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  1. Jason Bell

    "I Remember When HT Was Fun" (or, "The Current State of HD from my POV")…

    I definitely agree with this part of your post. I'm a home theater fanantic but I dont make purchases lightly. For $500.00-$1000 or more I want a little assurance that I'm not going to be in possesion of a boat anchor in 12 months. If these companies would have come to a compromise I would have...
  2. Jason Bell

    Sony KDF-E50A10 and Switching Channels from HD to Regular TV

    I've got a WE655, the Wegas just prior to yours. My TV also gets all scrambled when I switch from say a 480i to a 720p or 1080i channel. Only for a second though until the deinterlacers and scaling electronics gets resynced. Have you tried running the cable directly to the back of your TV...
  3. Jason Bell

    Sony Wega - Enhanced 16:9 mode?

    If people are tall and thin he probably already has the DVD player set to 16:9. So like others have said there is probably a button on his remote that squeezes the image to the proper AR. Either that or there may be a setting in his TVs setup menus to turn the 16:9 squeeze feature on. I have...
  4. Jason Bell

    Denon 3805 causing subwoofer to rumble/pop

    I would definitely try Johns suggestion. If that doesnt work though. Have you tried just moving the main gain volume knob on the subs amp a little? I had a little 8" Velodyne sub once and it had a very noisy pot and it would make this low rumbling popping kind of noise when the volume was...
  5. Jason Bell

    JBL Northridge

  6. Jason Bell

    New HT.....Starting with LCR for under $400.

    I was in a similiar situation a few years ago. This is how I built my system over the course of a couple years. I bought a pair of bookshelves(Axiom M22s) for my Mains. Then I bought a pair of floorstanders(Axiom M60s) and moved the M22s to the back as my surrounds. Then I finally...
  7. Jason Bell

    Why would my AMP make these noises?

    I would call B&K Tech support. They are very easy to reach and helpful. I'm not using the same amp as you but I have a B&K ST2140 powering my mains. When I turn it on there is a slight whooomp sound. When I turn it off there are three or four gentle whoop whooop from my speakers bass drivers...
  8. Jason Bell

    anyone use

    I prefer to make big purchases locally. I just like the convienence of being able to throw the thing in my truck and take it back if I'm not happy. I havent used GoodGuys so I dont have an opinion on them. Best Buy and Circuit City have awesome return policies. They will take it back no...
  9. Jason Bell

    Where can I find a good tube amp/preamp/integrated system? Budget about $600-$800

    Hi Jesse, I used to own the ASL AQ1003DT. I liked it a lot. Tuberolling is fun also and does have a major effect on the sound. If you do get this amp make sure you get the one with the biasing meter on the top. This makes biasing the tubes so easy. Another cool option with this amp is it has...
  10. Jason Bell

    should i go with the axiom's?

    Hi MikeBo, I have M60's upfront a VP100 center and M22s for surrounds. I love them for hometheater. I would get the towers and the VP100. The VP100 has no problem keeping up with my M60s they sound perfect together. I was initially worried about the VP100 because it seems like everyone is...
  11. Jason Bell

    How to angle my surrounds

    Nathan, Thats a nice setup, especially after you add the SVS sub. That setup is good enough when you get your own place you probably would only need to upgrade the receiver for a little more power. I've tried my surrounds a couple of different ways and the way I prefer is to have them...
  12. Jason Bell

    Are my speakers "small?"

    DavidK, That pop you're hearing when you switch inputs or surround modes on the fly is not clipping. I always turn my volume down if I'm gonna switch modes or inputs. Clipping is like this hideous distortion. The best way I can think to describe it is have you ever been in someones car...
  13. Jason Bell

    Paradigm speaker question/concern..

    Jeremy, I wouldnt worry about it. I also noticed some static during dialogue in this movie on my Axioms. I think that in some scenes in this movie they had the microphones either too close to the actors or the gain turned up to much. Its like have you ever heard someone yell into a microphone...
  14. Jason Bell

    Should I Get Rid of My Center Speaker?

    Solomon, I wouldnt buy a center channel just for the sake of buying one if you're happy with the sound without it. I dont use a center channel in my setup. I have Axiom M60s in the front set to large and about 7' apart. I love the way it sounds. Voices are percectly centered on the T.V. and...
  15. Jason Bell

    Should I Get Rid of My Center Speaker?

    Solomon, I wouldnt buy a center channel just for the sake of buying one if you're happy with the sound without it. I dont use a center channel in my setup. I have Axiom M60s in the front set to large and about 7' apart. I love the way it sounds. Voices are percectly centered on the T.V. and...
  16. Jason Bell

    Underworld DVD (merged thread)

    There must be something wrong with my system. This DVD sounded horrible on my setup. The movie opened with that big bass note and the intros before the movie sounded great. Once they got into the shootouts in the subway the sound was really muddy the guns didnt have that crack like they should...
  17. Jason Bell

    Anyone know if it is possible to upgrade my B&K preamp?

    Im not sure if you can upgrade or not. You should call B&K directly. I've got one of their amps and everytime I've called them they've been very helpful. Here is the number I used. 1-800-543-5252 or 1-716-656-0023.
  18. Jason Bell

    Axiom "Factory Blems" any driver damage?

    I bought M22s B-stock and could not find a single thing wrong with them. Then about a month later I bought a pair of M60s, these were also in excellent condition but one of the speakers had a very tiny ripple in the vinyl. The ripple is so small you have to be within 6 inches and have light...
  19. Jason Bell

    Is this what clipping sounds like?

    Does it make this crackling with all your source material. It seems like alot of the crackling on my CDs and DVDs is caused by how the original material was recorded. Like if its to close to certain instruments during loud passages the mic itself starts to distort. Then this is recorded into the...
  20. Jason Bell

    I met Joe Sixpack yesterday at Wal-Mart

    I think the studios are making a mistake by giving the J6P a choice on what format they want. The reason is that most J6Ps in reality dont care about formats. BUT if offered a choice between FS and PS sadly alot of them will take the PS version. If they are only offered WS they will still buy...
  21. Jason Bell

    War of the Roses SE

    Thanks for your opinions. Well it is definitely blurry to me. Worst disc I own by far. Since none of you think its blurry I'm gonna take it back and get another copy maybe I just got a bad one. I hope its just my disc because I really like this movie.
  22. Jason Bell

    War of the Roses SE

    I just purchased this DVD and I cant believe how awful the picture is. The movie is very very soft looking to the point of looking blurry. I actually get a headache because I feel like my eyes are constantly trying to refocus. I never saw this movie in the theatres. Does anyone else have this...
  23. Jason Bell

    FS Polk Audio RTi38

    Thanks Tyler and Vince for your suggestion I'll look into that.
  24. Jason Bell

    FS Polk Audio RTi38

    For sale Polk Audio RTi38. These are bookshelf speakers with a 6.5" Woofer and a 1" Silk Dome tweeter. They are very nice sounding and I would consider them a little on the warm side of neutral. I've had them for about 6 months and they were used for a second music system. I would estimate...
  25. Jason Bell

    PB12 Noise

    My PB12 has always hummed. Its not noticeable during use though.
  26. Jason Bell

    HTF REVIEW: "Road To Perdition" (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) (with screenshots)

    I was dissapointed in this movie. It seemed predictable, especially the end. The acting was good though. I just couldnt see myself watching this movie more than once. I'm glad I rented it first.
  27. Jason Bell

    Power Draw in Muted B&K Amp?

    Hi Yogi and Brian From experimenting this is what I think the differences are. Off-Red light is out power supply capacitors are discarged. Lights in house will flicker when power is returned. Muted-Red light is out power supply capacitors are still charged. Lights do not flicker...
  28. Jason Bell

    Power Draw in Muted B&K Amp?

    Hi Brian, I've got a B&K amp and I believe the idle specs are idle with no signal but not muted(red light on nothing playing). I just hooked my trigger up with a Radioshack 12v adapter and when the amp is muted it is at room temp. The people at B&K told me when the amp is muted its only...
  29. Jason Bell

    Can Amps that arent muted but left on 24/7 damage speakers

    Hi Chip, Ya I dont have a Preamp I'm using a receiver and it doesnt have any kind of trigger. I called the tech guys at B&K and he said if I wanted to mute the amp to just reach behind and use the defeat switch as a toggle. This works but makes me nervous because I cant see what I'm doing and...