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  1. JohnFF

    ****Sopranos Season 5 Season Guide (Spoilers)

    Great episode. Good to see Sil and Paulie play critical roles again. Interesting to see AJ finally finding himself (I had the same reaction as Tony when Carm mentioned the Event Planning thing). No Janice! I hope Melfi can live with herself if she finds out about Tony B. She did look good...
  2. JohnFF

    ****Sopranos Season 5 Season Guide (Spoilers)

    I agree. Am I the only one who appreciated the extended and gratuitous shots of Aide?
  3. JohnFF

    ****Sopranos Season 5 Season Guide (Spoilers)

    Great episode. Even better since I was able to watch it in HD on my schedule (not at 9pm). I can't believe they actually made me empathize with Janice. Unbelievable!
  4. JohnFF

    March Madness Surprise

    Only the St. Louis games will be in HD.
  5. JohnFF

    How many here have German Speakers??

    I have MB Quart Domain bookshelf speakers in a secondary room. I've always liked them.
  6. JohnFF

    So how good is that Monster Warranty? You feel lucky, punk?

    Yet again, Chu speaketh the truth. I'd love to see actual numbers for any of these company's CEG: total claims and claims paid in full.
  7. JohnFF

    The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

    It is possible that the architect's negative reaction is to the term 'oracle'. I don't think he was rejecting the notion that she is the "Mother' of the matrix. Hopefully we will find out soon.
  8. JohnFF

    Software Upgrade For Marantz Sr9200 And Sr8200

    Tom - How long did the upgrade take? Did you have to send your 9200 in to Marantz or just take it to your dealer?
  9. JohnFF

    Software Upgrade For Marantz Sr9200 And Sr8200

    The upgrade has finally been officially announced for North America. $200 for the 8200. Two options with different prices ($150/$250) for the 9200. Otherwise as expected. No DPLIIx. Here are the details: Marantz Press Release
  10. JohnFF

    Tweaking and Feng Shui...oh my!

    This is old news Chu. I've had best results with coins minted before 1980. The growing hole in the ozone layer has degraded the performance of coins minted since that time. I recently replaced a 2003 5-cent coin with a 1970 5-cent coin. The improvement was astounding immediately and has grown...
  11. JohnFF

    How much would I benefit from upgrading Marantz 7300 to a Denon 3803?

    These two receivers are very comparable. The 7300 has higher quality and better sound than the 3803 (very subjective but this is my opinion). The 3803 has a 7th amplified channel and more features. Choosing one over the other is simply a matter of what is important to the buyer...
  12. JohnFF

    which is the best of my crop of rptv's ?

    I don't have one and am not personally familiar with this model but my impression is that the Pioneer Elites have the best PQ among the current RPTV crop.
  13. JohnFF

    Digital Coax Cables Makes a Difference?

    I discovered that digital coat hangers perform much better than analog coat hangers for digital connections. It seems the interiors of analog coat hangers are not optimized to ensure that 1s move as quickly as 0s (obviously due to the fact that 0s are round and roll faster) and this introduces...
  14. JohnFF

    Amps on top or you know :)

    Don't forget to dip your amp into melted butter to help keep the sticky electrons moving. Some say you need to do this once per day but my own experience is that once a week is more appropriate. Don't forget to unplug the power on the amp first! I used the melted butter tweak to fix a couple...
  15. JohnFF

    Freezing Cables and Electronics Can Improve Sound

    You gotta talk to your cables. They have feelings too and you can't expect them to perform to their peak potential if you don't say a few kind words to them from time to time.
  16. JohnFF

    MB Quart, opinions?

    Congratulations on the new speakers Carlos. The QL-S1030s look like great and beautiful speakers. Let us know what you think of them after a couple weeks.
  17. JohnFF

    Where can I buy a 4 to 6 port "F" connector wall plate?

    My local Home Depot has the Levitron snap-in plates and connectors. They are in the electrical section not far from the big rotating stack of cable spools.
  18. JohnFF

    MB Quart, opinions?

    I have MB Quart speakers in my secondary HT room. I'm very pleased with them. I believe they are 'Domains'.
  19. JohnFF

    Software Upgrade For Marantz Sr9200 And Sr8200

    Tom, Congratulations on the 9200 purchase. What a great receiver. The RC3200 remote that came with my 8200 (purchased over a year ago) had Ultra2 buttons on it as well. Ultra2 will be available shortly for the 9200 but not for the 8200.
  20. JohnFF

    Servo-15 saga continues

    Love my new-ish Servo (4 months old). No problems here. Stick with it until you get a good one.
  21. JohnFF

    Best sub for under 1000$

    Under $1000 Cdn? How about the Paradigm PW-2200?
  22. JohnFF

    Software Upgrade For Marantz Sr9200 And Sr8200

    The 8200 upgrade shouldn't require a THX license. The THX Ultra 2 upgrade is only for the 9200. Has anyone done this upgrade yet? How long did it take and were there hardware changes (other than stickers!)? I'm hoping this upgrade provides mode-selectable channel levels so I can boost my...
  23. JohnFF

    Mordaunt-Short Where to buy?

    I can't verify it but I think Accessories for Less is an authorized onine M-S retailer. They sell the package you mention for $1,699.99. I've had good experiences with this retailer. They sell refurbished Marantz equipment but it looks like their M-S equipment is not refurbished. You might...
  24. JohnFF

    Mixing Studio 20s with ADP 170s

    Thanks all.
  25. JohnFF

    Mixing Studio 20s with ADP 170s

    (bump) Anyone?