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  1. AndersP

    Question about rumble filters

    Beside vinyl and maybe cassettetapes there is no need for a rumble filter when running a closed sub. I suppose the matrix guys put the sound there for a reason.
  2. AndersP

    help on first tempest

    Hi. Last things first i highly approve on your fiberglass plans, but remember there will be a lot of sanding to do. I dont know the parts Express amps in detail, but they probably work fine. Remember: bigger is better.:) For my sub I bought something to grow in when I finally start on...
  3. AndersP

    found drivers for 2-way

    Do yourself a favour and get a kit. Reading your starting post, you clearly have no idea of the amount of work needed to get a good sounding pair of 2-ways out of those drivers. I´m sure the drivers are as good or better than the pricetag would suggest and supposedly better than any...
  4. AndersP

    Front Firing vs. Bottom Firing

    Hi. I´m building a pair of 6 ft tall, 2 2,5 ft wide sonotubes because I´ve got a super deal on a used TC-sound 15" pair. To get the most out of the room I´ll place the drivers as close to the floor corners as possible at the ends of the tubes and so they will be down firing. The...
  5. AndersP

    Is there an easy way to correct phase by 90 degrees?

    Justin, To perform such a test the front speakers should have the same output level as the sub. You want to detect the difference in phase between the fronts and the sub. Ideally you use a sine frequency test signal equal to the xover freq. Out of phase - reduced output of test tone In...
  6. AndersP

    boosting below tuneing freq.?

    I think it´s more like 40 Hz, but it´s impossible to know without some measurements. Take down some bass test signals from the net with like 1 Hz increments in the area 30 - 50 Hz and burn a test CD. Get a RS sound level meter and measure very close to the speaker cone at low level without...
  7. AndersP

    Tempest @ PE 250W questions regarding LFE

    Hi It´s very difficult to measure the low frequency response because of room resonances clouding up the picture. The response will also be different as you move the mike to another listening spot. I don´t know your particular test tone CD, but warble tones can be very useful. They are a...
  8. AndersP

    Speaker watts input vs. amp output power ratings

    Hi. I wouldn´t be to concerned about the input power ratings on the 6 1/2". I agree on most of your conclusions regarding the HT market. To me, HiFi buffs are generally more competent in science of sound than the typical HT afficionado. We are also older.:frowning: Compared to serious HiFi...
  9. AndersP

    Isobaric sanity check. ;)
  10. AndersP

    Newbie DIY PR sub help,lots of help

    Hi. I´ll try to answer som of your questions the best I can but first thing´s first: Do NOT use the car version of the XLS as it will not give you near the low level extension of the basic model. The car version is optimized for small dead closed spaces. 1. No idea. 2. Of course it...
  11. AndersP

    Questions on Shiva EBS Alignment

    The filter will dampen a 19 Hz tone 3 - 6 dB. The fact that the sub has its tuning in this area is nothing to loose sleep over, taking your room modes in to account. You can always remove/tweak the rumble filter at some later time. Stick with the given alignment. You will need some...
  12. AndersP

    Help me pick out a new 12" driver, please

    You will have to modify the enclosure in one way or the other to fit the new driver. If you´re lucky you can get away with modifications only to the port.
  13. AndersP

    More power needed for Tempests?

    Isn´t this a very long thread about a small problem?
  14. AndersP

    Can you guys give me some advice on my current sub?

    Sounds to me that the tuning of your system is on the low side, that is the PR,s are on the heavy side. - Have you measured the output of your system? - Are you sure the amp is driven within its specs? - If you are loading it with 2 Ohms/ch most overloadmargins are probably used up if...
  15. AndersP

    Need advice on Crown amps

    Crown amps are PA - amps as far as I understand. I wouldn´t recommend it. This is because of no guaranteed success. More power OK - better sonics NO. The thing to go for would be a 5ch, a 3ch or 3 identical monoblocs. Keword for you lucky americans: eBay A Crown amp for a killer subwoofer...
  16. AndersP

    PE Plate Amp Mods

    I would have listened to it first before starting digging in to the amp. Maybe you like it as it is? It´s always a good idea to know what to change ( and how to ) before you do it right? The next best thing would be to have someone ( don´t count me in for the moment ) running a sim on that...
  17. AndersP

    Most musical speaker drivers

    David: A 3/4" tweeter must usually be crossed at +3kHz. This means that the midrange will be driven in an area where it really becomes directive and where the dredded cone edge resonances starts to become apparent. This is why you seldom see those drivers in newer constructions. 1" domes have...
  18. AndersP

    Rumble Filter needed with Sealed Sub?

    A rumble filter can be a very good idea if you plan to play vinyl with your sub. I see no use for it with digital sources.
  19. AndersP

    LT sheet at FRD site updated

    Thanx, it shure was!:emoji_thumbsup:
  20. AndersP

    LT sheet at FRD site updated

    Sorry, but what´s the FRD site?
  21. AndersP

    Make preouts for a receiver?

    Hi. You defeat the internal amp by connecting the input to ground. Then it gets no signal. This can be done by a makeshift shorting plug that you easily make for yourself. I have done all the above 10 years ago, but on a 2 ch integrated. The real bitch is not the electronic part. It is the...
  22. AndersP

    Please read: Future and current DIYers

    :emoji_thumbsup: Excellent!
  23. AndersP

    What DIY sub to match with Maggies for music???

    You seem to be on the right track now. I´m sorry if I was unclear in my language about the blocks, but there are reasons and I was excused once earlier on this thread.:D :D Reading my last post, it comes to me that you can of course try your box out without blocks or stuffing and it can even...
  24. AndersP

    What DIY sub to match with Maggies for music???

    OK On woodblocks: This a mean to change the internal volume of the cabinet. No special size ( if you know how big they are you know how much smaller the volume became ) or placement. You just smacke´m up/in there with a gluegun. Its not more complicated then Mc Donalds. There´s space in your...
  25. AndersP

    10" Sub recommendation

    Check out the Peerless XLS 10´ here: I´m afraid it´s more than $100 though.:frowning:
  26. AndersP

    Parts Express Amp

    I would go for the bigger amp most definately. DIY is a lifelong contagious disease for which there is no cure and your next sub project being a smaller, less powerdemanding application is a concept of a very low order of probability.:D:D Good luck and best wishes!! Anders
  27. AndersP

    What DIY sub to match with Maggies for music???

    Steven: While I´m still at it; Remember that when we´re talking box volume we mean the volume of the inside of the cabinet and everything that protracts in to the cabinet, bracing, reflex tubes, the driver basket and so on must be subtracted from this to give you Vb ( box volume ). The shape...
  28. AndersP

    My flexy complete

    I really like it to. Keep it up!!:emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup:
  29. AndersP

    What DIY sub to match with Maggies for music???

    The 0.6 Shiva will do very nicely Steven and as a matter of fact, all of Peters suggestion would be perfect for you I think. If you want to play ( THIS IS A VERY GOOD ADVICE!! ), oversize the box to a volume translating into Qtc = 0.5 for the Shiva and then you can utilize the box for Qtc 0.5...
  30. AndersP

    What DIY sub to match with Maggies for music???

    Ha, ha, that was really funny to me:D, but if that is the case, I think he makes very much out of it!
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