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  1. Shannon W

    Help picking a new display!!!!

    I ended up going with the Sony X900E a couple weeks back and got it for $1498.00 and so far I’m happy with the panel. Thanks again guys! Shannon
  2. Shannon W

    Help picking a new display!!!!

    Guys please for give me but I’ve read reviews till I’m blue in the face. Currently my budget is $2000 I’d like a 75” panel but I’m coming up short for that budget so this also is making me look into the 65” range also. My viewing area is about 12-13’; so I’m in a dalima to sacrifice some...
  3. Shannon W

    Win a Pioneer Elite SC-95 Dolby Atmos Receiver

    Didn't see a photo was required to win? My gear was in my signature! Shannon
  4. Shannon W

    Win a Denon X5200W 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AVR with a copy of Insurgent on Blu-ray!

    I so need to update from my old Sony ES! Shannon
  5. Shannon W

    Win an Onkyo TX-NR1030 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AV Receiver (Redux)

    My ideal system would be connecting this receiver to my sunfire amp and switch my Polk LSi speaker configuration to a all paradigm signature series configuration and add another SvS sub!! Baller status. Shannon
  6. Shannon W

    Win an Onkyo TX-NR1030 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AV Receiver

    The reason I need a reciver/pre/pro amp upgrade is in my system profiles posts. I got a old Sony str-da4es and need a receiver to make my system shine again. I've been off the forums for a little bit and due to my career changes im trying to change out my pre/pro and provide for my family and I...
  7. Shannon W

    Pioneer SC-07 Elite

    What did you end up getting for this, if you don't mind me asking. I've been looking for this very receiver for my mother. Shannon
  8. Shannon W

    Need advice on 5 channel amp

    Emotiva has a good rap from the reviews I've seen on the net. I've personally not listened to them but the people that have them swear by them. I know that not the answer you was looking for but thats all I know about them. Sorry. Shannon
  9. Shannon W

    Need advice on 5 channel amp

    Ya but when I bought both of them there was no review at the time. Polk had just released the LSi line and the Sony was hot off the press. I thought I was doing the right thing, but I found out the hard way. Shannon
  10. Shannon W

    Need advice on 5 channel amp

    Yes they are a Authorized dealer. I don't want to see you make a big mistake with the Onkyo. From all the horror story's about peoples 805 taking a dump I would be kinda skittish on that brand for a bit till they sort things out. Also you will be much happier with using a separate amp. Trust...
  11. Shannon W

    Need advice on 5 channel amp

    OneCall has the Adcom GFA-7605 (Black) on sale for $1099 with free shipping. Adcom GFA-7605 (Black) - Or they have the Adcom GFA-7705 (Factory Renewed) for $1197 and you pay $141.99 for the ride to your house. Adcom GFA-7705 Factory Renewed - In Stock at Also look...
  12. Shannon W

    I just got my PB-12 Plus today and...

    Save yourself some time and get you a Velodyne SMS-1 and let it calibrate your sub for you. I got mine off eBay for $400 "nib" from a dealer with warranty. At first I thought is was a waste of money but once I got it set up correctly I would not give it up for all the money in the world (Joke)...
  13. Shannon W

    Thinking about getting custom made DVD shelving/storage

    I built from scratch this just two weeks ago and I'm by far a wood working type of guy. I have about $175-$200 in it and it should hold around 600 DVD's. I recommend anyone to try and build what you need. You'll find out it will look better then you would think for...
  14. Shannon W

    F.S. Polk LSi9's in Cherry + Sanus NF24" Cherry Stands.

    One more look before they hit eBay. Shannon
  15. Shannon W

    F.S. Polk LSi9's in Cherry + Sanus NF24" Cherry Stands.

    Ok guys, With me just winning a New LCD TV from work I now have to sell my spare pair of 9's to Finnish building my system in the Bedroom. So here we go. I have a used pair of Polk LSi 9's in Cherry with original boxes. These have been apart of my Home Theater since new and have been...
  16. Shannon W

    Official announcement for starting construction for my HT room!

    Jay, I'm at a lost of words right now on how good your HT is looking. I'm booked this weekend, so I'm sad to say that I wont be able to come up to help you start setting that thing up (Sorry man!) But the following weekend I'm thinking I'm free but that's the weekend before X-mass. Hey, but...
  17. Shannon W

    In need of an Audio Rack

    LoL! I know what you mean there! Good luck on your AV Rack quest! Shannon
  18. Shannon W

    Sub or Center Speaker

    I'm a big fan of BIG BASS! For what your needing I would do the above. I mean, don't get me wrong If I was dead set on spending the whole $600 on a sub go SvS!!!!!! all the away! But I would only do that if I was going to have the funds soon to replace the fading Center soon. But then again you...
  19. Shannon W

    Don't know if i need a reciever or not...

    X2! Thats some good Info for ya! Shannon
  20. Shannon W

    In need of an Audio Rack

    Here are a couple sites you can check out. Also Google AV Racks or AV Stands Shannon
  21. Shannon W

    Home Theater in a Box

    What's your Budget? I bet we could build you a HT for that price that would sound better then any HTB. Give us a try and let us help. You would be surprised on how well some of these Tight Wads (LoL) can stretch a nickel! Shannon
  22. Shannon W

    How many ports do you block on your SVS?

    Blocked 2 for my PB12+2! 16hz all the way. Shannon
  23. Shannon W

    Using 4 Polk RTI12's

    I would say that it would be over kill yank the 12's in the rear for a pair of RTi6's or even the FXi5's. Also Vito the LSiC for the CSi5. The CSi5 would match the RTi's better then the LSiC. Thats my thought's on that for you. Shannon
  24. Shannon W

    Group Buy on the Integra 9.8 Preamp

    Just let me know guys. I'm thinking we might be able to get them as low as 1200-1400 if we get enough people in on this. Shannon
  25. Shannon W

    WTB 8GB Ipod Touch

    Go to your local Walmart and pick one up. I doubt you would save that much $$$ buying used. Plus with a New one you would get a warranty. Shannon
  26. Shannon W

    Some long awaited photos of my upgrades.

    Guys I just added a few new pictures and added the PS3. Shannon
  27. Shannon W

    Group Buy on the Integra 9.8 Preamp

    Guys I already have a local dealer that has gave a price for me to buy my own and has agreed that when I get a list together for the people that want one that all I have to do is come to the store (after January 1st) and he would make us a deal that would be too good to pass up. Gregg not to...
  28. Shannon W

    DIY Optic Fiber Star ceiling for under 500$

    TY! just added your page to my Favorites! Shannon