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  1. Dean Arizona

    B&K Ref 50 - Speaker Levels

    Bryan I own the B&K Ref 50. You'll find that the volume range on this processor is quite broad. As a user, you see that the lowest volume level starts at "96" and as you increase the volume, the numbers get lower. I listen to two channel stereo very comfortably at around "30" (that's 66...
  2. Dean Arizona

    Bose acoustimass speakers busted?

    I agree with Jeff. Your bass module is performing precisely as designed. S-can the Bose and Buy Other Stereo Equipment.
  3. Dean Arizona

    Polk Audio Atrium 45

    This is a terrific little speaker and it performs precisely as advertised. In fact, they have a devoted following and you may want to go the Polk forums site for more details. I live in the Phoenix area and I installed them on my patio. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon listening to them while...
  4. Dean Arizona

    B&K Ref 50 Update

    Donnie, Thanks for the information. I'll contact B&K to arrange for the firmware upgrade. :)
  5. Dean Arizona

    B&K Ref 50 Update

    Donnie, Does the current firmware upgrade result in your unit being rebadged as a ref series 2? I'm giving some thought to sending in my ref 50 (1.03) for an upgrade. It's not clear to me how B&K currently designates their upgrades now that there are two ref 50 series processors out on the...
  6. Dean Arizona

    My Experiences (So Far) Shopping for a New Receiver

    There are a lot of very good choices in the crowded $1,000.00 receiver market (including those mentioned in this thread). Before pulling the trigger, do yourself a favor and look at the Denon 3805 or even the 2805 - both are as good as warm apple pie (sweet and warm to coin a phrase). My only...
  7. Dean Arizona

    I now own a pair of some of the best speakers every made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jesse Congratulations on scoring those speakers - it is just the sort of thing we all dream about happening to us. Just out of curiosity, could you tell us what was the special "employee" price the company extended to your wife vs. the Dunlavy list price? I'm sure the info will make us all...
  8. Dean Arizona

    Bose wins again!!!

    Bose products were well represented at the Phoenix auto show that I visited over Thanksgiving weekend. I took a good look at the Nissan Murano which is a gorgeous SUV and actually considered buying. Guess what sound system system the Murano has? I really thought that Nissan was much more savy...
  9. Dean Arizona

    What exactly happens when you throw the "less than 8 ohm" switch on the reciever?

    Many of us have receivers that have a switch on the back that we are instructed to throw if we need to drive speakers that have impedance of less than 8 ohms . After a search of the forum, I can't locate an explanation that describes what exactly happens inside the receiver. Is this function...
  10. Dean Arizona

    Can you explain the speaker spec: "89db" to me?

    Hi MikeDuke, You said, "The lower the (impedance) number the greater the resistance." Don't you mean the opposite? Speakers with lower ohm values have less resistance, and therefore have the capacity to draw more power which inturn requires greater amplification....Are we in agreement?:)
  11. Dean Arizona

    DVD Review HTF Review: Mulholland Falls

    There are a few scenes in this film with Jennifer Connelley that alone, are worth the price of this DVD. Forget the Maltese Falcon, Jennifer IS the stuff that dreams are made of!
  12. Dean Arizona

    banana speaker wire or not?

    Inspirational reply Chu. However, the "cable guide" you recommend would definitely come under the heading of "exotic software" whose potentially exorbitant cost could exceed many of the value oriented parameters we tend to observe here in the forum. On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with...
  13. Dean Arizona

    banana speaker wire or not?

    Chu, you're really beginning to worry me. Only you would write a thesis statement on the merits of banana plugs! Maybe you should ease up just a bit. I'd hate for you to have a stroke before the Trilogy comes out.;) By the way, exactly how high should I elevate my speaker wire off the floor to...
  14. Dean Arizona

    (temporarily) using my Sony 333ES as a Pre-Amp, getting a good Amp now.

    That salesman is not steering you in the wrong direction. I took the same course when I transitioned into separates. My first DD receiver was a Sony 555ES which is an excellent performer (much of the tec from of the very fine Sony 9000 pre/pro trickled down into the ES units manufactured in the...
  15. Dean Arizona

    Onkyo with Klipsch??

    I also vote for the B&K/Klipsch combo. I have the B&K 50 pre/pro (same internal electronics as the receiver w/o amp) feeding a Klipsch Ref 7 system all around (by way of ATI amps). There is essentially no discernable brightness in the speakers - in my home. However, the distinctive, lively...
  16. Dean Arizona

    Onkyo with Klipsch??

    I also vote for the B&K/Klipsch combo. I have the B&K 50 pre/pro (same internal electronics as the receiver w/o amp) feeding a Klipsch Ref 7 system all around (by way of ATI amps). There is essentially no discernable brightness in the speakers - in my home. However, the distinctive, lively...
  17. Dean Arizona

    Center channel to go with Polk LSi7's

    If you purchased the Yamaha receiver and the Lsi7's at the same time, I believe that the salesman should have cautioned you against running all four Lsi7's (or 5 with a center channel) with the relatively modest amplification provided by your receiver. The Lsi7 is a speaker that has a four ohm...
  18. Dean Arizona

    Center channel to go with Polk LSi7's

    The Lsi7 is a 4 ohm speaker. I'm not familiar with the powerplant of the HTR-5760 but your receiver is probably adequate for driving 2 channel Lsi7 setup. However, are you certain that your Yami can handle a 4 ohm load x 4 (5 with an Lsi center)? Are you adding outboard amplification?
  19. Dean Arizona

    Polk audio lsi7 deal at Fry's... so I got em

    I also took advantage of the Fry's lsi7 sale. No doubt, this is the best $200 pair of bookshelf speakers currently available(I recommend the cherry finish). Also, the 4 ohm demand of the speakers may be a little overstated. I'm using them in a two channel bedroom set up being driven by an older...
  20. Dean Arizona

    LSis on clearance, are they discontinued?

    I guess the only thing worse than not having a Fry's in your area is having one in your back yard that isn't participating in this promotion!
  21. Dean Arizona

    LSis on clearance, are they discontinued?

    I contacted the Fry's here in Phoenix, AZ and they are NOT running specials on Polk LSi bookshelfs, new or refurbished. Looks like the sale on refurbished LSi's may be regionalized. Has anyone heard differently?
  22. Dean Arizona

    New Outlaws

    Is it just me or does the new Outlaw receiver look like one of classic NAD designs? (although I admit the picture is a bit fuzzy)
  23. Dean Arizona

    are those power conditioners really worth it?

    Chu Gai, what do you do for a living? Is there any device that has an electrical current coursing through it on which you are not conversant? My goodness. Do you have any suggestions that I could use to optimize my garage door opener? It hums even worse than my HT? :)
  24. Dean Arizona

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Gene Krupa Story (RECOMMENDED).

    Hi Herb, I too took up the drums shortly after seeing this movie (and from watching drum lines when they still showed marching bands at half time). To this day, I can still see and hear the powerful opening scene of the overhead drum solo shot of Sal - from that day on I was hooked. As I type...
  25. Dean Arizona

    DVD Review HTF Review: Schindler's List (Highly Recommended!)

    I'm surprised to see that there is no discussion about the the symbolic meaning of the little girl in the red coat. There isn't a more significant visual in the movie. The coat supposed to be the most viberant color in the movie for a particular reason. Any takers?
  26. Dean Arizona

    Backward volume control ?

    I suppose that I should have made myself clearer when I discussed "referenced listening levels" in my earler reply. When I calibrated the sound levels for my speakers (Klipsch RF-7) using the Ref 50, I established -10 as the base level volume for the "DVD THX MOV 5" playback mode. This setup is...
  27. Dean Arizona

    Please Help- B&K Seperates Problems

    I went through the same learning curve with my Ref 50. The manual is not that helpful when explaining steps and procedures to a new owner. Part of the fun in owning the 50 is exploring the different set ups through a process of trial and error. Let us know how long it takes you to figure out how...
  28. Dean Arizona

    Backward volume control ?

    Think of -80 being lower than -50 by 30 points. For example, I own the the B&K Ref 50 Pre/Pro. The volume setting for this unit at it's lowest level is -96. I typically have to raise the volume over 80 points to -10 or so to acheive reference listening level for home theater (that's really...
  29. Dean Arizona

    Sunfire Symphonic Reference series... any feedback?

    You may want to look at the B&K PT5. The unit has excellent specs (see B&K's website for details). I've seen it offered on-line for less than $700.00 (non-authorized dealers). The only exception I have with the unit is that it doesn't have separate, manually operated treble and bass controls...
  30. Dean Arizona

    b&k ref 50 update

    Where's the information on the $1000.00 price drop? I skimmed B&K's website and found no reference to the price reduction. What is B&K's official MSRP for the Ref 50?
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