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  1. Romier S

    Dollhouse - season 2

    Damned fine episode. I'm sad to see Acker go as I know she signed on with another show (she'll no doubt show up again down the road). She was so good in this episode. Especially the scenes with Whiskey and Topher (Rule of thumb - never say no to a half naked Amy Acker folks!). Whiskey's entire...
  2. Romier S

    New Joss Whedon show announced: Dollhouse

    According to Joss, the events in Season 2 will be very much informed by the happenings in Epitaph so I certainly don't see it as being non-canon at all. In fact, Joss mentions the unaired episode has helped them gain direction for the series and help the actors in digging into thier characters...
  3. Romier S

    PS3 or XBox 360

    The BD drive failure issue is such a minimal problem in comparison to the red ring failures on the Xbox 360 that they aren't even worth comparing. Sony has delivered an exceptional piece of hardware with the PS3. With any consumer electronics products there will be a certain failure rate, but...
  4. Romier S

    New Joss Whedon show announced: Dollhouse

    I'm not sure if it met any quality level folks were expecting but if this episode is a sign of where the show is going from here on out - consider me totally onboard and excited. That was honestly the first episode that truly "clicked" for me. The trademarks quips and snappy dialogue (I loved...
  5. Romier S

    New Joss Whedon show announced: Dollhouse

    Yes, the client could go out and contract a high caliber third party negotiator who's supposedly an expert based on the credentials he/she has on paper. Or, being that he's wealthy and has likely been made aware of this Dollhouse agency through positive word of mouth from other uber-wealthy...
  6. Romier S

    Gee a Year Late with NFL Films First Blue Ray

    I'm a Giants fan also and I consider it good news to see NFL Films releasing on Blu-Ray. I can only hope they release some of thier back catalog in HD as well. I'd happily buy the Giants '07 disc in a heartbeat. Same goes for the '07 Super Bowl against the Pats.
  7. Romier S

    ER season 15

    It was the best episode of ER in a very long time. Any idea if Benton is going to make an appearance? Next to Anthony Edwards' "Mark Greene", he was my absolute favorite character on the show. If this episode did anything it made me so terribly miss the ER of old.:frowning: The small cameos...
  8. Romier S

    The Dark Knight (2008)

    None of which are prevelant themes in "The Dark Knight". In the fantasty universe Nolan has created (and it is a fantasy no matter how grounded to reality it is or how much it looks like Chicago;)) - the rise and fall of Harvey Dent is the linchpin of the story. He's the glue that ties all of...
  9. Romier S

    The Dark Knight (2008)

    Apparently you missed the entirety of the Joker turning Gotham against Batman. His hiding behind his mask through the first half of the film allows more people to die at the Joker's hands. By the time we reach the press conference with Harvey they want him arrested and put away. "After...
  10. Romier S

    The Dark Knight (2008)

    Agreed. I found the Joker humorous in that "Christ this guys out of his freaking mind" sense. I don't think that's out of character at all when comparing to various comic book iterations. You've got a character that in the past has shot and paralyzed Gordon's daughter, took nude photos of her...
  11. Romier S

    The Dark Knight (2008)

    You'll find this element to the Joker character in The Killing Joke (if you haven't read it - you should do so immediately). We get a version of the Joker's origin which some fans claim to be the "definitive" but it's one I always took as the Joker telling a twisted version of. One of my...
  12. Romier S

    Rob Zombie's "Halloween (2007)" coming

    Heh, I thought the pre-edited one might be a little too nasty so I went for funnier:).
  13. Romier S

    Rob Zombie's "Halloween (2007)" coming

    "I need a hug"
  14. Romier S

    Max Payne

    No idea but the music in the trailer is Marilyn Manson's "If I was your Vampire".
  15. Romier S

    Rob Zombie's "Halloween (2007)" coming

    My sentiments exactly.
  16. Romier S

    Rob Zombie's "Halloween (2007)" coming

    Maybe you should take your own advice and read up on what "LOL" means? I think what we have here is a failure to communicate which could have been easily cleared up with little need to respond in such a smug and condescending manner. (...and I'M the serious one?)
  17. Romier S

    Rob Zombie's "Halloween (2007)" coming

    I'm obviously joking. LOL. If you seriously thought I was sincere in my defense of Halloween 6 - I've got a a nice padded room waiting for you man.
  18. Romier S

    Rob Zombie's "Halloween (2007)" coming

    You're WRONG. Halloween 6 *IS* Citizen Kane with a Michael Myers mask on. PURE F'ING CLASSIC!
  19. Romier S

    Rob Zombie's "Halloween (2007)" coming

    No, they'll have an opinion and a perfectly valid one at that. It's an absolutely atrocious film even when taken outside of the context of it being a Halloween remake in my own personal opinion. I say that as a Zombie fan and someone that loved The Devil's Rejects. For those that enjoy it...
  20. Romier S

    Saw V (Yes..#5!!)

    I really enjoed Saw III and felt it was the perfect finale to what is a nice trilogy of films. I rented 4 and thought it was hopelessly unnecessary. A desperate attempt to extend the story past its own natural point of conclusion. (i.e. the death of Jigsaw and Amanda) I've absolutely no interest...
  21. Romier S

    Sony has lost over $3 billion on the PS3

    Which doesn't preclude it from being a very valid criticism of the PS3.;)
  22. Romier S

    Sony has lost over $3 billion on the PS3

    That's too bad. You're both missing out on some excellent titles. Both on retail shelves and in the downloadable space via the PSN store. Super Stardust HD, Everyday Shooter, PixelJunk Monsters, and the recent release of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue each are well worth the download. With Socom...
  23. Romier S

    My PS3/40GB has slowed down a lot...

    That's more than likely not an issue with the system but with you pressing and holding the power button on the console itself when you power it on. If you hold it for 5 five seconds it will beep a second time and will auto reset. I've done it many a times accidentally.;)
  24. Romier S

    New to Blu? Buy a PS3: the most featured BD hardware available...

    From the official Playstation Blog: PlayStation.Blog » Firmware (v.2.30) Details and Store Walkthrough
  25. Romier S

    Sonic Solutions dropping support for HD DVD in thier Scenarist software

    A rather big of chunk of news that no one has bothered to post or give any attention. For those not in the know, Sonic’s Scenarist software pretty much dominates the professional DVD authoring market and is already becoming just as significant to major studios/authoring houses for HD media as...
  26. Romier S

    **Official HTF HD Formats Ind./Retailer/Studio Support Thread-*SEE POST 3176, p. 106*

    That's easily the most amusing series of statements I've read on this forum. You answer back to David's criticism of Universals catalog releases by pointing the finger at David for not having an HD DVD player and not being able to judge the quality of the transfers for himself. Further more...
  27. Romier S

    Panasonic DMP-BD10AK VS PS3

    The 40GB removed SACD support, yes.
  28. Romier S

    Universal at CES

    You continue going back to the same subjective argument and completely missing the point. It doesn't matter whether you hear a minor difference or whether I hear a major difference. It should be on the disc regardless...