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  1. EricN

    New Denon AVR X8500H Begs Questions on Speaker Placement....

    I have the X8500H running 7.2.4. I am using 2 pair of SVS Prime Elevation speakers as heights. I am not using them in the front but on the sides in front and behind the side channel speakers. Speaking to the SVS folks about how high, they recommended putting the Prime Elevations at the...
  2. EricN

    Guys, I need some good feedback, here.

    Hard to say without knowing the rest of the room decor. Standing alone they are a good looking set of seats. Depends on what else is in the room to say if they make sense. Naturally, I assume they are comfortable for the LOTR's marathon viewing..:)
  3. EricN

    Denon 5800

    I use either DTS (if available) or DD via the Denon link with my 5900 DVD player. I rarely use the remote other than to do an occasional setup mod to the 5800.
  4. EricN

    Sony DVP-NS999ES and Denon 5803 set up problem

    On your 5803 the EXT1 & 2 inputs are there to receive SACD, DVD-A or any multi channel source direct from the player. When you have a device that can do more than 1 thing (Like your SACD capable Sony deck) you need to reset the input on the Denon to digital whenever you are watching a DVD so...
  5. EricN

    Denon DVD-3910/AVR-3805 audio connections

    Robert, you do burn your own CD's from the download off the Denon site. You enter your serial number and it authorizes the unit and takes you to the download page. I have upgraded my 5900 this way and the DL3 will be the same procedure. I burned the 5900 updates with Nero 6.6 and had no...
  6. EricN

    Ipod Problems...

    Wow CraigL..... Man you have had a tough time of it. I have the ipod U2 version. It is about 6 months old. Never had a problem. I even have it in my car connected to the Alpine system via Alpines adapter and it is rocking great. Goodbye 6 CD magazine, hello ALL my cd's. I do think that your...
  7. EricN

    Denon DVD-3910/AVR-3805 audio connections

    Robert, I am using the Denon Link between my 3910 and 3805 just fine. I have the 3910 connected via HDMI directly to my Sony HS51 projector. All is well. Remember to activate the DL in the setup menu's of both the receiver and the DVD player first. I am using a 6 foot piece of CAT 6 cable...
  8. EricN

    Upgrading receiver, but has to be from Best Buy

    My local Best Buy had 2 Pioneer 1014's on the sale table for $224 last week... Rediculous buy for that receiver. They were open box with all parts and full warranty. See if your's has the same deal in the store and you will be very happy. :D
  9. EricN

    NFL on Sirius

    I love being able to listen to both broadcasts on Sirius during the play-off's. You get the Euphoria and the Dejection back to back. :emoji_thumbsup:
  10. EricN

    Need help with Infocus X1 and Satellite picture

    My X1 is flashed with X1 ver 4.1 connected to a DISH 811 HD receiver. No problems. Solid picture. HD looks very nice. :emoji_thumbsup:
  11. EricN

    Open box items, would you buy one?

    I recently bought open box versions of the Denon 3910 and 3805. Both had been messed with as Demo units. I called Denon tech support for the reset sequence and had both units reset to factory default. I did a calibration for my system and then all was perfect after that. Full warranty and...
  12. EricN

    Denon DVD-3910. Thoughts?

    I am very happy with mine. Great build quality. The picture is very sharp. Sounds great via the Denon Link for Digital DVD-A as well.
  13. EricN

    Loud thump/pop from subwoofer when changing input modes.

    Receivers have a mute circuit that suppresses the LFE when changing source inputs. Your friend will need to send his receiver in for a repair to get that circuit replaced. It happened to my Denon. Annoying but easily repaired.
  14. EricN

    Considering XM/Sirius - Concerned About Sound Quality

    Doug Wrote: ---In my case, as outlined in my post above, I'm listening to a SkyFi2 plugged into a home adapter kit, connected directly to my pre/pro with the provided mini-jack to RCA interconnect. In it's day the Aragon Soundstage listed for $4000 and is still considered a top-of-the-line...
  15. EricN

    Considering XM/Sirius - Concerned About Sound Quality

    Michael Young wrote: --I find its difficult to argue sound quality without a few Very specific points. What Unit are you using: Is it using RCA or FM Mod or Optical etc. : What are you listening to it on..I hear nothing about Car stereo settings here: Also another one eveyrone has...
  16. EricN

    Considering XM/Sirius - Concerned About Sound Quality

    Well, I'll dive in here. I have Sirius in two cars. I am happy with the sound quality.... However, I am using Alpine head units (9830 & 9835)and the Alpine Sirius receiver with each. I did have the Sirius Sportster receiver in one car using the FM modulator and the quality was lousy. Due...
  17. EricN

    First Impressions of the Denon DVD3910

    I am enjoying my new 3910/3805 combo. I have a 5800 upgraded with a 5900 in the main theater and was blown away by the Denon link for both DVD-Audio and for the digital connection for movies. I was going to go with the Pioneer 1014 and move my Denon DVD-1600 over to the living room, but I had to...
  18. EricN

    Help: How to split ONE satellite dish cable to TWO separate receivers?

    The phone jack is for ordering Pay-per-View movies via that particular receiver. I would second the installer coming over. Get it done right with a lot less time and frustration.
  19. EricN

    Help: How to split ONE satellite dish cable to TWO separate receivers?

    Once you have the work done it is wonderful. I have had DISH for nearly 8 years now and it has been virtually flawless. The 921 HD PVR rocks!
  20. EricN

    Help: How to split ONE satellite dish cable to TWO separate receivers?

    Ron, I cannot speak for DirecTV but with DISH you need something in between the dish and the receivers that is more robust than the A/B or splitter. I have a DISH SW21 that splits between the LNB's and multiple receivers. I would imagine the technology is fairly similar. Good Luck!
  21. EricN

    Pre/Pro or Denon 5803 for my M&K 7.1 speakers??

    I have been running my M&K 150's (7.1 with 2 pair of ss-150 surrounds) with my Denon 5800 for nearly 4 years. The Denon is totally at ease running 4 ohms... Great combo Denon & M&K speakers.
  22. EricN

    Anybody using the SVS PB1-ISD?

    I had a 16-46PCi (I have since upgraded it to a PB2+) and I have the PB1-ISD. The PB1 is a terrific bang for the buck. Other than the super lows that the 16-46 can do (Haunting DTS, Iron Giant, etc) it gives everything you could want. Plenty of "Scare the neighbors" power. Very clean music...
  23. EricN

    Def Tech Pro Cinema 80 Opinions

    I have the 80's for L/R and surrounds and the 100 for the center. I filled them out with a SVS PB1-ISD for the sub and they are great for our smaller family room They cannot keep up with my M&K's and the SVS PB2+ in the theater, but for 1/10th cost they sound fabulous!
  24. EricN

    SVS B4+ Ariving Tomorrow

    Simon, the photos are awesome. I had one of the original 16-46PC's and I now have a PB2+. I know you cannot stop smiling! Thanks for sharing and make sure the government knows you are watching movies so they don't get upset when the Geology department's seismographs go nuts. :D
  25. EricN

    SVS PB2-Plus Test and Review - Long

    Rudi, I am sure they will deliver it soon. They will want all that space back in the warehouse :D
  26. EricN

    SVS PB2-Plus Test and Review - Long

    TommyL, the B4+ is definately something I have no room for. (Darn it..:D ) My boys and I just fired up the Pod race from SWTPM and shook the house before bedtime. I thought they were never going to go to sleep after that. Good thing Mom is out of town :wink:
  27. EricN

    SVS PB2-Plus Test and Review - Long

    The BEAST is HERE!!! PB2+ is IN DA HOUSE!! I have a long driveway with lots of big trees. The BAX delivery guy could not get down the driveway (Almost a Semi for the delivery truck!) so I met him out at the road with my Ford Expedition. We popped the straps and removed the carton from the...
  28. EricN

    SVS PB2-Plus Test and Review - Long

    Well, I just got the info from BAX Global that tomorrow is PB2+ delivery day. My 16-46PCi is waiting for the new sibling. But Tom & Ron.... 153 LBS for delivery weight! Good thing I'll have help bringing it into the theater!:D
  29. EricN

    Sony VPL VW10-HT

    Stephane, read your VW10HT manual. The 4 arrows on the control panel have to pushed in a certain order. I just had bulb 3 installed and the installer pointed out the sequence in the manual for me. I am not at home or I would post it for you. The sequence gets pushed then you turn the projector...
  30. EricN

    I pulled the trigger on the Infocus X1

    Greetings all, here are my initial X1 impressions: I picked up an X1 for the vacation home and am using it with a 72" 4:3 StudioTek 130 snapper. It was leftover when I upgraded the home system to 16:9 a few years ago. I have about 10 hours on it and am in the process of calibrating it with...
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