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  1. David Brashear

    Street of No Return Question

    Thanks. I guess I was right, the guy on Amazon is just loco.
  2. David Brashear

    Street of No Return Question

    I noticed that there are two versions of this film on dvd. Besides the different covers, is there any reason why one is fetching $100?
  3. David Brashear

    Remastered "Smokey and the Bandit" - any chance for an SE?

    My set had a piece of paper advertising some upcoming Universal DVDs, but no booklet.
  4. David Brashear

    Preston Sturges "The Palm Beach Story" - 2/1/05 & more

    Awesome, I was hoping the film would get the Criterion treatment like Sullivan's Travels and The Lady Eve, but I'm still happy to see it coming out on dvd. Like other posters have stated, it's a comedy classic.
  5. David Brashear

    What happened to The Big Town DVD release?

    I saw the review, I just want to know if it is possible to buy this anywhere. I can't find any online retailers selling it, I've gone to several brick and mortar stores and they are also not carrying it. I guess it's an Ed Wood deal where the studio pulled the title at the last second, so it's...
  6. David Brashear

    What happened to The Big Town DVD release?

    This was supposed to come out 9/28 with another Diane Lane title, My New Gun, but it seems to have been pulled by all the major online retailers. Anyone know what happened to this release?
  7. David Brashear

    What are the chances that Universal will reissue their Best Of Hitchcock Collections?

    The Alfred Hitchcock Presents discs are worth tracking down IMO, some very funny and very suspenseful shows on those discs.
  8. David Brashear

    The Ultimate Oliver Stone Collection - Due on 10/19/04

    I'm a huge Oliver Stone fan. I have the previous box set as well as Platoon, Salvador, Natural Born Killers director's cut, and the re-issue of JFK. But I'm going to be very, very po'd if I have rebuy all those movies to get the new documentaries, especially if they don't bother cleaning up the...
  9. David Brashear

    Fantoma website back up

    Yeah, I think it got delayed for some reason.
  10. David Brashear

    Samuel Fuller's Shark!, Is The DVD Any Good?

    Specifically, is it in the right aspect ratio, is the transfer decent, and how are the suplements? I can't find any reviews of this release anywhere.
  11. David Brashear

    DVDs with Mysterious 16x9 Upgrades Without A Proper Re-release

    Disney reissued a lot of their older titles with new cover art - removing the wide screen arch that ran across many of their earlier releases. For some reason, they also changed the specs on many of these titles as well, without altering the actual discs. So many Disney titles, like Judge Dredd...
  12. David Brashear

    Spider-Man Deluxe Edition & Spider-Man Superbit

    Is there any interesting content on the third disc of the Deluxe Edition?
  13. David Brashear

    The Goonies 20th Anniversary DVD?

    The picture quality on the DVD is better than any theatrical presentation of the film I've seen.
  14. David Brashear

    The ROCKY films (2-4) and anamorphic enhancement (MERGED THREAD)

    From what I understand, the original dvd release of Back to School was horribly misframed. Have they fixed the framing problems on this new 16x9 reissue?
  15. David Brashear


    Now, I'm confused. The DVD File review said that the "standard" edition is actually two discs, meaning the only extra feature on this three disc set is the soundtrack. Are they mistaken?
  16. David Brashear

    Saving Private Ryan Reviews?

    Thank you for the very thorough response Felix.
  17. David Brashear

    Films I'd like to see come to Region 1 DVD...

    I'd also like to see Highway to Hell on Region 1 DVD. Monster Dog, the Alice Cooper werewolf movie, would also be a welcome addition to my DVD library, does anyone know who owns the rights?
  18. David Brashear

    Saving Private Ryan Reviews?

    I'm not really interested in the soundtrack, just the extras. Can anyone with both releases comment on the special features, specifically, are the new documentaries an improvement over the HBO special on the first release?
  19. David Brashear

    The Game

    Universal has the rights. They've loaned their movies to Criterion in the past, so a Criterion release isn't entirely out of the question.
  20. David Brashear

    Must Have Baseball Movies

    The Bad News Bears Cobb Fear Strikes Out Pride of the Yankees The Sandlot Take Me Out to the Ballgame
  21. David Brashear

    Batteries Not Included Cover Art

    What is Universal thinking? First Frightners, then 1941, now this. Leave the covers alone. They were fine in the first place. By the way, has anyone seen the "new and improved" artwork for Universal''s Streets of Fire dvd? Dear god, I'm glad I bought the original when I did.
  22. David Brashear

    El Mariachi / Desperado question

    The Desperado transfer is also improved - it is essentialy the same transfer as the Superbit version.
  23. David Brashear

    Dark Crystal New DVD Release

    Hmm, this review makes it sound like the same exact disc.
  24. David Brashear

    What is the difference b/w these two Assault on Precinct 13 discs

    I saw this at a retail store. It's the same version, don't know why it's less than the standalone version though.
  25. David Brashear

    Dark Crystal New DVD Release

    Wait, so this is a new disc? What did they add/remove from the old one?
  26. David Brashear

    Remastered "Smokey and the Bandit" - any chance for an SE?

    I know I'm in the very, very small minority, (what can I say, I enjoy a good bad movie) and I'm almost ashamed to say this, but I'm kind of pissed off I have to buy this new box set to get the third Smokey and the Bandit movie. Although, I can't complain about the price.
  27. David Brashear

    Sinbad- Legend of the Seven Seas DVD

    The reviews for the movie were very harsh. It's worth checking out though - the film isn't very faithful to the stories that inspired it, but the voice acting is great, the dialogue is witty (even some clever sexual innuendo), the action is inspired, and there is a great theme of redemption...
  28. David Brashear

    The Wizard(Fred Savage/Nintendo) release?

    Universal is releasing Kuffs and Mobsters, so maybe there is hope for The Wizard, the final chapter in the Christian Slater-early 90s Universal Trilogy of bad filmmaking.
  29. David Brashear

    Desperado/El Mariachi SEs

    So this is the fourth release of Desperado. How many releases does it take to get it right? I'm guessing this is to cash in on Once Upon A Time In Mexico.
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