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  1. Gifford L

    B&K amp differences?

    The amps are roughly the same internally. I was told by the rep that they are. It is interesting to note however that the Reference mono/stereo/and 3 channel models are rated at 220 watts and the new ones are rated at 200 watts. The main difference is balanced inputs, blue power lights, and...
  2. Gifford L

    B&K's Gucchi line

    Yes but it will not be available until next year. It will be a cost no object design but not in the 15k range. More like the 7k range featuring a full dual differential design with multiple processors offering much more in the room correction department. The amps will be digital. The chassis...
  3. Gifford L

    B&K Ref 50: NEED INFO PLEASE!!!

    It's not going to cost even close to 1K more for the upgrade. That dealer or rep must have been smoking something.
  4. Gifford L

    B&K Ref 50: NEED INFO PLEASE!!!

    So if bandwidth is the issue here what would you choose to have. The room EQ filter and very flexible bass management or non-global x-overs and say 6 popular x-over points and no room filtering?
  5. Gifford L

    B&K Ref 50: NEED INFO PLEASE!!!

    Michael is right on. B&k has very flexible bass management and it should be fairly easy for any company to have non-global crossovers, but the truth is that with all the potential for combing effects it can do more harm than good. Giving people just one more thing to screw up. I would like the...
  6. Gifford L

    B&K Ref 50: NEED INFO PLEASE!!!

    My rep says (who also reps anthem as well) that because of B&K's and Motorola's relationship they have the ability to do lots of backdoor stuff with the processing that others do not or will not have. Didn't have any specifics as this was a few months ago before we knew all the specifics. As...
  7. Gifford L

    Monster Power any good?

    Since the PS audio units were not that feasible for me and most people wanting to hook up a whole system I turned to balanced power as the next best alternative for power conditioning that is until I saw Link Removed Which does correct the sagging and clipped waveform coming from the wall all...
  8. Gifford L

    Pre/Pro back to a Receiver, Can you ever go back home ?

    I stepped down to a 3802 for a time and enjoyed it. The difference isn't a big as some would have you believe.
  9. Gifford L

    AV mall legit?

    They say they are authorized for everything they sell so if they are not that is bad. However I can't see how they can get away with the internet sales on that kind of a scale if they are since it isn't supposed to be allowed.
  10. Gifford L

    What's the buzz on the new B&K line?

    NO it has nothing to do with the clothing company at least I hope not. It will be more like a Krell or something along those lines as far as chassis and componentry. (ie. balanced, multiple DSP's, better parts etc.)
  11. Gifford L

    B&K 307 Review- Does this sound familiar?

    They are all Mass Market because they are mass produced on a large scale. BB and CC don't carry the 49tx but places like Ultimate Electronics do.
  12. Gifford L

    What's the buzz on the new B&K line?

    What Camp says is accurate. There is a new Gucci series coming out next year. The ref 40 should be out soon shortly before a DPLII upgrade but a lot of the waiting game is because of Motorola at this point. That said amplifiers don't really change and haven't for decades. Some of the earliest...
  13. Gifford L

    Check out THIS Pro-Logic II processor

    The coolest thing is that since these tube amps were all around the room when he turned out the lights it was pitch black except for what had to be over a hundred tube filaments glowing orange. Also emerging from pitch black was a very enveloping sound from everywhere.
  14. Gifford L

    B&K 307 Review- Does this sound familiar?

    Auto set-up of levels and delay like the HK and parasound are not what is going on here. He is talking about DSP room correction for nasty room modes. Auto set up would be nice but I wonder how accurate it can be in a sub 3K product. I mean to say that a descent Mic is expensive and so are...
  15. Gifford L

    Check out THIS Pro-Logic II processor

    It was Jed, Jim (this products designer and the inventor of DPLII) had all his speakers tri-amped using his own custom made tube amps that were placed all along the room. What was really interesting to me is that required long interconnects as you can imagine. For long interconnects he used...
  16. Gifford L

    Check out THIS Pro-Logic II processor

    It sound good too. I had a chance to listen to it in Jim Fosgates house for some time. He used it for music and a Tag Maclaren on Video for DPLII. I believe this was the first DPLII decoder available. It has cool blinking LEDS in the front to show you the steering logic working steering the...
  17. Gifford L

    Low household voltage causing noise

    The AVS-2000 should be fine for your whole system as I believe it's capacity is the same as houshold circuit. Stereophile reported that during their show last summer when the country was having all the power problems the hotel was have serious voltage sags and many displays were having problems...
  18. Gifford L

    Low household voltage causing noise

    I think the power company needs to have a look and see if the mains voltage into the house is ok. Then I say you call an electrician to track down the problem. I have seen this from bad connections. On some outlets we had 90 volts but the upstream was at 120v so we found the bad connections...
  19. Gifford L

    Lightning Strike = Upgrade Time?

    I'd say that if most of your gear survived you surge protector may have done some of it's job. I'd check the fuses of the AVR2800 and see if they are fried and if so replace them and see what happens.
  20. Gifford L

    100 Amps? 75 Amps?

    Those current specs are instantaneous or peak values and HK doesn't give any kind of duration for those specs. I suspect it like a microsecond or so for those values. But the signature amps bigger spec does tell you that the power supply is probably bigger and better than the 7000's so the...
  21. Gifford L

    B&K Reference 30 opinions?

    Warren, As John has stated B&K is slow to upgrade, one reason the ref 30 hasn't been upgraded yet is because Motorola is being slow releasing the new DSP that will have DPLII on board. But B&K's upgrade track record is good with upgrades typically costing the difference in price of the...
  22. Gifford L

    B&K Reference 30 opinions?

    It's a great piece and offers great flexibility especially in custom installations. Sadly its greatest features are underappreciated because many people haven't set it up right or used it to it's potential. It does sound good, is very easy to use and offers lots of connectivity. I have no...
  23. Gifford L

    If you have a 950 and had to buy any amp but an Outlaw...

    I've never ever heard B&K's amps described as bright so thats new to me. I say they sound smooth. I also would recommend Anthem which seemed neutral to me.
  24. Gifford L

    meridian 561 WAY better than outlaw 950!!

    John your right and I'm not saying the 950 is equal only musing at the comments people have made. I feel the same thing about other processors that have been compared to the 950 as well not just the MC1. Guys I'm not interested in the 950 as of now or an MC1 so I'm not trying to say or...
  25. Gifford L

    meridian 561 WAY better than outlaw 950!!

    This is curious to me. On the one hand we have people saying that the 950 sounds better than a Ref 30 and DC2 and as good as an MC1 which though dated is no slouch and sold for 6K. I've even seen reports that in sonics it is right up there with the MC12 that sells for 9K. On the other...
  26. Gifford L

    conspiracy between audio companies and magazines?

    kevin I don't know about the other products but they didn't trash the Newcastle but recommended highly and gave it a good review. The did mention that the bass management for the ANALOG BYPASS inputs (for DVDA and SACD) didn't seem to be working as had been advertised. But they have a few "low...
  27. Gifford L

    Rotel 1066 benefits Vs Outlaw 950?

    Merc I'm not very familiar with the other pre-pro there but I am with the REF 30 and I found some errors in your specs/feature comparison regarding the Ref 30 off the top of my head. The DSP is a 56362 not the 56366 The Direct audio inputs are 7.1 not 5.1 also any of the stereo inputs can be...
  28. Gifford L

    DVD-A and SACD to work in one setup???

    Or contact Shawn Fogg for an automatic triggered or manual switch.
  29. Gifford L

    Power filter for Outlaw 770?

    You could use something like this Panamax High current surge supressor
  30. Gifford L

    Pioneer 49TX vs. Denon 5803

    I will be doing this comparison on some klipsch reference series in 2 weeks.
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