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  1. svenge

    MGM Press Release: BOND 50 (Blu-ray)

    The original Sony release w/ PCM audio had: The 2-BD Sony Collector's Edition w/ Dolby TrueHD audio had: The new Fox disc w/ DTS-HD MA audio has: The US version of the Fox release still has the edited PG-13 cut, whereas the UK version of the Fox release now has the uncut version...
  2. svenge

    MGM Press Release: BOND 50 (Blu-ray)

    The original audio tracks on the BDs have all been @ 224 kbps.
  3. svenge

    MGM Press Release: BOND 50 (Blu-ray)

    On top of the commentary and BGAF, it's missing these additional items that were on the 2-disc Sony release: Know Your Double-O:The Ultimate James Bond Trivia Quiz The Art of the Freerun Catching a Plane: From Storyboard to Screen Storyboard Sequence: Freerun Chase Filmmaker Profiles None...
  4. svenge

    MGM Press Release: BOND 50 (Blu-ray)

    According to this old article, MGM bought the rights to NSNA from Taliafilm in 1997. I think that Warner just had the distribution rights for a limited amount of time, and when that expired MGM snatched it up (reportedly for somewhat over $2m). At the time MGM claimed that they bought the...
  5. svenge

    MGM Press Release: BOND 50 (Blu-ray)

    [LEFT] I'm sure that there's a fair percentage of non-hardcore fans who aren't aware of the entire rights issue with Thunderball that led to Never Say Never Again being produced independently of Eon Productions. And even those who know that may not have been made aware that the Bond 50 set...
  6. svenge

    Question: If I buy a region free BD from the UK, will it play on a US BD player?

    Unfortunately, there's really no way of finding out prior to purchase. If your video equipment can't handle 50hz material, it's better to let someone else be the guinea pig and go off of their report of it. BDInfo scans are great at giving detailed information regarding a given disc's...
  7. svenge

    MGM Press Release: BOND 50 (Blu-ray)

    I found a German retailer that has a full listing of the bonus features on the 23rd disc. Naturally they were listed in German, so I used an online translator... The World of Bond: Stunning opening sequences Title sequences Orders Special equipment Exotic locations and allies The villains...
  8. svenge

    MGM Press Release: BOND 50 (Blu-ray)

    But how else are single parents of 10 children going to get free council housing? The funding required in order to give chavs benefits has to come from somewhere...
  9. svenge

    MGM Press Release: BOND 50 (Blu-ray)

    Try living in Washington state. I've always had to pay sales tax at Amazon...
  10. svenge

    MGM Press Release: BOND 50 (Blu-ray)

    Ouch! Like I said earlier, I got $80 (before fees/shipping) earlier today on eBay for my 11 used pre-Craig discs. Then again, I most likely have a lot more "free time" to do all the grunt work required to make an eBay auction successful (taking pictures, typing up a blurb for the listing...
  11. svenge

    Question: If I buy a region free BD from the UK, will it play on a US BD player?

    Actually, it all depends if the video content of the disc is encoded in 1080i50 or not. Most US BD players can't handle 50hz content, regardless of region coding. Some examples of this kind of disc are the UK releases of BBC's Human Planet and Frozen Planet documentaries. However, if the...
  12. svenge

    MGM Press Release: BOND 50 (Blu-ray)

    Yeah, you're absolutely right. The mix between the old releases with gold logos on the spines and the new releases with the white logos will not look good at all. Also, the placement of the studio logos and the style of James Bond's picture won't match up between old and new releases. You can...
  13. svenge

    MGM Press Release: BOND 50 (Blu-ray)

    I can understand your disappointment regarding how the final 9 movies' BDs are being treated, but I don't think the box is over-priced (especially if you consider the alternatives). The problem is that buying the 9 movies that haven't released individually before (which are coming out on 10/2)...
  14. svenge

    MGM Press Release: BOND 50 (Blu-ray)

    That's how I interpreted it as. The 20 pre-Craig films should all have the same menu templates, and the 11 films that already came out individually should be the same in the box set.
  15. svenge

    Is the one disc Blu-ray version of Das Boot any different than first disc of two disc version?

    It's identical to the 1st disc of the 2-disc release.
  16. svenge

    Blu-ray Review Castle in the Sky Blu-ray Review

    The Japanese DVD that I have of Laputa had no such subtitle problems, nor do the JP and HK Blu-rays...
  17. svenge

    Blu-ray Review Castle in the Sky Blu-ray Review

    You forgot to mention that this release is DUB-TITLED. For those who don't know what that means, dub-titles are when a subtitle track is represented as the literal translation for the Japanese audio but is in fact merely a transcript of the dub's inaccurate adapted dialogue. It completely...
  18. svenge

    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (FEEDBACK)

    Well, there's the fact that more than "niche" movies are being demoted to the Archive program, the price increases on Amazon exclusives, and cheap low-quality encodes that rival mediocre bootlegs... those are good things, right? Oh, wait, good for customers... that's a harder one.
  19. svenge

    DVD Review HTF DVD REVIEW: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Centennial Collection - Recommended

    For some reason, your section on Audio Quality makes mention of Frost Nixon instead of the movie at hand...
  20. svenge

    Paramount's Star Trek Movies on DVD

    Or if you want to get it in NTSC, in late June it'll be released in Japan. スター・トレック オリジナル・クルー劇場版BOX (7枚組) [DVD]: ロバート&#x30 They're also releasing the individual movies on DVD, so my plan is to get 2-4 in the US Trilogy set and 6 individually from Japan. Never cared for...
  21. svenge

    *** Official 2009 Warner Chat and Discussion Thread

    I'm happy that I got at least some type of answer on my question re: "NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS", but having negotiations over legal rights with heirs sounds sounds like it's going to be a looooooooong time before this comes out on DVD :frowning: I'll be surprised if it comes out before 2012.
  22. svenge

    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (FEEDBACK)

    If they ever get around to releasing Andy Griffith's "NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS" (1958) I'll be the first in line, or zeroth if possible...
  23. svenge

    movies to ask Warner for in chat?

    No Time For Sergeants
  24. svenge

    So, no Warner Bros. invitation for us to vote for five unreleased DVD's this year?

    4 words: No Time For Sergeants.
  25. svenge

    Film Wishlist for 2008

    One movie only: NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS.
  26. svenge

    HTF REVIEW: Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

    The trick to getting a certain menu set is to push either 1, 2, or 3 during the FBI warning screen. I don't recall which number corresponds to which menu, but I'm sure its online...
  27. svenge

    Last of The Mohicans - different releases?

    Prentice, How much does it go for shipped in US currency? Also, could you give me some stats on it like is it single or dual-layed, etc?
  28. svenge

    Official Confirmation: SW Episode III DVD on November 1st

    Yes, but the Death Star will shoot Han first...
  29. svenge

    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    Do you know how many sales are going to be lost to fansubs of FF7AC DLed off of BitTorrent? I'm guessing 5-6 figures here... bad move Sony + Squeenix...
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