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  1. Rommel_L

    Need help connecting subwoofer to receiver.

    Matthew, If the sub is just passive, you need to buy an amp to power the sub, which in turn you can connect to your receiver... R
  2. Rommel_L

    Best Receiver Under $300

    Ryan, Onkyo, Denon and Harman Kardon usually rates their components on the modest side.
  3. Rommel_L

    Best Receiver Under $300

    The Onkyo is powerful enough to drive the very efficient Klipsch speakers.
  4. Rommel_L

    Possible to build HD HTPC on the cheap?

    Buzz, I hope the link below helps you on your research... link
  5. Rommel_L

    First Build Suggestions

    Surprisingly enough, DVD Decrypter is a very good ISO burner, either CD or DVD... Yep, it's free...
  6. Rommel_L

    2006-07 NBA season

    He actually did OK. He did his part but unfortunately everybody else fell flat... :frowning: Now if we can only get a consistent go-to scorer...
  7. Rommel_L

    DVD Drives - High Quality Picture & Sound

    Matt, In PCs, it's not the optical drive that's doing the upconverting, it's the software.
  8. Rommel_L

    Is my DVD-RW drive failing?

    Todd, The burner might have switched back to PIO mode. Make sure it's at DMA...
  9. Rommel_L

    2007 NFL Off-Season Discussion Thread (Including Vick's troubles)

    I agree. I believed Favre stayed a couple of seasons too long and hampered the development of Aaron Rodgers and the possibility of acquiring talent for the defense (with Favre's salary).
  10. Rommel_L

    Burning a PAL DVD

    If it's encoded in PAL, it will work across the pond regardless of aspect ratio. If their sets are set to display the proper aspect ratio, they will view the movies as you see it in your PC...
  11. Rommel_L

    Anyone ever shop/buy at a "Computer Liquidation / Expo"?

    Steve, You might get an even better deal in checking out or than going to those expos...
  12. Rommel_L

    watching an divx or avi on tv

    Paul, You have to make the TV as your main 'monitor'. As for sound, you need to connect that to your receiver. Jeff's idea is not bad either... -rommel-
  13. Rommel_L

    Connect sources via computer or direct to display?

    Connect the other sources to the a/v receiver and then connect it to the projector...
  14. Rommel_L

    DVD playback question

    Ivy, The hardware is fine. Check what else is running in the background...
  15. Rommel_L

    Building a HTPC, but a few concerns....

    for the audio question: Onboard audio may support SPDIF but the quality isn't guaranteed to be good. A separate audio card with digital audio out will be in oreder here, as other members will chime in as they read this post. for the video question: A few questios first: - What are the...
  16. Rommel_L

    Question about Java

    Wayne, All you need is the latest one, update 11. Get rid of the rest...
  17. Rommel_L

    DVD Drive problems

    Adam, DVD Shrink is an old program that is not updated anymore, and therefore cannot be used alone just to 'backup' the latest DVDs, but still has its use in shrinking a movie to fit a standard blank DVD. DVDFab Decrypter and DVD Decrypter are two different programs. May I suggest to use...
  18. Rommel_L

    DVD Drive problems

    Adam, The software that you're using to 'backup' the brand new dvd is not up-to-date, which causes the CRC errors during the backup process. Look for the most current version of dvdfab decrypter or ripit4me (google them) and see if they help you backup your dvd...
  19. Rommel_L

    Sapphire Radeon X1600Pro, AGP8x and Sony STR-DG800 problem

    Andy, May I suggest to look out for the following: - The connection between the TV and the receiver. Make sure video in of the TV is connected to the video out of the receiver. - The connection between the HTPC and the receiver. Make sure video in of the receiver is connected to the video out...
  20. Rommel_L

    CD to MP3

    Brian, If your in-dash is capable of reading/playing mp3s it will recognoze and display the sond's ID tag. So make sure you complete the ID3 tags of each mp3 song before burning it into a cd or dvd...
  21. Rommel_L

    Building an HTPC

    When HTPC started, it didn't even include HD, a new technology that hasn't matured/accepted/widespread. But for everything else (dvd, music, games), it is. HTPC with HD capability will eventually mature, maybe in the next 6-12 months. I bet that you wouldn't have any problems if your HTPC...
  22. Rommel_L

    Computer lockup problem

    Greg, Open up msconfig. Click on teh Startup tab. How many processes do you have in there? Also, how big is your VM?
  23. Rommel_L

    Building an HTPC

    Actually, it is. It is not as idiot-proof as a lot of people think it is. The potential builder still need to their homework concerning the capabilities of their HTPC and the technical competence to pull it off...
  24. Rommel_L


    Richard, It seems that you're not the only one who has this problem. Check this link for possible solutions...
  25. Rommel_L

    First Build Suggestions

    In that case, you'll going to need this and this... Have fun!!! :emoji_thumbsup::emoji_thumbsup::emoji_thumbsup:
  26. Rommel_L

    First Build Suggestions

    Not bad. I assume you already have a decent monitor, keyboard, and speakers... I also assume that you're not gonna OC this...
  27. Rommel_L

    Building an HTPC

    A system with a 850Mhz CPU is just too slow specially with the advent of HD, not to mention the outdated technoology it uses...
  28. Rommel_L

    Vista or XP Pro 64?

    Buzz, You need to reconcile your want to take advantage of the CPU's 64-bit capability by running a 64-bit OS and your need of being able run/use all available hardware and software...
  29. Rommel_L

    Video converting software?

    Not to put any pressure on OP, but I concur with this approach as well...
  30. Rommel_L

    Vista or XP Pro 64?

    Buzz, For argument's sake you actually built the system NOW. The best OS for the system NOW is WinXP Pro (32-bit) because it's compatible with everything you have NOW, both hardware and software. If you decide to build the system in the near future (3-6 months), there could be a possibility...
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