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  1. Rob_J

    In ceiling speaker installation Q's

    Hi Robert_J (nice name, by the way! :)) My contractor is suggesting resilient channels to reduce noise from the living room to the bedrooms above, which I agree would make sense. We'll be adding insulation in the joist cavities as well. My concern was that since resilient channel is meant to...
  2. Rob_J

    In ceiling speaker installation Q's

    Hi all, I'm looking for a little advice on some in-ceiling speakers. We are renovating our home, and will be replacing the ceilings in our living room, dining room, and kitchen. I plan on installing some in-ceiling speakers for general listening/background music (no home theatre or critical...
  3. Rob_J

    24: Season 2 - Hour 7 - 12/10/02

    Guys, I only caught the last couple of minutes and I'm really kicking myself! (I missed last week's too). Does anyone know where I might be able to find the episodes online? Thanks! I'm going to go program my vcrPlus for weekly recording now...
  4. Rob_J

    Help! Need help finding an Infrared Cable!

    Do you mean a fiber optic cable?
  5. Rob_J

    24: Season 2 - Hour 1 - 10/29/02

    mmmmmm.... Elisha... They just showed it commercial free here! The only thing is that it's not quite real-time when you don't have commercial breaks... but I'm not complaining! :)
  6. Rob_J

    Saw A Nissan 350Z Today

    I just made a photo of the 350z my wallpaper at work today. Now I stumble across this thread... it must be a sign... :crazy:
  7. Rob_J

    Rudi Bakhtiar appreciation thread

    She's single? I've been secretly appreciating her for quite a while and never knew she was single. Woo Hoo! Like I have a chance in hell though...:rolleyes
  8. Rob_J

    Best portable MP3 player for jogging?

    Has anyone heard of or seen an MP3 player that uses compact flash cards? That would be handy, seeing as I already use those for my camera.
  9. Rob_J

    EE's among us?

    I've been an EE since '00. Got my bachelor's in CS at the same time. Now I'm designing robots that work inside nuclear reactors. "Nucular... it's pronounced nu-cu-lar"
  10. Rob_J

    Heat and receivers

    Thanks for the replies, everyone. Yes, there is a hole in the back, it is about 2" tall and almost the width of the cabinet. I know it's not huge, but it is at the top, so I think it is helping to allow the heat to rise out. I had thought about putting a fan back there, but I was concerned...
  11. Rob_J

    Is anything digital better than analog?

    In theory, digital can only approximate analogue. Therefore analogue is by far the best way for us to perceive things. The problem lies in reproduction. To reproduce an analogue signal accurately is very difficult. By digitizing it, it is easily reproduced. Sooo... my point is that with enough...
  12. Rob_J

    Is human nature inherently good or evil?

    Good! least from one's own point of view. Someone else's view of your nature might be that of evil, but it's only how you perceive it. But that's just my opinion :)
  13. Rob_J

    Heat and receivers

    To save some living room space, and for asthetics, I moved my receiver, vcr and dvd player into my enclosed tv stand. The receiver is on top, as I figure it would be generating the most heat and would affect the other components less. There is about 1.5" from the top of the receiver to the...
  14. Rob_J

    Degaussing my Trinitron TV

    One of the corners of my Sony Trinitron tv has some distortion in it. I think it is a result of having a non-shielded speaker too close to it. It is mostly visible when I have a blue screen on, it looks red in the corner. Is there a way I can degauss it, or do I need to take it to the repair...
  15. Rob_J

    Rum shelf life??

    I'm sure it's fine. In fact, it's probably better than it was when you bought it. A friend of mine had a bottle of Crown Royal from 1969. We drank it a year ago. That was the smoothest rye I have ever had.
  16. Rob_J

    Spin City

    Can someone fill me in? I haven't been able to keep up with Spin City for a while, but I remember when Mike left, he was dating Kaitland (sp?) and now Charley is dating her. What happened? :confused:
  17. Rob_J

    Aaaahhh! Garbage Strike!!

    Craig: Better hang some air fresheners from your bike helmet, last time I walked down in that area I had to hold my breath. Of course when I finally needed to fill my lungs again, I was forced to take a deeper breath. Not fun :frowning: KyleS: I heard a radio personality this morning...
  18. Rob_J

    why is it 22/6/02 in the uK and 6/22/02 in the USA?

    I'm not sure, but isn't there a date standard or something? ...and no, I'm not talking about metric time:)
  19. Rob_J

    What to do & where to stay in Toronto

    I think you should definitely check out The Lion King musical. I saw it a few weeks ago and it is absolutely incredible. Tickets are about $90 CDN for good seats. There is also the musical Mamma Mia, which is based on the music of Abba and I hear is also quite worthwhile. If you're not into...
  20. Rob_J

    Acronyms are a PITA

    Add the nuclear industry to the list of over-acronymed places to work. The company I work for has a glossary on the intranet dedicated to acronyms. The funniest thing I saw was that the name of a previous employer of mine was on the list. Go figure.:)
  21. Rob_J

    Is anyone else here petrified of Lightning?

    Mark, good thing you're in the prairies... you can see the storm coming the day before! :) Hope you don't mind the ribbing, just moved from Sask. a few months ago and have been putting up with jokes like that pretty much on a daily basis. Can't say I'm petrified of lightning, or even afraid...
  22. Rob_J

    Sigh... it's going to be one of those weeks... =(

    You would see the sim card, or a slot for it on the back of the phone under the battery if it has one. If you're afraid of a contract, go with fido. I got a good plan and a free phone with them, and there's no contract. It's month-to-month. Plus, on top of that, I'm pretty sure all the phones...
  23. Rob_J

    Going to Disneyworld, any tips?

    I actually just came home from Disney World yesterday (I picked a good week to go, judging by the weather up here :rolleyes:) Anyways, I had a blast!! Went with two other friends from university days. We all had a great time! I can't remember what my favorite part was, I liked everything so...
  24. Rob_J

    Do those "pay while you surf" services really work???

    I think I made just over $100 with alladvantage a few years ago. I couldn't get anyone to sign in under me though, even after showing the cheques. I don't really think it's worth it these days, I see enough annoying ads without being paid for them.
  25. Rob_J

    If You Are Considering A Weber Gas BBQ

    Gonna have to agree on this one. At first I was a little put off by the price, but when I saw how well they cook, the price was easily justified. Plus they are just built a lot better than the others. My parents bought a nice Weber (BTW at their house, it's not called a bbq, it's a Weber ;) )...
  26. Rob_J

    Please help buying digital camera

    Just by coincidence, another friend of mine just bought the A40 and says he loves it. What are the chances of that? :)
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