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  1. Kevin Eckhardt

    This is my last day at work! How was yours?

    Francois, best of luck on your new project! I had my "last day" earlier this month after seven years as a software engineer for a networking company. During the last week I went out to lunch once with some members of my current team and once with members of a prior team. I put the finishing...
  2. Kevin Eckhardt

    Orange Savings Account - anyone tried this?

    I just checked my ING account, and here is what it says on the "Link an account" page: * You can have up to 3 external account links. * The account you would like to link must be a personal checking account, not a brokerage, money market or savings account - institutions put restrictions on...
  3. Kevin Eckhardt

    If all cell phone numbers are unlinsted...

    Jay, I think you meant to say the FCC. Unless either Neil or the telemarketer is calling during a flight, I doubt the FAA cares. :)
  4. Kevin Eckhardt

    Fun with Titles: A neat game!

    Spaderman: After a field trip to a playing card factory a young man suddenly has an uncanny ability to win at cards. Pain Man: A man discovers that his newly found brother has an incredibly high pain threshhold and tries to turn him into the next UFC champion. Pulp Diction: It's not what...
  5. Kevin Eckhardt

    know anything about car luggage racks?

    I also have a Mazda6. The roof rack I have is made by Yakima. Thule is the other big name in roof racks. It attaches to the roof using supports which clamp onto the roof using the door frame. There are custom rubber/silicone pieces, specific to your car model, which attach to the bottom of the...
  6. Kevin Eckhardt

    Odd question - where to buy a leather jacket?

    Paul, I have an older version of the Eddie Bauer "Lamb Gasoline" jacket that you're looking at. It's the same soft, black, lambskin leather and the same cut. The back looks the same, but instead of the single pieces of leather on the front it is split at the chest similar to the "car coat" or...
  7. Kevin Eckhardt

    What's the weirdest food combo you (or someone you know) eat?

    Love 'em. I'll buy a bunch of grapes and toss them in the freezer when I get home. In fact, I like a lot of frozen fruits. They have a different flavor when they're frozen. I buy the bags of frozen mixed fruit and fill up a bowl straight from the freezer. Sometimes I let it thaw for a few...
  8. Kevin Eckhardt

    Post your best A/V bargains here.

    One of my best bargains was my first subwoofer. This was back in the the endless internet coupon days in late 99 or 2000. I can't remember the name of the site, but the concept was "the more people who buy something the cheaper it gets". For first time customers you got free shipping and a $50...
  9. Kevin Eckhardt

    "Budget" HD projectors

    At $1449 shipped from an authorized dealer there is now an HC-3000U hanging from my ceiling :) Mitsubishi is replacing the the 3000 with the HC-3100u which moves to DarkChip3 and has a modified color wheel to counteract native coloring of the lamp. I think MSRP is just above 2k. Optoma...
  10. Kevin Eckhardt

    Star Trek TOS Special Edition Starts Sept 16th.

    Looks like the "new" Trek will be show on Sundays @ 6PM in the Raleigh/Durham NC area on WRDC, the old UPN28.
  11. Kevin Eckhardt

    FAvorite Animated Series lines..

    One of my favorites is from Animaniacs. (Still need to get those dvds....) The whole cast is in a theater and after the performance Yakko and Wakko are talking: "That was very Pete Townsend-esque..." "Who?" "Exactly!"
  12. Kevin Eckhardt

    Godfather Collection $30.99 at Costco

    Saw for the same price (or maybe $1 more) at the Sam's Club here in Durham, NC.
  13. Kevin Eckhardt

    The Best Burger Place EVER

    I just looked online and found out there is a Five Guys just down the road from me at the local mall. I'll have to give them a try sometime. Another place I like is Ted's Montana Grill. Their burgers come in your choice of beef or bison. I go for the bison myself. And if you get a burger to...
  14. Kevin Eckhardt

    Looking for good wireless home security cameras

    I don't know if it's a good product, or even a good deal, but I did see a 4-channel surveillance DVR at Sam's Club the other day, right next to a couple of wireless camera kits. Might be worth a look if you're a member. Kevin
  15. Kevin Eckhardt

    Weekly RoundUp 6-20-2006

    Happened across a pretty good deal at my local Walmart last night. Big Superman display in one of the aisles had the following for $16.99 each: Smallville S1-S4 Lois & Clark S1-S2 (didn't see S3) Adventures of Superman S1-S2 (didn't see S3/S4)
  16. Kevin Eckhardt

    *** Official CARS Discussion Thread

    Let me preface this with the fact that I don't have kids myself, but I don't recall anything that I think would be too intense. There is an accident in the opening race scene, but no one really gets "hurt". No weapons of any sort and never a real sense of danger. Definitely more like the...
  17. Kevin Eckhardt

    Identify this comedy?

    It is from "My Name Is Earl" (StephenA, you triggered my memory). Season 1, Episode 7 - "Stole Beer From a Golfer" There's a screencap on this page:
  18. Kevin Eckhardt

    *** Official CARS Review Thread

    My review.... First the premiere itself. I expected to have fun at the premiere, but I didn't expect the all out event that Disney/Pixar gave us. It was a bit rainy so we got a little wet and the start was delayed by about an hour but it was a lot of fun. They started the evening off by...
  19. Kevin Eckhardt

    *** Official CARS Discussion Thread

    Just got home from the premiere. I'll type more later, but I really enjoyed the movie and the evening was a lot of fun.
  20. Kevin Eckhardt

    New Apple Computers!!!

    For those of you wanting a "Start Menu" for OsX you can get a freeware program called Tiger Launch which provides a drop down listing of all the programs in the Applications folder via an icon on the right hand side of the menu bar.
  21. Kevin Eckhardt

    The Amazing Race 8 HTF Challenge

    What happens in the video: Phil tell's the Bransens and Weavers that the race isn't over for them yet. They have one more challenge and the winner gets a GMC Yukon XL. The challenge is to run out into a field and get 12 symbols from clue boxes one at a time. The symbols represent things...
  22. Kevin Eckhardt

    The Amazing Race 8 HTF Challenge

    I'll take the NL Bransen's with Rogers, Linz, and Gaghan to round out the final four. Can't wait! Kevin
  23. Kevin Eckhardt

    Scrubs (season 4) ongoing thread

    I happily stand corrected. That's what I get for bookmarking the Episode List page and forgetting about the show news section.
  24. Kevin Eckhardt

    Scrubs (season 4) ongoing thread

    TV Tome doesn't list any more episodes after this one, so it looks like the season might be over. Don't remember any "season finale" advertising though.
  25. Kevin Eckhardt

    need some sub EQ advice (w/ FR plots)

    Are the images showing up for anyone? I checked the server logs for my domain and it looks like the images have been served a number of times, but just want to make sure people are actually able to see them since they weren't showing up for Wayne.
  26. Kevin Eckhardt

    need some sub EQ advice (w/ FR plots)

    Hmmm, they show up for me on both my powerbook and my sun here at work and did on my PC at home. The images are located at and should be named appropriately if they're not showing up inline for you.
  27. Kevin Eckhardt

    need some sub EQ advice (w/ FR plots)

    After reading a lot of other threads on FR and EQing for subs I thought I would give it a whirl myself. I used the spreadsheet from as a start for my FR plots and also used the sine wave tones from the same site to make a test CD. Measurements were taken with the receiver set at -25dB...
  28. Kevin Eckhardt

    FS: Denon DVD-2200

    Kage, You've got PM. Kevin
  29. Kevin Eckhardt

    Veronica Mars season 1 (ongoing thread)

    Maybe she sent letters to the "J" Smiths as well?
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