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  1. David Stone

    Unreleased Christmas specials on DVD?

    Yes!!! This one is at the top of my list, also. I have it on a very old VHS retail tape "Nelvanamation Four Cosmic Fantasies in One", but it's degraded so badly that I cannot get it to play for a transfer to DVD recorder. :frowning: (The tape also includes "The Devil and Daniel Mouse", "Rome-O...
  2. David Stone

    Opus n' Bill in A Wish for Wings that Work

    Yeah!! I found one at Suncoast in the mall last night. Only $14.99. (I didn't find it at my local Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, Wal-Mart nor Sams Club, and was about to mail order it.) The DVD is about as bare-bones as you can get, with "Play" and "Subtitles" (in English) being the only...
  3. David Stone

    Black Friday Shopping: What'd you do today?

    Slept in a bit (I'm getting too old for 5am door buster shopping) and started out at Wal-Mart. A few of the items on our list were sold-out, but I got super-lucky and found them all when I looked through some shopping carts of merchandise being sent back to the from the front lanes for...
  4. David Stone

    Weekly RoundUp: Black Friday Info (merged)

    Target was VERY lame!! Most of the advertised $3.98 titles were only available in full (fool) screen, not OAR Widescreen (there were a few OAR titles, like Spiderman 2, but not many). I asked the clerk about it, and he said that was all they had received for the sale. It felt very...
  5. David Stone

    Star Wars discussion from The Bits...

    I'm reading lots of opinions here on why this new release should or shouldn't be bought. Instead of trying to agree or disagree with 80+ pages of posts, I'll just sum up my opinions based on what I've read so far. 1. "Transfer from 1993 Laserdiscs": Not perfect, but acceptable. They probably...
  6. David Stone

    Justice League & Batman Beyond

    I agree. To clarify, my nit-pick is the use of the word 'adventures' instead of 'episodes' in the box text. The buyer is really getting 12 adventures (read "stories") that are presented in 26 episodes. But, like I said, it's just a nit-pick.
  7. David Stone

    Justice League & Batman Beyond

    A nice review, but there is a packaging error on the "Justice League Season 1" set that World's Finest Online didn't catch. There are no English subtitles, as the packaging and review both state, only French and Spanish. Another nit-pick I have with the packaging the JL S1 set is the...
  8. David Stone

    OAR is again in danger for HiDef

    The OAR always works in my home, no matter what the ratio. Heck, I remember watching my Criterion "Blade Runner" laserdisc at a friends house on her 13" TV. We had to sit close to the screen, but it looked sooooo good compared to the seriously cropped VHS alternative.
  9. David Stone

    How many times have you "dipped" on the same titles?

    "The Nightmare Before Christmas": VHS (Di$ney delayed the LD release a year), CLV LD, CAV LD Box Set, DVD and DVD SE. I'm looking forward to the day I'll get to 6th-dip this one when Di$ney finally releases a corrected 16:9 anamorphic edition with ALL of the extras that were included in the...
  10. David Stone

    Journey: Live in Houston, The Escape Tour 1981 DVD

    How is it listed on All I could find was the "Journey: Live 2001" release.
  11. David Stone

    Journey: Live in Houston, The Escape Tour 1981 DVD

    My area Wal-Mart didn't have a listing for it in their system, but I found it at Best Buy for $17.99. Watch a bit and what really liked what I saw. I haven't decided yet if the PCM or 5.1 mix is better. I can say that I don't care for the overlapping disc packaging. (Both discs are snapped...
  12. David Stone

    LOTS of Rush DVD's coming soon...

    Correct. I was answering Mark B's question about the "Rush In Rio" DVD. I just edited that post to make it more clear. The new "R30" is fantastic and nothing like the "Rush In Rio" release. The wife commented that "R30" looks like they they went out of their way to not make the same mistakes...
  13. David Stone

    Queen+ Paul Rodgers announce 2006 USA tour

    Grrrrr... Not a single venue in the Midwest! :angry: This should be promoted as the "East and West Coasts (and Great Lakes) Tour", not the "North American Tour". The Cotton Bowl in Dallas, TX is usually an obvious venue for these types of really big shows. I guess they couldn't afford the...
  14. David Stone

    LOTS of Rush DVD's coming soon...

    I don't have them it in front of me, but I believe COUNTDOWN, VITAL SIGNS and THE BODY ELECTRIC were all included on "Through The Camera Eye", but missing from "Chronicles".
  15. David Stone

    LOTS of Rush DVD's coming soon...

    R30 is infinitely better than the Rush: In Rio disaster. HIGHTLY recommended:emoji_thumbsup: Still no word on DVD release of "Through The Camera Eye". There were some good videos on that collection that didn't make it into the "Chronicles" collection. It would be nice if they included the...
  16. David Stone

    Journey: Live in Houston, The Escape Tour 1981 DVD

    Where can this DVD be found??? DVD Price Search still doesn't have it listed. From the description, this sounds like the Escape tour concert that MTV aired. I remember that I recorded that show on our "new" VHS VCR and darn near wore that tape out that summer. I would be great to see it again.
  17. David Stone

    New editions of 4 Muppet movies coming soon! Widescreen confirmed.

    Darn. I was hoping an foreign widescreen extended DVD release had slipped by me somehow. Oh well.
  18. David Stone

    New editions of 4 Muppet movies coming soon! Widescreen confirmed.

    Is that the laserdisc edition or an import DVD? If a DVD, from where did you order it?
  19. David Stone

    Sid & Marty Krofft - Anymore DVD Releases?

    Is there any word on the theatrical movie "Pufnstuf" (1970) ever being released on DVD? I was a big fan of the movie when I was a kid and now that I'm older I can appreciate 'Mama' Cass Elliot's fantastic song in the film. The boxed set of TV shows is out, so all we need is the film to make...
  20. David Stone

    New editions of 4 Muppet movies coming soon! Widescreen confirmed.

    Great review (as usual). Looks like I saved some $$$ because I basically already have the same DVD from Columbia. No point double-dipping for the same film. Now, don't leave us on the edge of our seats. What about the main Muppet Christmas Carol differences??? :)
  21. David Stone

    Gallagher: The Smashing Watermelon Collection - an unofficial mini-review

    He just performed at a nice sized venue here in Oklahoma City about a month ago (about 2500 seats, so it's not like he's headlining at "Big Al's Bar and Bait Shop"). I didn't get to go this time, but I did see him perform at the same venue back in the 80's.
  22. David Stone

    My vote for worst packaging ever goes to Gallagher..Watermelon collection

    I'll try to take some pictures this week and get them posted here. I bought it before word of the packaging got it (it looked somewhat neat in the shrink wrap and the 19.99 price at best Buy seams to be a bargain even with the cruddy packaging), but after I unwrapped it it wasn't long before...
  23. David Stone

    Metallic silver colored 4:3 televisions. An observation...

    Definitely lame, but how in the world did this market research driven industry come to the unilateral conclusion that consumers wanted silver? I know which of the following I would rather be looking at for 2 hours when trying to enjoy a film...
  24. David Stone

    Metallic silver colored 4:3 televisions. An observation...

    Has anyone noticed the metallic silver color of the current 4:3 television cases and bezels? I hadn't given it much thought myself, until I had to purchase one recently, and now I'm a tad bit suspicious of it all. Recently, our all black case and bezel 4:3 television "died". We feared it...
  25. David Stone

    Sony sued over copy-protected CDs

    Amen! I'm still peeved at Sony myself over their Draconian protection methods. My last VHS tape purchase (years ago) was the Sony produced "Riverdance" (the original). There is so much macrovision anti-copyguard on the tape that my Hitachi VCR won't play it. :angry: :angry: After several...
  26. David Stone

    New editions of 4 Muppet movies coming soon! Widescreen confirmed.

    I know I just got here and I'm still catching up, but can anyone answer with authority if the "Muppet Christmas Carol" ever played in any theaters with the song "When Love Is Gone" intact? My wife and I saw the film on opening day in Oklahoma, bought the soundtrack immediately and I don't...
  27. David Stone

    HTF REVIEW: Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

    Don't worry. I'm sure you'll get lots of chances to double-dip (or even triple-dip) in the next couple of years.
  28. David Stone

    HTF REVIEW: Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

    Uh, has anyone heard an official word on what happened to the outtakes on this DVD release?? I just bought it tonight, popped disc 1 into the player and went straight to the familiar 1-1-3-8 Easter egg. Instead of the expected out-takes that were on both the Episode I and II DVDs, there is...
  29. David Stone

    Star Wars 3 disc set. Or, the biggest waste of money this year...

    Yes, sound advice (no pun intended). If you're on the fence, borrow or rent the the set and judge for yourself. The wife and I were so disappointed in the Ep.4 disc that we didn't buy the set. We could forgive "the too much blue" and color changing light sabers, but (in our opinion) William's...
  30. David Stone

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Wallace & Gromit in Three Amazing Adventures

    Does anyone know if either of the two previous DVD releases included the original music on "The Wrong Trousers", or is it only available on laserdisc? If so, was it the "Wallace And Gromit: Their First Three Adventures" from Fox or the "Incredible Adventures Of Wallace And Gromit" from...
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