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  1. WayneO

    F/S: 2 SVS Plus 12.1 drivers

    Bump for new pic.
  2. WayneO

    F/S: 2 SVS Plus 12.1 drivers

  3. WayneO

    PSB 6i ans SVS 20-39+ test

    This guy was screaming "TROLL" from the start.........
  4. WayneO

    How many of you are using a PB2+ in a smallish size room?

    After having mine for 2 years I finally did further testing with the 16hz tune after never even thinking about using it since I had bottomed one 20-39PC+ and upgraded. Didn't think I'd have the headroom and I had good response to 17hz anyway at 20hz. My tastes in output have mellowed a touch and...
  5. WayneO

    Monster amps.... what do you think?

    Surround speakers usually need nothing more than 120W. 250W would be complete overkill. As far as Monster amps, I've heard nothing about them myself. A nice used 3x100-150W amp can be found for $500 on Audiogon to power a center a surrounds.
  6. WayneO

    New To HT How does this system sound to you?

    Hi, I had that exact 5.0 setup as far as speakers go. IMO, I think you should of went with an internet brand sub(SVS,Hsu), since most give you more performance for your money. Also, I eventually sold off the 7's for some ADP-370's after I found the 7's too distracting being only 4 ft. from my...
  7. WayneO

    Confusion on surround speaker distance setting in receiver

    Best thing is to try a couple and listen from the main seating position. Without making too technical of a discussion and seeing your room layout, is there any way to face the speaker right above the listening position to bounce off a nearby wall to delay the arrival from that speaker?
  8. WayneO

    Speakers or Receiver first?

    Speakers make the most difference. If there are possibly better speakers you want at higher cost, buy the receiver and save for those.
  9. WayneO

    Boston or Paradigm

    If you can't compare them side by side, but like them both. Look at smaller things like dealer location, cabinet size, construction and color, warranty period, and sensitivity(as in easier to power).
  10. WayneO

    SVS 20-39PCi vs. PB12�ISD - is the only difference aesthetic?

    As already stated. The cylinder is lighter and easier to move, can be a conversation piece and is tuned a touch lower. I'd get get PCi.
  11. WayneO

    who uses bigger speakers for surrounds?

    Well I originally had towers for my surrounds(Paradigm Monitor 7's) along with my mains(Paradigm Monitor 11's). I guess I bought the 7's because I thought bigger was better. As I read more in various forums and educated myself, I began to question my logic. Eventually I brung home some...
  12. WayneO

    $200 set of Bookshelves

    Try audiogon and ebay to find some used mini's, titans or atoms which are all Paradigm. I will stress not to be afraid to get used speakers, you can usually get way better speakers for your money this way.
  13. WayneO

    Upgradind to studio Paradigm

    70W isn't gonna power those 100's to anything but moderate volumes. You'll notice a sound quality improvement for sure, but they'll suck the life outta that amp. I have Studio 60's on a 150WPC amp and they sound great, most 100 owners say 200WPC is the best bet.
  14. WayneO

    Paradgim CC370 v.3 vs. v.4 Help!

    Only thing that changed was the crossover.....should be virtually identical.
  15. WayneO

    Help, Need the Best Speaker for music under $500.00 pair

    Give the Paradigm Studio 20's a listen.
  16. WayneO

    Mini Monitors

    I'd say leave them on as Paradigm recommends, if anything to protect the speakers, or if you like the look of them off, do so. I tried blind testing and couldn't notice a difference.
  17. WayneO

    F/S: Behringer Frequency Destroyer

    Sub out of receiver via any ole single RCA cable to 1/4" adaptor to 1/4" input on BFD. Reverse order to get to sub input.
  18. WayneO

    Sub Calibration...Quick Question

    You've got that entirely too loud to be testing with sine waves. Usually most will start at 80hz-100hz with the 1/12th octave tones and go downwards. I start at 80hz, adjust volume to 80dB and then go from there, you should get much higher than 85dB unless you have a real nasty peak.
  19. WayneO

    sub $1000 music pair.

    Give the Paradigm Monitor 7, 9, 11's a try. They will be brighter than the B&W's you listened to.
  20. WayneO

    Single Channel vs. Dual Channel RAM

    The memory stick is the same if you buy single or dual packaged modules. Now I don't know if Giel does this, but Corsair's TwinX series(dual packaged) memory is tested to perform at their specified speeds together and you pay a premium for this. The first motherboards out using dual-channel...
  21. WayneO

    Paradigm Studio 60 speakers

    You have PM and Email.
  22. WayneO

    Hsu or Energy Sub

    Just based on reputation, I'd get the Hsu. I don't think many here would have anything to say praiseworthy about Energy subs.
  23. WayneO

    Monitors vs Towers

    Bookshelves just sound "small" over their respective towers by same manufacturer/model line. But then there are many good bookshelves that sound better than crummy towers of a lessor brand.
  24. WayneO

    Tax Software (TT vs. TC)

    I've used TaxACT Online for three years now. I believe their is just a regular software version as well. I just login every year and update the previous years info and I'm done. Since the first time using it, I've gotten married, bought a house, started paying off school's been...
  25. WayneO

    studio 60 v3 or v4?

    They gotta be v.2's since they're two years old. v.3 are the current Studio models. v.4 just came out for the Monitor line, the guy got them mixed up. Based on used v.2 100's going for $11-1400, $800 is a fair price if the blemishes aren't too severe.
  26. WayneO

    WTF? AvP just melted my SVS!

    I wouldn't get all up in arms about person's problem, which the cause hasn't been determined, shouldn't alarm everyone else into turning down their subs. As long as you're playing it distortion free, you should have no problems. I'm sure SVS will take care of things, but is...
  27. WayneO

    What Vid Card Should I get?

    Well mother brother recently upgraded to a 6600GT from a 9700 Pro and it really hasn't brought about a real world improvement from a casual gaming aspect. He doesn't buy the newest games where the 6600GT may separate itself some more but framerates didn't improve much in the ones he has...
  28. WayneO

    Longest range wireless mouse

    There are others that go further I believe, but I have this: It's gone over 40 ft. in my house, if you need more than that...........
  29. WayneO

    Video Card Problems

    A good power supply is important..............there can be so many things, many not obvious to test, when running into issues like this. A component rundown might help further. Besides disabling BIOS enhancement features(fastwrites, sideband addressing, etc), checking your memory with a program...
  30. WayneO

    Video Card Problems

    Does it happen with the same program or just randomly? Also, do you have fast writes enabled in your motherboards BIOS? If yes, it would probably be best to disable that. If there are any other video card related settings in the BIOS, I'd disable those as well.
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