear- and did you expect to spend that much?

    lets see: kenwood 6070 400 replayTV 450 (including lifetime activation) dvd free sub 50 (20 years ago) 3 double advents 100 each = 300 rear and side minimus-7s 50 each = 300 (also 20 years ago) under floor sub 25 dual TT 250 (25 years ago) micro acoustics cartridge 90 (25 years...
  24. Andy Goldstein

    quick question...

    hard to say about the viewing angle. i have a "low-end" set, the panny 53wx53, (rpcrt) and at 45 degrees off center the picture is quite bright. in fact, it hardly is less bright than right in front of the set. ag.
  25. Andy Goldstein

    What's the device called that adds in some LFE?

    are you thinking of the phase linear 1000? autocorrelator kills about 10db of tape hiss, peak unlimiter adds about 4db of volume above user-set threashold, and downward expander reduces volume about 3db for quieter sections of the music. all-in-all, about 17db of noise reduction/dynamic range...
  26. Andy Goldstein

    What's the device called that adds in some LFE?

    subharmonic synthesizer. always wanted to buy one back in the 70s. ag.
  27. Andy Goldstein

    Parametric vs. Graphic EQ

    a graphic eq usually has between 10 and 31 adjustable sliders per channel, each at a particular, fixed frequency. you have control over boost or cut, but no control over Q, or exact frequency. a parametric eq has just a few controls per channel, but you have complete control over boost (or...
  28. Andy Goldstein

    old speaker polarity?

    a quick way to check if the marked polarity coincides with the current industry standard: using a AA or AAA battery and some wire, attach the (-) terminal of the battery to the (-) or 0 or Ground terminal of the speaker. momenteraly touch the positive (+) terminal of the battery to the (+) or...
  29. Andy Goldstein

    Opinons on my new rptv.

    sure do like my 53wx53!!! go bigger if you can. ag.
  30. Andy Goldstein

    Kenwood VR-6070 not properly decoding HD 5.1

    make sure the cable box digital audio output is set to dolby digital, not pcm bitstream. ag.