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  1. Henry C

    Tina Fey's "30 Rock" season 1 thread

    He does have a cameo later in the season, they just showed the clip when she was on Late Night promoting 30 Rock.
  2. Henry C

    Hybrid Bikes

    I am in the market for a bicycle and it was recommended to me to buy a hybrid bike. Does anyone have any suggestions on brand/model that I should be looking at? I am looking to spend between $300-$400. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, are there particular features that I should be...
  3. Henry C

    Funniest joke ever!

  4. Henry C

    FS: Sony DV_-NS775V DVD/SACD Player

    I am interested, but can you tell me why you are selling? Do you have any issues with playback? Thanks, Henry
  5. Henry C

    Anyone have a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner?

    This is perfect timing as I am in the market for a new vacuum. I just wanted to clarify what the difference is between all the DC models. I read in an earlier thread that the only difference is the attachments but I wanted to make sure. I think I see DC07, DC11, DC14, DC15 and now the Ball...
  6. Henry C

    FS Sony DVP-NS755V Prog DVD/SACD player

    If Karl doesn't work out..let me know.
  7. Henry C

    " An Evening With Kevin Smith " -- The funniest thing I have ever seen?

    I have owned this disc for like 2 years, I think it has great rewatchability. Even though you know how the story turns out, the way he tells it makes it funny every single time. I would recommend picking this up if you get a chance. Can't wait for the second one...
  8. Henry C

    Radio Shark Users

    Well...I looked again and my version of the program 1.1.7 I think does not have the choices of quality. However, an older version has the choices of recording quality...go figure. I will try and load the old version and hopefully take care of the problem.
  9. Henry C

    Radio Shark Users

    I have the Windows version. However, I do not see a quality selection under preferences...does anyone have a screen shot of what their preferences screen looks like?
  10. Henry C

    Radio Shark Users

    I don't know if this is the right forum for this, but I was wondering if anyone else has the RadioShark from Griffin Technologies. I use this to tape shows during the day to listen later, but the files are always huge! A 3 hr. program is like 2 Gigs. I can't figure out how to lower the quality...
  11. Henry C

    Coldplay - "X&Y"

    Downloaded this from iTunes last night. It's a great album. I like it as much as AROBTTH.
  12. Henry C

    Lost Season 1 ongoing thread (merged)

    Anyone check out Entertainment Weekly from this week? Got a profile on all the guys on the show and gives some insight on when some of the big questions might be answered. Looks like some good stuff should be revealed by the season finale.
  13. Henry C

    I need tax help....

    yeah, so I believe that the $649 you paid will be considered a contribution for the year and you should get the $649 back when you file your taxes.
  14. Henry C

    I need tax help....

    I think it depends on how long it took for you to roll over the money into an IRA. I think you have 60 days to roll it into an IRA without incurring any taxes. So if that is the case, the $649 you paid with the check from your credit card would be considered a contribution for this year. Plus...
  15. Henry C

    I need tax help....

    The answer is no...
  16. Henry C

    Grey's Anatomy ongoing thread

    I started watching because of Ellen Pompeo, who I really liked in Moonlight Mile. So far it seems pretty promising, but we'll see if the quality holds up.
  17. Henry C

    Jillain Grace

    Pics? Links?
  18. Henry C

    *** Official Gaming Software & Hardware Sale/Trade thread: The Sequel!

    Pirates! PC Collector's Edition DVD with original game etc. Everything is great condition, played only a couple of times. $25 shipped, OBO Henry
  19. Henry C

    New Diana Krall DVD

    I saw this at Best Buy yesterday, I think it was for the Monterery Jazz Festival. Anyone pick this up? How is the sound/video? Henry
  20. Henry C

    *** Official GARDEN STATE Discussion Thread

    $9.99 at Tower.[/url]
  21. Henry C

    Chappelle' show

    I love this show also...I saw this episode recently, but I don't know if it's a rerun or not, but I think it was a gameshow for how well you know black people/ had me laughing on the floor.. paraphrasing: Dave: How can black people improve their situation? Contestant: Vote...
  22. Henry C

    Day trip to Chernobyl

    WOW...that is all I can tragic.
  23. Henry C

    Earphones for Portable DVD Player

    I don't know if this is the right area for this, but I recently purchased a portable DVD player. I want to get a good set of earphones so that I can watch it on the road without disturbing the other people on the plane. I would like to have: 1) full ear coverage 2) good sound quality 3)...
  24. Henry C

    Miss Match Ongoing Thread

    I kinda like this show, with Alicia being eye candy and all. It's kinda of a cute show, but nothing that really makes it a must see. But since I can TIVO it and watch anytime, I will continue to catch it. Hope it sticks around for a while.
  25. Henry C

    Last Comic Standing??

    I was not too impressed with any of the comics. Ralphie is the funniest one in the house, but his set was not good. His set was basically one joke and it wore thin after like 2 minutes. Dat needs to get something besides that accent and ripping on his mom. Tess had nothing. They made her out to...
  26. Henry C

    This is Sportcenter

    The amount of chatter between the control room and the anchors was amazing. I don't know if the anchors hear everything that we heard over the air, but it's amazing that they can still concentrate and do their jobs with all that going on around them. Makes me apprciate what they put on the air...
  27. Henry C

    The Lakers 4-Peat Thread!!

    I don't understand where all this hatred is coming from...the Lakers are a class organization and they do things the right way. Just because they're successful often breeds a kind of hatred that I just don't understand. It was a good run for a while, but it had to end sometime. This will just...
  28. Henry C

    The Lakers 4-Peat Thread!!

    DAMN IT!!! Can they just either please win or lose like a regular team? This up and down stuff is killing me. Forget Phil, my heart can't take this ride much longer.
  29. Henry C

    The Lakers 4-Peat Thread!!

    Well, it looks like the Lakers will be moving on, hopefully in 6 and not 7. But I am worried that if they don't play more like game 5 instead of games 2/3/4, they won't be able to beat the Spurs or Kings. All the role players need to step up like they did last night. Henry
  30. Henry C

    Few DVDs for Sale

    $28 for the rest shipped. If you're interested, please e-mail me at [email protected]. Thanks, Henry
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