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  1. Lee Petty

    What Speakers Do You Own?

    Front: Infinity Sm-255 Rear: Infinity Sm-165 Center: Infinity Entra Center Sub: Velodyne CHT-12
  2. Lee Petty

    My personal odyssey to get on the list for BestBuy Preferred Customer coupons.

    hmm, ive had a bb cc for a while and just now got the coupons. as far as i know, this is the first preferred customer weekend since i bought my rptv there, so maybe you just have to spend some big cash on your cc to get on the list?
  3. Lee Petty

    Any vedolyne owners?

    check yahoo shopping for velodyne. i got my cht-12 for $386.
  4. Lee Petty

    Toshiba 42H82 questions

    i have the 42h82 as well. i dont know about compaired to a 32", but next to a 27" its a whole lot bigger, and much much better. the tv top is very narrow as mentioned before. i have an infinity entra center on mine, with no additional support. one thing i do like about the tv top is that it...
  5. Lee Petty

    Acoustic Research Master Series cables

    i think the stuff they sell at bb is actually the performance series. i havent ever seen the pro series there personally.
  6. Lee Petty

    Acoustic Research S-Video Cable

    i use AR Pro cables, and i love em.
  7. Lee Petty

    Best Subwoofer for under $500

    you can find a velodyne cht-12 online for under $400. never heard it, but i have heard the cht-8 and it sounded great.
  8. Lee Petty

    Cat5 vs. Cat5e - What is the real difference?

    both cat5 and cat5e only run at 100mhz. only cat5e+ runs at 350mhz. 5e is required for a gigabit network. cat6 is only proposed at this moment. there are cables and parts being built as we speak, but no big implimentation being done.
  9. Lee Petty

    Help choosing a receiver: Panny HE200, HK 320, Pioneer 811

    i would go with the h/k. i just got mine and love it.
  10. Lee Petty

    My first receiver

    i was between those 2 as well, and i went for the h/k. $400 at Harman Audio
  11. Lee Petty

    Toshiba 50H12 (82) took it back!

    my 42h82 has the same red shading on both sides, but i can only see it when the image goes completely black during a movie or tv broadcast. set convergance, calibrated with avia, moved speakers away, all with no luck or help.
  12. Lee Petty

    infinity center channel opinions wanted

    i am looking at the infinity center channels for my speaker system. there are 2 models available to me, the entra and the entra two. the differences are that the entra one is a bass-reflex cabinet, has a freq response of 95-20k, sensitivity 89db, and handles 125w. it uses dual 4" woofers. for...
  13. Lee Petty

    Dolby® Digital and Sound Blaster Audigy Connection ---> Please Provide Assistance!

    the audigy has a digital optical hookup on it if i remember correctly. you would need to buy a toslink cable and hook your soundblaster to your new receiver.
  14. Lee Petty

    I can't get my optical cables to fit in my receiver

    i would hook em up first, and see if you have any audio problems. if you do, try a super soft cloth and some rubbing alcohol. very lightly (or should i say extremely) buff the end of the cable. fiber is very sensitive to scratches and the such. HT gear may not be all that picky, but i used...
  15. Lee Petty

    WAF = Not my problem

    dude you are way lucky. never make that woman mad for any reason =).
  16. Lee Petty

    Bridging & Sub Connection

    i think if you try bridging a stereo amp (not a car audio amp) you will probably fry it. home theater receivers and such are usually only designed to handle a certain load, per output.
  17. Lee Petty

    Problem with my Toshiba 50h82

    as far as i know, an unsheilded speaker has no effect on the picture of an rptv. i have 2 tower speakers next to my rptv (toshiba 42h82), both of which are unshielded, and i have no negative effects.
  18. Lee Petty

    I can't get my optical cables to fit in my receiver

    be sure not to touch the tip of the cable though. fiber optic cables are very succeptible to contamination, and a simple fingerprint can cut up to 45% of data transmission out.
  19. Lee Petty

    Can I substitute componet video cables for audio?

    yes they can be swapped out, just be sure to keep the ends correctly hooked up.
  20. Lee Petty

    CD player using digital out: player quality irrelevant?

    hmm, not real sure but i believe that the cd player then just extracts the data into a digital signal and lets the receiver do all of the processing, so i would say no. which if you are doing sacd or dvd-a though a dvd player, you must hook up the analog sources to process the sound at the dvd...
  21. Lee Petty

    true hd res

    and i doubt we will for a long long time. the majority of pc monitors out there wont even support that. and if they do, its at a very low, eye-straining refresh rate. personally i think it can only get so clear, then you get to the point of diminishing returns.
  22. Lee Petty

    Dvds For Trade

    is beautiful full screen or wide screen? if widescreen, how much?
  23. Lee Petty

    Wal-Mart and DVD (Positive)

    i find that walmart is one of the few places that i can easily find superbit titles.
  24. Lee Petty

    DD on H/K 320 gives tinny voices

    there is your problem. most of the voices are carried through the center channel. very little of the voices in movies comes from the left and right channels. see if there is an option to mix them to make a "phantom" center or something of the sort.
  25. Lee Petty

    speaker wire

    for that lenght i would definately go with 12ga. and yes the cl rated wire is just for building code stuff. chris: i dont know about the part about laying the cable on the ground, but keeping it 3" away and making perpendicular crosses is correct. some wires are very easy to get crosstalk and...
  26. Lee Petty

    Take the $250 challenge -- can you suggest a system?

    i would go to walmart and see what you could find there. i think they have a philips setup for about $300 that sounds good for the money. 5 speakers, a sub and a receiver. for $400 you can get the panasonic one and it has a built in dvd player if i remember correctly.
  27. Lee Petty

    Ground-loop and satellite...How to fix?

    i have heard that you can take a 75ohm to 300ohm adapter (the kind that takes a f-connector and turns it into spades) and hook it to a 300ohm to 75ohm adapter (where you can hook up the spade type connection to a f-connector) and it takes out a ground loop. just hook your coax to the appropriate...
  28. Lee Petty

    Sony NC655P 5 disk prog scan dvd changer for $209

    yeah regular price at best buy is $250 on this player, plus tax. which where i am brings the price up to $260. so for $209 with free shipping and no tax is a great deal to me. ;)
  29. Lee Petty

    video cable question

    you might want to check into an AR Pro cable, as the component cable in that series is better than just the regular rca video cables. plus, it doesnt cost very much more than the regular performance series. even more bang for the buck if you ask me.
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