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  1. Scooter

    Win an Onkyo TX-NR1030 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AV Receiver

    I could really use this! Since 2009/2010 I have lost everything....50+ years of stuff... that I owned to forclosure and a storage unit auction. Any of you who came to a ScooterPalooza, or saw the pics from said events, can see the loss was massive. I am hoping to rebuild myself tech wise...
  2. Scooter

    Scooter Here: A Message To All You “ScooterPalooza” Veterans...

    Will do, Sam. I appreciate the support. She is pretty much under water at this point.
  3. Scooter

    Scooter Here: A Message To All You “ScooterPalooza” Veterans...

    Thanks to both you guys. Everything helps! What I didn't mention was Michelle had been diagnosed with breast cancer last summer. Fortunately, it was found WAY early....the Dr. said beyond early...and she is take a protocol of meds herself. My youngest, Morgan, is getting married this July...
  4. Scooter

    Scooter Here: A Message To All You “ScooterPalooza” Veterans...

    If you attended any of these H.T.F. Events, there is someone you all became familiar with. She actually wound up with the title of “The Lovely Michelle”! She and I were an item for a fair amount of time and she was in attendance at EVERY one. Years pass and things change. She and...
  5. Scooter

    Comment by 'Scooter' in media 'Kinoton PK 60D 35mm 2 IMG 1885'

    WOW!!!!!!!!! Really well done! Would you adopt me????
  6. Scooter

    Transformers Age of Extinction Contest: Win a signed copy!

    Bumblebee...he all soft and stuff.
  7. Scooter

    Blu-ray Review Disney's Tarzan Blu-ray Review

    I spoke to someone at Dolby when the DVD was released, who told me the film was, indeed, 5.1 and could not explain the lack of .1 on the DVD.
  8. Scooter

    This is Jack Briggs, and I am homeless.

    Left you an email here....PLEASE reach out.
  9. Scooter

    This is Jack Briggs, and I am homeless.

    It's simple. I didn't want to live with my kids. I prefered autonomy.
  10. Scooter

    This is Jack Briggs, and I am homeless.

    He could establish a Paypal account, if he has someplace...i.e. bank account....for the funds to be forwarded to.
  11. Scooter

    This is Jack Briggs, and I am homeless.

    Jack...reach out to me. I have a contact in L.A. who may be able to help you. Ron and the admins here have my email addy.
  12. Scooter

    This is Jack Briggs, and I am homeless.

    Good day, all. I understand Jack's plight. Won't say "I Know" because each situation is different. I was lucky in that I had my van and a LOT of God's blessings. I was, and am, blessed. A few from HTF reached out to me as well. I will keep Jack in my thoughts and if he wants to reach out to...
  13. Scooter

    Closed - Win an Axiom Audio Epic Grand Master Home Theater System or $2242 in Credit!

    Username: Scooter # of Posts: Oodles Current Speakers: Pioneer Why I Want To Win: All manner of stuff, plug in the electric outlet goodness. Bonus entries: Liked HTF on Facebook (Y ) Uploaded Gallery Images ( ) - Paste link here Complete Profile ( Y) Guide or How-To ( Y) [/list]
  14. Scooter

    Live In The Dallas/Ft. Worth Area And Do H.T. Installs?

    Howdy! I know a guy who is looking for a from the ground up, full blown 7.1 install done. I would have taken this on, but I have no tools for the gig. He is offering $25.00 per hour and the room, as I understand it, is pretty straight forward retangular. So if anyone can do this, please let me...
  15. Scooter

    3 Free Months Of HuLu With Certain Sony Products.

    Found this the other day. I have a Sony Media Player (SMP-200) and was able to get online with it. When I went to HuLu they showed a 3 Month Free Trial with said device. Turns out that the PS3 and some other Sony streaming devices are eligible, as well. Your device when connected to HuLu give...
  16. Scooter

    American Idol - Season 12

    Been following this season...first in a while...since day one. I was, obviously, sorry that Paul Jolley got booted. Same last name and spelling as yours truly. On another note, I was part of the "Idol Across America" here in Dallas. You can see that here...
  17. Scooter

    Cleaning indivdual LCD panels...NOT the screen

    Hiya Mike...I like what ya'll have done with the place. Can you link me to the post you referred to? As for a local store....given the right info I trust myself to do this more than a shop out of the blue. I am recent transplant to Texas and still learning the lay of the land. In the DFW area...
  18. Scooter

    Cleaning indivdual LCD panels...NOT the screen

    Hello again, everyone! I have a Ben-Q GP-1 Joybe projector that works like a million damn dollars. Thing is, I smoke and I am using this projector in a very closed environ. Thus, I think that the LCD 's are probably covered with a fair bit of nicotineas the light output seems to have diminished...
  19. Scooter

    New TVs at CES

    If you use Twitter or Facebook, Clayton Morris, avowed Apple/I-Phone addict and anchor at Fox News is tweeting from CES. The guy is a complete techno geek!
  20. Scooter

    Lost The Farm Whole House Sale

    Thanks for the good wishes. I am doing this at my home. With everything going on, I can't really ship. Plus...a fair amount of stuff is hooked up, so it can be seen in action.
  21. Scooter

    Lost The Farm Whole House Sale foreclosed...all gotta go! Many H.T. Items. This weekend..Fri-Sun. Some examples: Denon 5600 $150.00 Various DVD players Toshiba HD-DVD Player $50.00 Various HD DVD titles. Movie Posters and much more. 21 2nd Street Budd Lake, New Jersey 07828 Home To "ScooterPalooza" of...
  22. Scooter

    Hardware Review ScootView: The BenQ GP1 JoyBee Mini “LED” Projector

    ScootView: The BenQ GP1 JoyBee Mini “LED” Projector [img]"> Back in the early 90's, I happened upon a mini LCD projector from Fujinon, which I believe was a subsidiary of Fuji Photo. It was about the size of...
  23. Scooter

    I guess it comes in 4's! Billy Mays Has Died

    All in one week...that's where the "4's" came from.
  24. Scooter

    I guess it comes in 4's! Billy Mays Has Died

    Helluva thing. I was starting to get into the "Pitchmen" series. Report: 'Infomercial King' Billy Mays Found Dead in Home - Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Arts And Entertainment -
  25. Scooter

    Michael Jackson has died!!!

    Comes in threes...Don't forget Ed MacMahon.
  26. Scooter

    Home Theater Forum 2.0 Has Arrived!

    Toilet paper...lots and LOTS of T.P.! Bottle some water, too! ;)
  27. Scooter

    Toshiba HD-A2 HD-DVD Issues

    YOu may be running into the Newer Dolby Digital PLUS compatibility issue. If your reciever is an older one, it may decode there AC3 variation. Try it in a newer model. I have the same player and my Denon 5600 wouldn't play the audio. I had to use a newer Sony that would. Good luck.
  28. Scooter

    Outdoor Theater

  29. Scooter

    COMCAST forcing digital cable boxes down suscribers' throats!!! (Merged)

    I don't know about any other state,but in N.J. FiOS is a statewide franchise. They don't have to negociate town by town.