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  1. TedT

    WWE Content on Xbox Live Marketplace (Poll / Questionaire)

    I don't have x-box live, but I certainly would get it if the WWE would put on matches that we can't see anywhere else on it. Like all the NWA footage where they always said "Oh no! We're out of time! See you next week!" right during an exciting part of a match! You know the cameras were still...
  2. TedT

    Anyone getting tired of the Enya-like "Aaaaaaaah...aaaaaahhh..." scores?

    Absolutely am sick of it. BUT a hip-hop or death metal soundtrack is REALLY out of place (ala Blade Trinity or Daredevil), distracting, and dated.
  3. TedT

    KISSology 1974-1977... must-have DVD

    Perhaps you need to get the bonus disk of the Madison Square Garden show!
  4. TedT

    FEAST Discussion Thread

    EXACTLY! Couldn't have said it better myself. The herky-jerky camera was so annoying, it completely turned me off on the movie. In fact for a couple weeks after seeing it, I thought it was a defect!
  5. TedT

    I know it's only a rumor, but Van Halen with DLR....reformed

    I think EVH's problems are more due to drugs than the booze.
  6. TedT

    Endless Wire - THE WHO

    How long is the DVD? Is it a complete concert?
  7. TedT

    Why are studios biased in favor of African American shows from the 70s?

    I'd like to think that the Black shows from the 70's were just plain better than any of the other shows out there.
  8. TedT

    Artie Roast

    Get Howard TV. The roast was NOTHING compared to what was going on behind the scenes!
  9. TedT

    Is anyone else amazed by the level of realism in special effects?...

    I am. Loved the "Lost In Space" movie just for the special effects. But I often wonder if 20 years down the line if I'm going to look at the effects in the Lord Of the Rings & latter Star Wars films and think that they are cheesy.
  10. TedT

    Nacho Libre

    First of all, it's based on a true story. Secondly, I believe that this type of wrestling is still VERY popular in Mexico, maybe more so now than ever.
  11. TedT

    Sirius/Howard settle with CBS

    Stern has said in the months before he went on Sirius that he wanted the tapes from CBS and would pay royalties for them. Looks like he got what he wanted.
  12. TedT

    Skipping past Main Title sequences on TV DVDs

    I always skip. Always. Especially if it's a new season or show I've never seen before (sometimes there's spoilers in them). I remember getting burned on this once on that Buffy episode where it revolved around that secondary character being somebody "special". They changed the opening credits...
  13. TedT

    Not enough Stern show replays, way too much Stern News (anybody actual listen to it?)

    Actually, I liked the King Of All Blacks show (the last one he did). I'd listen to him again.
  14. TedT

    New Battlestar Galactica series..Any news of a dvd release?

    He's GOT to be talking about the '70s version. Not the new one. If he is, he's obviously never seen it.
  15. TedT

    Sirius wins with Howard Stern

    I'd like to know too. It's been 4 months now and I haven't even gotten my $50 rebate. Stern himself said they only had to have a 1 million increase in listeners due to him for it to pay off. They've at least doubled that.
  16. TedT

    What should I review next?

  17. TedT

    The WWE™

    From what I read on Wrestling Observer, Rey vs Angle at 'Mania isn't in the plans. Which is a shame. I think it's supposed to be HHH vs Cena and Angle vs Orton, and that's IF Angle is able (he's pretty messed up--> neck and back).
  18. TedT

    Thinking of selling Star Wars Faces LD

    Got to 2nd the recommendation for Bags Unlimited! Great products, prices, & service. What is Star Wars Faces?
  19. TedT

    Fox News Gone?

    Like them or not, if people want to hear it, it should be on. Freedom of speech, right? Just because YOU don't like it, doesn't mean that it shouldn't exist. They're certainly not a tenth as biased as CBS Evening News or half as biased towards one side as CNN. Just because it's not YOUR...
  20. TedT

    Stern the best thing to happen to Satellite

    AND you can listen to it on the way home from work too! Now I don't mind having to sit in traffic on the way home from work!
  21. TedT

    The WWE™

    Wait a minute! Wasn't Angle supposed to fight Michaels again on RAW this week? I hope that still happens!
  22. TedT

    Fox News Gone?

  23. TedT

    Stern & Buchwald issued stock

    No. Because no one knows who O&A are!
  24. TedT

    All Sirius receivers created equally?

    Probably. If at home, you have to make sure your antenna is facing the right way (depending on what part of the country you are in). If the window has trees outside of it (blocking the satellite) or is facing the wrong direction, you won't get reception. Me? I had to spend $50 for an extension...
  25. TedT


    Steve, You tell WAY TOO MUCH in your recap of the movie! Half of it should be spoilerized! Doesn't bother me because I've seen it, but man, you're giving out way way WAY too much information!
  26. TedT

    Forever Hardcore/Hardcore Homecoming

    Great stuff. I recommend both! I enjoyed "One Night Stand" better, but HH was still good. Background info fascinates me. Loved the Forever Hardcore documentary. New Jack is just about the scariest guy I've ever heard.
  27. TedT

    Developing story: FoxNews pulls programming from Sirius over contract dispute

    What I was referring to was someone not liking FOX not wanting FOX to be broadcasting.
  28. TedT

    *** Official STAR WARS Saga (episodes I to VI) Discussion Thread: Part 4

    "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" has become such a cliche in these times (Simpsons, Seinfeld, etc... have done it to death) that it just came across as very laughable to me.
  29. TedT

    Developing story: FoxNews pulls programming from Sirius over contract dispute

    Wow! That's so open-minded! Don't you think all sides of an issue or political viewpoint should be represented?
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