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  1. paul_v

    TRON: Legacy (2010)

    Love the music in the trailer. Daft Punk was a great choice
  2. paul_v

    Director John Hughes has passed away

    Sad news indeed. So many great films.....
  3. paul_v

    Say it isn't so...Eddie Murphy as the riddler in next Batman?

    It was on Drudge Report which is where I got the link
  4. paul_v

    Say it isn't so...Eddie Murphy as the riddler in next Batman?

    Eddie Murphy as Riddler? Shia LeBeuf as Robin? Robin???? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Eddie Murphy is set to play The Riddler in the new Batman film | The Sun |Showbiz|Bizarre
  5. paul_v

    The Dark Knight (2008)

    My gosh...TDK had the 12th largest Wednesday box office take...and it's been out 5 days already. Every other film in the top 20 opened on a Wednesday except for Harry Potter and Pirates of the Carribean. Single Day Records: Highest Grossing Wednesdays at the Box Office Also, it made over...
  6. paul_v

    Batman Begins Part III

    Concerning two-face...
  7. paul_v

    *** Official THE DARK KNIGHT Review Thread

    The movie was fantastic but I do agree they should have cut the Hong Kong sequence and left it for the DVD release. Other then that it would have been near perfect. I give it a 9/10.
  8. paul_v

    The Dark Knight (2008)

    LOL YouTube - Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC: Iron Man and Batman #4
  9. paul_v

    My new baby girl :)

    Hehe well Lauren is my only niece's name and the actress spells it "Loren" but hey it's still cool :)
  10. paul_v

    My new baby girl :)

    Hi all! Long time no post... I wanted to share some videos I made of my baby girl's first month. (If you're bored and have time to kill) Let me know what you think :) I really love filmmaking (although I'm a terrible camera operator)...mainly the editing aspect. I'm really new at it. I wish I...
  11. paul_v

    Heath Ledger: RIP

    Pretty shocking news :frowning: RIP Mr. Ledger
  12. paul_v

    A.O. Scott on taking children to PG-13 and R rated flicks

    Well Ocean's 13 glorifies a burglery...not really what I want my 9 and 12 year old seeing. But I agree with Whale Rider...that should have been PG. Speaking of PG in the 80s...I watched Back to the Future with my kids and my wife made me turn it off because of all the cussing. You never...
  13. paul_v

    Fox TERMINATOR series: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

    I just watched the pilot and I am very impressed. Fans should be satisfied with the way they are handling the least I am. I read that they are going to alter a scene in the pilot probably for political correctness (ugh!) which would suck because it was a really good action scene.
  14. paul_v

    25 reasons why Halloween 9 should not be made!!! Audition Tapes now online!!!

    What's with the August release date? I figured an October release date was a no-brainer. The trailer makes the movie look impressive. I watched the original Halloween again a few weeks ago on cable and it's a little dated. The remake has me interested.
  15. paul_v

    Heroes season 1 thread

    Peter was a freakin' badass. He kinda reminded me of Neo from the Matrix heh
  16. paul_v

    South Park Season 11

    Man episode 4 was freakin' hilarious. Best one of the season IMO. Hillary's southern accent, Cartman's torture device, the snuke in Hillary's snit, everything was so funny.
  17. paul_v

    24: Season Six thread

    All "24" fans should watch the latest southpark episode. It will have you rolling in laughter.
  18. paul_v

    American Idol 6 HTF Challenge: Two pools - The "Original" & the TOP TEN Challenge

    Melinda Doolittle is the next American Idol. She's in a different league. Runner-ups Lakisha Jones Stephanie Edwards Chris Sigh
  19. paul_v

    Heroes season 1 thread

    LOL I thought worse...I thought "dang her clothes didn't burn off!"
  20. paul_v

    Heroes season 1 thread

    If Sylar didn't need to eat hero brain then he would have had super hearing immediately after meeting mechanic chick so I think he needs to eat brain. Wasn't Peter with Hiro at one point? Maybe he will reverse time to save his girlfriend....
  21. paul_v

    Frank Miller's 300 (merged)

    I tried searching for a thread on the movie "300" but the search engine doesn't like searching for numbers it seems. Anyways, who here is pumped for this movie? The Spartans were the epitome of the alpha male and were complete badasses. Can't wait for this movie.
  22. paul_v

    Heroes season 1 thread

    I think the Nikki/Jessica storyline is going to get better since they both can exist in the same space. Once Nikki taps into her super strength the inevitable fight between her and Jessica is going to be cool.
  23. paul_v

    24: Season Six thread

    You're going to watch a cheesy awards show instead of 24? To each their own I guess....
  24. paul_v

    Heroes season 1 thread

    Tonight's episode was probably the best in terms of action. I still haven't figured out Sylar's powers. Superhuman strength + telekenisis + brain vacuum? Oh yeah and the actor that plays Hiro is on Conan tonight :)
  25. paul_v

    24: Season Six thread

    Can't wait for more Jack! The leading causes of death in the United States are: 1. Heart Disease 2. Jack Bauer 3. Cancer
  26. paul_v

    Battlestar Galactica Season 3 (Oct 06)

    Holy cow what an episode! The drama, action, turning points...all fantastic. Television doesn't get any better then this! The scene with Galactica breeching the atmosphere was probably the coolest thing I've ever seen in a TV show.
  27. paul_v

    South Park Season 10

    Yeah this episode was hilarious. Haven't laughed so much at a TV show in a long time.
  28. paul_v

    Lost season 3 discussion....

    What was once one of the best shows on television is quickly slipping into a snoozefest to me. My wife and I decided to stop watching and put on Battlestar Galactica season 2 (my wife is trying to catch up). I'll probably give "Lost" one more episode to see if it can hold my interest. It's...
  29. paul_v

    Heroes season 1 thread

    Actually, she was adopted so they're not related physically. I recall her asking about her real parents.
  30. paul_v

    'The Omen' trilogy, I forgot how great these films are!

    The anti-christ being murdered is Biblical...however the anti-Christ comes back to life which is how he deceives people into believing that he is Christ (hence the definition of "anti-Christ" as "false Christ")
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