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  1. RichD

    Lawrence Of Arabia On Big Screen

    Thought I'd dig up this thread for anyone who might be in the Washington, DC area. Lawrence of Arabia is playing in Silver Spring in the amazing AFI theater (which has THX sound and 70mm). Playing now through August 21. Worth the trip if you haven't seen it the way it's meant to be seen. More...
  2. RichD

    Shadowlands R2: Any good?

    Good news -- thanks for the tip. No useful info on the Roadshow website, but it does look promising. I bought my anamorphic copy of Office Space from EZDvd. :emoji_thumbsup:
  3. RichD

    Shadowlands R2: Any good?

    Shadowlands is a favorite movie of mine, and in my search for an anamorphic replacement, I ran across this skimpy French review: Looks anamorphic, but are the subtitles burned in? My...
  4. RichD

    Still-frame supplements. I miss them!

    One of my favorite still frame supplements is on the original Highlander DVD (you know, the one with the horrible, horrible transfer). I might have some details wrong since it has been a while, but I rememeber it had a long memo from the director to the studio outlining exactly what he wanted to...
  5. RichD

    Film adaptations of literature

    It doesn't get more literary than Shakespeare! My personal favorites is Mel Gibson's Hamlet (though many don't care for it), which just came out. Another is Olivier's Henry V, which is available from Criterion. Both are faithful to the text, except Mel (as well as Olivier in his...
  6. RichD

    B5 Crusade Box Set -- 4:3 ?

    DVDAnswers has the Crusade 4-disc box set artwork, a street date of December 7, MSRP of $59.98. That's all good. Then it mentions that the feature will be shown in a 4:3 aspect ratio. Is this correct? I hope not. Seems a funny thing for Warner to do after getting the series and movie sets...
  7. RichD

    Passion of the Christ DVD -Full bitrate DTS?

    Actually, the Canadian version appears to be a no compromise solution that pleases everyone. It has the same (or better) picture quality with the full bitrate. I just ordered a Canadian copy for myself. Curse the studios for forcing us to buy domestic movies from other countries to get...
  8. RichD

    Criterion blind buys

    Check out the IFC channel. They occasionally show Criterion flicks. I've been able to sample a few that way. Not too long ago they had Tokyo Drifter on really late. I saw the first few minutes before nodding off to sleep. (Not a commentary on the film, I was tired!)
  9. RichD

    Office Space recommendations

    Update: I received my copy of Office Space from Australia on 2/25, the release date (now that's good service). The picture quality is top notch overall. No noticeable EE. The only problem I had is that the Initech badges look kinda moire-pattern pixelated. The same thing happened to one...
  10. RichD

    Office Space recommendations

    Thanks for the help -- I just ordered the Australian version. It's DVD9 (compared to DVD5 for the Brazilian), so maybe they upped the bitrate. Worth $16 to try it out! :)
  11. RichD

    Office Space recommendations

    Been looking for an anamorphic Office Space, and a thread in the software forum made it kinda obvious the SE is never going to show up. The Australian version is dirt cheap and PAL. Comes out 2/25/04. Any chance it's better than the UK version since it's newer, or are all the foreign editions...
  12. RichD

    Any 'in hand' reviews of "The Critic" and "Dilbert" yet???

    The UK edition of Family Guy on DVD has the unedited Osama scene. It's a lousy edition, otherwise, that came out long before we got Family Guy in R1. Wonder if DVD sales of Dilbert could bring the show back to life? I thought some of the later episodes were amusing.
  13. RichD

    Warner Announces Hamlet, entire Police Academy series!

    I too prefer Mel Gibson's Hamlet and was pleased that the title of this post didn't refer to the Branagh Hamlet. :D (but give me that one, too!) Can't wait to burn my P&S VHS copy. :emoji_thumbsup:
  14. RichD

    PJ: ROTK EE will be longer than 4 hour 50 minutes!

    I love the way Peter Jackson and New Line have been doing this. I watch the movie in the theater and like it. I then buy the EE and love it. Give me more. More. More.
  15. RichD

    Best Shakespeare on DVD?

    The BBC Shakespeare sets look very tempting, but is it worth $30-35/disc? I've never been impressed with BBC production values, and if they are uncut plays, they gotta be badly compressed to fit on one disc! The website is skimpy and I'd at least want to know what I'd be getting in advance...
  16. RichD

    Best Shakespeare on DVD?

    Chimes at Midnight is available in R2. See review. I think it's worth the trouble of buying. It's a great flick and the lousy transfer is still watchable. One more that should be on the list: Mel Gibson's Hamlet. Not available on DVD. :angry:
  17. RichD

    Import Player w/ DVI? + High End Players, Any?

    Just to second Al Stuart -- the Momitsu V880 has everything you're looking for (perfect PAL conversion, DVI, all-region, $300). It's a bit buggy, but the picture quality is worth it.
  18. RichD

    War and Peace soundtrack

    I watched it on a 92" screen with an HS10 and a DVI dvd player. If you compare the picture to a solid modern transfer, you're going to be disappointed. If you want to see some stunning cinematography, you'll find it's "good enough." According to the movie's cameraman on the interview disc...
  19. RichD

    Any Classic Film Recommendations?

    Eric, Don't buy Casablanca! Wait for the SE to come out. :D (ETA, August 5 according to Amazon) I'll also point out that there's a simple reason you liked Kwai and Lawrence: David Lean. So do yourself a favor and pick up the Oliver Twist and Great Expectations from Criterion, as well as Dr...
  20. RichD

    Who owns the rights to "Grand Prix"?

    LeMans is already out on DVD. It came out earlier this year. Good anamorphic transfer, solid disc. Grab it! Would've been nice if they had included as extras some of the behind the scenes stuff Speedvision showed when they aired the film, but it's a good bargain at $15. I too would love to...
  21. RichD

    RHINO to release "exciting" MST3K DVD in 4th Q2003

    The DTS thing was a joke. :b What I really meant to say was that Rhino's big surprise is that the DVDs will all be SuperBit!
  22. RichD

    RHINO to release "exciting" MST3K DVD in 4th Q2003

    My guess? The existing Rhino episodes will be remastered in DTS! Because DTS is always better. :emoji_thumbsup:
  23. RichD

    Where can I send a DVD player for a All Region Mod?

    I spied on your profile and noticed you have an XBR that has a DVI connection. This means you have one and only one choice. The Momitsu 880. It's $299. There's an online store that sells it, but I got it straight from their US office (i.e., one guy). It's the only known DVI player that does...
  24. RichD

    Hard Boiled Anamorphic now available all region

    Just got my copy. Thanks to Matt for pointing out a good deal (except seeing this film again forced me to spend 2x as much to get the good copy of the Killer :angry: ) One question -- the opening credits appear cropped. Is this the correct aspect ratio for the film? IMDB says 1.85:1, so it's...
  25. RichD

    New Superbits for September including Lawrence of Arabia

    Although it's in a really annoying format...
  26. RichD

    Essential Films Outside R1? (Newbie Question)

    I recently replaced my region-free Apex with a region-free Momitsu (DVI!) player and realized I haven't been taking advantage of the capability. I'm looking for DVDs that: (a) should be available in R1, but aren't. E.g., Ed Wood. (b) are the best possible transfer (anamorphic/OAR, look...
  27. RichD

    Terminator 3 DVD Release

    I saw T3 as well and agree with the above comments. :emoji_thumbsup: It has so much senseless destruction that anything less than a reference quality DVD would be a crime. :D Please, don't EE it to death like the T2-Ultimate Edition. (Haven't seen the latest T2-EE release)
  28. RichD

    Security Stickers Ruined My DVD Packaging

    I buy all my DVDs online. I hate the fact that I have to spend so much time removing the security junk -- even though there's no way I can steal from or deepdiscountdvd! :angry:
  29. RichD

    New Superbits for September including Lawrence of Arabia

    If anyone involved in the Superbit of LOA is reading this: please, please, no edge enhancement! The first time I learned what EE was, it was from a screencap of LOA. Now that I have a projector, I don't need to try to look for it -- it's everywhere I look on LOA. :angry:
  30. RichD

    Love's Labours Lost truly lost on my copy of the DVD

    I can't say that I understand what's causing your problem, but there's at least one clear solution. Find a friend with a DVD burner, see if his computer can read the disc, and burn a new copy. Hollywood thugs have thus far failed in their attempts to thwart DVD burning software, and this is a...
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