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  1. BobRoulier

    The best center channel you've ever heard.

    I recently replaced my paradigm studio cc with the paradigm signiture C3 Ehich is the best center Ive heard. I am pretty sure the monster C5 has an edge but it should for the price tag it carries. Bob
  2. BobRoulier

    Wow! I didn't expect this: I think I'm done w/ analog amps (receiver or separates)

    I recently sold my B&K ref 50 rotel 1075 combo in favor of my kenwood 7100 receiver. Smoother and more detailed than the ref 50. I saved a bunch a money and have no regrets. ps they make my paradigm sigs sound great;) Bob
  3. BobRoulier

    Talk about a quick sale...

    I recently sold my rotel 1075 on audiogon in under an hour;) and my B&k ref 50 in a couple of days:emoji_thumbsup: its nice to see that there are still wacky people like me out there:D Bob
  4. BobRoulier

    Anthem AV30 vs Krell Showcase

    Um if you can get a krell showcase for 2k you should set your alarm for 7am and run to their store and walk out a very happy man;) seriously both are very nice I have heard the avm 20 and showcase side by side many times and although the anthem is a great pre for the money the krell betters it...
  5. BobRoulier

    Those interested in the Pioneer 54tx

    Nicely done Chad! that was a better review than some I have seen in many of these pricey mags:) Bob
  6. BobRoulier

    Paradigm Studio 100 v.2 owners past & present: Upgrade plan?

    I sold my studio 100s,cc and adp surrounds for the my new sigs S2s and c3 center, with a good sub and profesionally calibrated I am very happy the sound is worth it and the finish is top notch;) for me the it was the upgrade I was hoping for:emoji_thumbsup: Bob
  7. BobRoulier

    What kind of separates do you have?

    B&K ref 50 rotel 1075 (Theta Casablanca 1 waiting to be sold)
  8. BobRoulier

    Finally a "Signature" review!

    Hey Chris, Thanks for diggin up that review:) Bob
  9. BobRoulier

    Finally a "Signature" review!

    I think positive reviews are a good start, but I truly believe that listening to speakers in your own system are the best way to really know;) Bob
  10. BobRoulier

    Finally a "Signature" review!

    normaly I would take these reviews with a grain of salt, but since I have had my s2s (cherry finish, drop dead goregous) and c3 center for about 2 weeks I have to say I share the reviewers excitment. not only are they goregous looking but they sound incredible. I came from studio 100s v2 cc and...
  11. BobRoulier

    The Upgraded Anthem AVM-20 2.1

    Pete, check your pm. Bob
  12. BobRoulier

    The Parasound AMP LOVE FEST Thread!!

    I feel like a traitor, almost a year from my post on this thread I am now using a rotel 1075 with a ref 50 and paradigm sigs everything has changed but I love this gear too:D Its all good, Bob
  13. BobRoulier

    Rotel 1075 or Adcom GFA7700

    Hey Bob welcome to the forum, If audiogon is any indication of the value of the rotel 1075 then I would consider it for that reason. everytime a rotel 1075 hits audiogon its usually gone in a couple of days, seriously they seem to sell better than any amp I have seen. I just ordererd...
  14. BobRoulier

    5 channel amp to go with Ref 50 and paradigm sigs

    I ordered a rotel 1075 today! and the paradigm sigs will be here next week, I cant wait:D bob
  15. BobRoulier

    Any pics of paradigm sigs in cherry finish

    Al, What color are the grilles, black? Bob
  16. BobRoulier

    Any pics of paradigm sigs in cherry finish

    Brian, When I heard the sigs in Boston the owner commented that he heard through the grapevine that stores carrying both nautilus and sigs most where choosing the sigs. I think Paradigm went after B&W speakers, it seems to me a lot of dealers in my area carry both lines. If anything it keeps...
  17. BobRoulier

    Is Paradigm pulling a fast one with sig series

    I believe Paradigm is trying to appeal to a lot of different buyers and I think they are doing a great job. They are still one of the best bang for the buck companys going.I recently sold my v2 studio setup 100s,cc and adps I listened to everyting under the sun and yes there is better speakers...
  18. BobRoulier

    Any pics of paradigm sigs in cherry finish

    Thanks Al, For some reason I thought you ordered maple! I cant wait for mine:D
  19. BobRoulier

    Any pics of paradigm sigs in cherry finish

    John, I thought the maple was awsome but to light for my dedicated ht, I think I will be happy with the cherry finish;) bob
  20. BobRoulier

    Any pics of paradigm sigs in cherry finish

    Eric, I got the S2's and C-3 center Bob
  21. BobRoulier

    Any pics of paradigm sigs in cherry finish

    I should be getting my sigs some time next week but I cant wait, someone must have them, pics please:D Bob
  22. BobRoulier

    5 channel amp to go with Ref 50 and paradigm sigs

    I have been through so much gear its not funny, I just picked up a Ref 50 and I am expecting my signiture S2's and c3 center to be here next week some time (cherry finish ) anyways I have no need for a monster amp and My bugdet is way over the top for my ht since i started two years ago, I was...
  23. BobRoulier

    Anthem AVM 20 Vs. B&K ref 50

    Why not stick with lexicon and go for the mc-8 ? Bob
  24. BobRoulier

    Parasound Halo A52 vs Bryston 9BST

    Lévesque, you have a pm;) Bob
  25. BobRoulier

    F/S Parasound 2205at

  26. BobRoulier

    F/S Theta Casablanca 1

    now $3750;)
  27. BobRoulier

    Acurus vs. Parasound

    Chris, Ill just have the buyer send you the check and you can take your cut and send me the rest:emoji_thumbsup: ;) While your at it how about a little help with my Casablanca too! Bob
  28. BobRoulier

    Acurus vs. Parasound

    Bill, take a look over in the hardware section I have a link to some photos of the amp. Bob
  29. BobRoulier

    Acurus vs. Parasound

    There was a guy selling one for 1400.00 in the hardware for sale section. I'd trust him. Thanks chris, I guess your refering to me:D The amp is mint and still for sale. Bob
  30. BobRoulier

    F/S Parasound 2205at

SVS Outlet Sale