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  1. Cowboy

    mccloud season 3 and 4

    I will wait to find out if any episodes are cut or Pal sourced.Amazon is no longer selling all Vei sets through them.McCloud is not available at all, some older Vei titles ship direct from Vei,no free Prime shipping.
  2. Cowboy

    mccloud season 3 and 4

    Will the Complete McCloud release include the pilot:McCloud:Who killed Miss U.S.A.?
  3. Cowboy

    T.H.E. CAT-Best Print

    I cut and pasted the link but it does not work.Search"T.H.E. Cat Robert Loggia" and you see the episode with Peter Mark Richman.
  4. Cowboy

    T.H.E. CAT-Best Print

    The best quality of T.H.E. CAT with original commercials that I have seen.I have the show but half are in black and white.
  5. Cowboy

    Warner Archive: Bronk (Jack Palance)

    I have never seen this show but like Jack Palance.Ordered from Deep Discount for $33 shipped.
  6. Cowboy

    A Man Called Shenandoah

    Does anyone know if you order direct from Warner Archive that you can get a pressed set?I understand Amazon purchases are MOD only.This show would be a blind buy,may get it if they are remastered and uncut.
  7. Cowboy

    What were your best bargains for Home Video Purchases?

    My best deals were: Goldhil release of Daniel Boone,1-5 for $50.It Takes A Thief box complete for $30 and Mannix complete for $28.
  8. Cowboy

    VEI Disc Problems?

    Just ordered the condensed Barnaby Jones release.Since it is from Vei,I have to fast forward every episode to check for freezing.If there are no problems I will order The Magician,Longstreet and Cannon.I already have the 3 on homemade discs but would prefer pressed dvds.
  9. Cowboy

    VEI Disc Problems?

    A few years ago I bought the Vei Mod Squad sets of seasons 3,4,5.They were returned due to disc freezings.Just got the 20 disc complete Mod Squad.Have had different discs freeze from 3,4,5 seasons.Returned set.I guess I will just watch the first 2 seasons from Cbs.I watched the whole Petrocelli...
  10. Cowboy

    MOST WANTED: 1976-77, Robert Stack, Pre-Order Amazon

    Someone asked Cbs on their Facebook page about release date.They said "no updates at this time, check Amazon". I want this show after seeing Jo Ann Harris in "The Beguiled" film.
  11. Cowboy

    Rockford files on mill creek

    The Mill Creek complete on dvd is on 22 discs,does not come with movies.Universal has the complete series only on 30 discs.If Mill Creek is using remastered versions won't putting more episodes per disc negate using remastered versions?
  12. Cowboy

    The Monroes due out 6 Sept

    Bought The Monroes set for $14 from Deep Discount.Watched the first 3 stories,nice location scenes,video like the It Takes A Thief release.A good blind buy worth the price.
  13. Cowboy

    The Rifleman Season Sets in 2013 ?

    I compiled the complete run of The Rifleman when they aired on Encore Westerns.They played them uncut and commercial free. Are these releases the same transfers from Encore?
  14. Cowboy

    Mannix is Coming! (All things Mannix w/spoilers)

    Deep Discount finally shipped the Mannix set.I am impressed with the quality remastered video.One of my best deals for getting the whole series for under $30 bucks.
  15. Cowboy

    Mannix is Coming! (All things Mannix w/spoilers)

    I ordered the complete set for $28.79 shipped,though it is still on backorder from Deep Discount and not yet mailed out.
  16. Cowboy

    Jericho (1966)

    I guess Warner Archive is no longer pressing initial TV release distributions?
  17. Cowboy

    True Detective: Season Two

    I watched the first 4 episodes and I'm completely underwhelmed.The story is boring,thought Season 1 was great.
  18. Cowboy

    Jericho (1966)

    I have Harry O,seasons 1 and 2.I don't think they were remastered.
  19. Cowboy

    Jericho (1966)

    This show will be another blind purchase.Will the discs be be pressed?I am guessing they will not remaster an obscure short run series.
  20. Cowboy

    T.H.E. Cat Prints

  21. Cowboy

    The Mod Squad

    Deep Discount had a 15% off coupon,picked up Mod Squad 3,4,5 complete for $45 shipped.Deep Discount still does not collect sales tax unlike Amazon.
  22. Cowboy

    What's Left On Your 70's Want List

    Want these on dvd: Bronk,Cade's County,The Rest of Baretta,McCloud,Police Woman.Hec Ramsey and all the Abc After School Specials.
  23. Cowboy

    T.H.E. Cat Prints

    Years ago I got a vhs set of T.H.E Cat from film.The seller said NBC no longer has any prints.They dumped a ton of their 1960's series to make room for newer titles.The show ran once in syndication in Canada in 1985.
  24. Cowboy

    Warner Archives in 2014? Take A Shot!

    What other 1970's detective shows does Warner own besidesBronk that may be a dvd release?
  25. Cowboy

    Jack Warden: Crazy like a Fox

    I also want Jigsaw John and Crazy Like a Fox on dvd.
  26. Cowboy

    Warner Archives in 2014? Take A Shot!

    I don't understand what is holding up season sets of Chico and the Man.They could also continue Welcome Back Kotter.Also,since they are now streaming Bronk,a dvd release of the show would be welcome.
  27. Cowboy

    Any Chance Of Cade's County On DVD?

    I would buy Cade's County if they released it.I first saw the show years ago on Tv Land when they aired a lot of rare shows.
  28. Cowboy

    DVD Review Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman: The Complete Series DVD Review

    Amazon must have sold many Mary Hartman sets,they now are listing "usually ships from 1 to 3 weeks".
  29. Cowboy

    DVD Review Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman: The Complete Series DVD Review

    Bought the set for $100 on Amazon.Hard to pass up on the great deal.
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