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  1. Michael Hartwig

    What is the best well-known brand upscaling DVD player?

    In regards to buying something abroad, I've had some experience with this in an Outlaw reciever purchase (great sounding reciever). After I got over all the added costs to get it to me from the US to Canada, I had the unfortunate costs to have warranty repair. Shipping one way and again border...
  2. Michael Hartwig

    Where to find black aniline dye? Locally if I can...

    I had the same problem. What I came up with and worked quite well was flat black latex water based paint. I thinned it down with water (experiment on scrap wood to get the right consistency). The results were very good on oak. The grain was still very visable. I think I used tung (pseudo tung...
  3. Michael Hartwig

    CSS WR125S speaker plans?

    I built the following using the CSS FR125S and the MiniOnken design posted on their site. I really like their sound. But I think a subwoofer is required to get the bottom end. I use a Tempest that you see in the background. I have a complete 5 speaker system using these. The center and rear...
  4. Michael Hartwig

    A new look ....

    The woods used are Red Oak on the body cabinets (3/4 MDF with 1/4" oak veneered plywood) and the stands and trim (for the 45 deg. chamfer) are from solid mahogany. I like working with mahogany. Shapes very well. I use it quite a bit in my furniture builds.
  5. Michael Hartwig

    A new look ....

    For all you diy'ers out there. To me, the beauty of the diy route is you have a lot of control. So let the ideas flow. I made these for my brother-in-law. He wants to finish them. I usually like to do that process myself, it can make or break the final look. He's pretty competent guy so I feel...
  6. Michael Hartwig

    Finished - Exodus/Adire 61's and stands - lots of pics

    Those are certainly outstanding!!! I myself have done some radical designs. I think the beauty of DIY is the ability to allow your imagination to be created. I also build a lot of furniture for friends and family. The advantage of being retired early.
  7. Michael Hartwig

    building towers, planned out, everything look ok?

    Have a look at full range speakers. I just finished a set of three (2 mains and a center). Integrated with my 15" Tempest sub I think they sound really good. There is no need to design crossovers. This a good site if you're interested in the full range route...
  8. Michael Hartwig

    Center Channel Project finished after nearly a year of work.

    Those are certainly a labour of love. Now coupled with your other speaker creations you could have an astounding look to a dedicated listening room. Just speakers, chair, some green plants; all other equipment not visiable. great work!
  9. Michael Hartwig

    Pioneer DV-578A-s vs. DV-588A-S

    From my understanding the Pioneer DV-285 is the same as the DV-588 in the video aspect. It only lacks SACD/DVD-A support. I just bought it and am using it with the Optoma 27. The picture seems to be very nice. I'm comparing it to the Panasonic S-77 (3X the cost). I really can't see that much...
  10. Michael Hartwig

    Can I make a center channel with component car speakers?

    I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss your idea. I think you may be surprised on the sound you could get. If they are 4ohms, I'd try using both of them wired in series for a 8 ohm final. If you're thinking of using the center channel in 5.1 surround sound music like SACD, DVD-A etc. then this may...
  11. Michael Hartwig

    Anyone ever try and mount components on a wall???

    I used to have a turntable suspended from the ceiling via a shelf hung by a brass chain. There are floating shelf systems that can hold a lot of weight. The problem I see with the number of components you have, is the nightmare of ugly wires hanging down. Some things are just not practical...
  12. Michael Hartwig

    Any other place besides Parts Express?

    Try Canadian outlet.
  13. Michael Hartwig

    Anyone ever spray with automotive paint?

    I've had great success with Benjamin Moore's Impervo enamel. I brush and finish roll with a sponge roller (using a very light touch). I sand in between coats to flatten the paint. If you do about 6 coats or more, you end up with a pretty smooth and sexy feeling finish. The only problems are the...
  14. Michael Hartwig

    Tempest Box Plans...PICS!!

    The thing I would check out is the vibration of the tempest effecting the tv electronics. The DLP colour wheel maybe effected by the excessive bass vibrations. Something to checkout before you commit to this plan.
  15. Michael Hartwig

    Surrounds for Eros Fronts....

    If you listen to 5.1 channel music; like SACD or DVD-A you'll appreciate having all the speakers the same.
  16. Michael Hartwig

    What DIY speakers do you have for Ht and why?

    The center channel is made with 2 Peerless shielded woofers (831975) and the tweeter is also Peerless (811978). Follow this thread for more info: Is that the question? Or are you talking about cab material? MDF. I hope I answered your question.
  17. Michael Hartwig

    What DIY speakers do you have for Ht and why?

    The following link for the parts and instructions (note this is for a regular box style cabinet). click on DIY Speaker Kit All the electronic parts are available at SJ: They are already painted. I choose a textured paint to...
  18. Michael Hartwig

    What DIY speakers do you have for Ht and why?

    When I first started researching for a diy speaker, I ran across many. I wanted something I could get parts from here in Canada; like Solens. I stumbled across the ARdiy's by Ed Frias. The parts were available from Solens and the price was reasonable. I made my first pair. I was afraid to hook...
  19. Michael Hartwig

    Alternate sub amp possibilities...

    My suggestion on this is; don't skimp on sufficient watts. I have the Tempest in a sealed 140L octagon cabinet and the Adire 250 ( watts into 4 ohms) plate amp. I think this sub could use a little more oomph from a better amp. Creative Sound Solutions ( a plate...
  20. Michael Hartwig

    HELP! anybody help w/ completed sub

    I don't know if this will help you. But I found in my Tempest with the Adire 250W amp, it played much better when I split the RCA output (with a y-connecter) from the reciever. This y-connecter gives you a feed in to both L and R jacks of the sub amp. The volume increased quite a bit. I find if...
  21. Michael Hartwig

    Review: Nady XA900 & Mid-Q sealed Tempest

    This is the amp I'd love to have for my Tempest. The Adire 250w at 4ohms isn't cutting it. Only problem is that the site listed does not ship to Canada. Anybody know where I can get the Nady XA900 in Canada or shipped from the US to Canada?
  22. Michael Hartwig

    New Norah Jones coming 2/10!!!

    I have the Norah Jones SACD and find that the multichannel mode is really not good at all. It seems muted and the omph just isn't there. It does not even come close to Beck's Sea Change. In 2 channel the Jones SACD sounds much better, but not that much better than the CD; which I think was well...
  23. Michael Hartwig

    Cat 5 v. 10 GA Speaker wire

    The only benifit I can see in the CAT5 is that you will develop strong fingers when constructing it. I'm not a big believer in the average person hearing any differences in speaker cables. The most important thing is that the gauge is adequate for the length of run. I currently use 18 gauge...
  24. Michael Hartwig

    About to start my new project... does anyone have good ideas on unusual enclosures?

    Ches This pic shows my rear surrounds, to finish off the speaker system. These hang from the wall because of my room constraints. Would be nice to have a dedicated video/sound room.
  25. Michael Hartwig

    About to start my new project... does anyone have good ideas on unusual enclosures?

    Ches The speakers do have a finish on them, may not be that clear in the photo (not raw MDF). They are finished in a speckled, pebbled rock finish. The drivers are Peerless tweeters and woofers (6 1/2"). The following is a closer shot of the front mains...
  26. Michael Hartwig

    About to start my new project... does anyone have good ideas on unusual enclosures?

    Beneath the stuffed cat is the cabinet of my sealed octagon Tempest. It's about 35" tall and 21" in diameter; about 145L net volume. The top is finished in 1/2" marble. The plate amp is in its own box sitting in the stand. I built the entire ensemble to try and keep things matched...
  27. Michael Hartwig

    My 85L Vented Shiva Project Questions

    For my Tempest Octagon sub I made a seperate cabinet for the sub amp to sit in and have it positioned with my other audio gear. You only need speaker wire going to the sub cabinet. As for mounting the sub I always use T-nuts. This gives you the most secure mount. The key to sucessful use is to...
  28. Michael Hartwig

    Attaching a plate amp on sonosub ?

    Hank On a tubular shape especially, I feel the protrusion of an attached plate amp doesn't look esthetically pleasing. Plus if the plate amp is in its own box close to the the main amp you only have to deal with shorter input cables. Its easier to run speaker wire to longer lengths. But then...
  29. Michael Hartwig

    Attaching a plate amp on sonosub ?

    Why attach the plate amp to the sonotube? I made an octagonal sub enclosure and have the plate amp in a seperate box that is setup with my other stereo equipment in the stereo rack. Looks good, good cooling, easy access and less weight in the sub enclosure.
  30. Michael Hartwig

    Question about PE-250 and Shiva sono

    I have the Adire AVA-250. It also makes a fair amount of noise. I try to keep the gain (volume control) at about 10 o'clock or less. The higher the gain is set, the noise increases substantially. I had an old reciever amp connected before and there was no noise. I think I may consider going to a...
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