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  1. John_Simpson

    Pre-Order The Marx Brothers (1929-1933) Universal Singles (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    DUCK SOUP, HORSEFEATHERS & MONKEY BUSINESS to start. THE COCOANUTS has some great moments but it suffers from being a static filming of their hit Broadway musical play. Same with ANIMAL CRACKERS. Another filmed Broadway musical, it gained a cult following because it was unseen for decades due...
  2. John_Simpson

    The Thin Man (1957)

    There's one supposedly PD episode (with Robby the Robot) available at the Internet Archive
  3. John_Simpson

    Press Release WHV Press Release: The Exorcist 50th Anniversary Edition (4k UHD Combo) (Blu-ray)

    Sorry to kill the buzz, but that 'reveal' is very, very old news:
  4. John_Simpson

    Press Release Press Release: The Puppetoon Movie Volume 3 (Blu-ray)

    I received my copy last week and I have to tell you, I got very emotional seeing how beautiful the transfers were. Some shorts from Volumes 1 & 2 were remastered in this Volume as well. I can unequivocally say that you can see why the restorations took four years.
  5. John_Simpson

    A few words about...™ - Black Panther: Wakanda Forever -- in 4k UHD

    Sorry to break it to everyone seeing James Cameron everywhere, but the "Blue People" have been a part of the Sub-Mariner comic books since the beginning.
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  7. John_Simpson

    Science Fiction/relationship/romance movie from 15-20 years ago?

    No, it's not Star Man. Check my previous post it's a movie with Garry Shandling from 2000
  8. John_Simpson

    Science Fiction/relationship/romance movie from 15-20 years ago?

    How about What Planet Are You From?
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  10. John_Simpson

    What Forgotten Films do you want on Blu ray or 4K?

    I've always wanted to have a Blu-Ray or even DVD of 1970's Cover Me, Babe with Robert Forster, Sondra Locke, Same Waterston and Susanne Benton. Enough time has passed that we won't get Special Features or audio commentary from the first two stars but I'm still hoping. And kill two birds with...
  11. John_Simpson

    R.I.P Gilbert Gottfried

    Although everyone remembers him as Iago I always liked his performance as Shock Jock Johnny Crunch in The Adventures of Ford Fairlane.
  12. John_Simpson

    Will the Real Charlie Chan please stand up?

    Yeah not at all like today with casting the lead in the historical TV series Anne Boleyn :)
  13. anne boleyn channel 5.jpg

    anne boleyn channel 5.jpg

  14. John_Simpson

    RIP: Howard Hesseman

    He also did movies as well as television. Most memorable was as one of the hippies in the Billy Jack franchise. Not to mention playing Captain Lassard in Police Academy 2
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  16. howard hesseman billy jack.jpg

    howard hesseman billy jack.jpg

  17. John_Simpson

    Press Release Criterion Press Release: The Girl Can't Help It (1956) (Blu-ray)

    Actually, the way that they copy off of each other without doing independent research all of them being wrong isn't as far fetched as you think it is.
  18. John_Simpson

    Hollywood the Golden Years The RKO Story

    It's available from the good folks at EarthStation 1 Linked to Bootleg site removed by Moderator: 5. Respect for copyrights. Home Theater Forum has a strict policy of respecting the rights of copyright holders. We do not allow promotion of bootleg material or discussion on how to obtain it...
  19. John_Simpson

    Blu-ray Review The Abbott and Costello Show: Season 1 Blu-ray Review

    Seeing the results of the restoration I'm proud to have been a contributor on Kickstarter. In the episodes I've watched so far the restorations are flawless on Blu Ray.
  20. John_Simpson

    Pre-Order The Abbott and Costello Show Season One (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Started watching my Blu Ray and Bob and Company outdid themselves with this restoration.
  21. John_Simpson

    Blu-ray Review Ivanhoe (1952) Blu-ray Review

    Excellent review. I'm waiting for a quiet time to watch my copy.
  22. John_Simpson

    Recommend me my next western to watch

    Guns of Will Sonnet If you want tons of violence and mayhem, and if you don't mind the steampunk aspects of later seasons, you can't do better than The Wild, Wild, West especially in B&W
  23. John_Simpson

    The Best Disc Commentary?

    If it's a part of the movie it's not commentary. I don't want to go down the philosophical rabbit hole of a character in a movie commenting about the movie inside the movie. Breaking the Fourth Wall isn't "commentary". Commentary has to come from outside whatever is being commented on.
  24. John_Simpson

    The Best Disc Commentary?

    I neglected to answer your other question. Leverage aired on TNT from December 7, 2008, to December 25, 2012 for five seasons.
  25. John_Simpson

    The Best Disc Commentary?

    Yup, What's Up Tiger Lily? Without running downstairs to check my copy I don't believe it had a commentary. Woody Allen's introduction really doesn't count as 'commentary' because it was edited into the film itself. Like I said, it was an intro and not an optional audio track. On a side note...
  26. John_Simpson

    Item: KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER (ABC/1974-1975)

    Although I hadn't planned on it, a combination of all of the previews in this thread as well as a price drop today on Amazon has caused me to purchase the Complete Series Blu Ray.
  27. John_Simpson

    VCI 60 - 85 Percent Off Sale Until 11/12/21

    Please do. Yeah, the whole "Who played Tekla" is a genuine online mystery. Check out the cast list at Wikipedia. Since you're sharing my feedback allow me to be more complete. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the resolution of the preview videos on the Main Menu. I was relieved when I saw...
  28. John_Simpson

    VCI 60 - 85 Percent Off Sale Until 11/12/21

    The Mr Wong set was great but I wanted to let you know that I finally binge watched the first 4 episodes of Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe and I was impressed (that's the word) by how well it had been done. You were absolutely correct. Now if we could just find out who played Radio Officer...
  29. John_Simpson

    The Best Disc Commentary?

    I really enjoy the commentary by William Friedkin on his film To Live and Die in LA.
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