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  1. Jeffrey R

    The Doors - Perception CD+DVD-Audio Box

    Can't you just go into the setup menu on the Denon and change the DVD setting from "Audio" to "Video" to see the different audio options? This should be in the last setup category.
  2. Jeffrey R

    Genesis on SACD soon

  3. Jeffrey R

    The Matrix Ultimate DVD Collection

    I recently picked this set up from for under $30 using the google checkout discount. I always felt this box set was a major omission from my collection, and at this kind of price, it was a must-buy for me. It's quite a set.
  4. Jeffrey R

    The Complete "The Lord of the Rings: score - with 5.1 DVD

    Right, which at CD Universe would drop it to $43 if you use Google Checkout for an instant $10 off $30. $43 is much more appealing than $75. Screw Amazon. I think I picked up the first set for about $40, so with the coupon it is not too bad at CDU.
  5. Jeffrey R

    Is the Rolling Stones "Hot Rocks" DSD really a SACD?

    Nope, no problem with your 2900. That's my main player as well, and it has never missed an SACD or DVD-A for me with its trusty blue and red lights. Based on that description at CD Universe, it should be the SACD. But again, the problem is, ABKCO used the same UPC for both the SACD and the...
  6. Jeffrey R

    Is the Rolling Stones "Hot Rocks" DSD really a SACD?

    Sorry, but you got the redbook remaster, not the SACD. As stated previously, digipak = SACD and jewel case = redbook. ABKCO in their infinite wisdom discontinued the Stones SACD's, which were all in digipak's but not labeled as SACD's, and released the redbook remasters in jewel cases with...
  7. Jeffrey R

    Tower Records goin' under?

    This is my store. :) I live a block away, and I'm in there almost every day either before or after work. Lots of times to see the new releases that I have on the way from online (part of their problem I guess). Lots of times to just browse. And frankly lots of times to actually buy. It is...
  8. Jeffrey R

    Moody Blues SACD

    I got all five of them from CD-Wow for $80 shipped. You can still pick up the ones you didn't purchase yet. I am pleased with these releases, and I like the surround mixes (on all but ISOTLC which is 2-channel only).
  9. Jeffrey R

    What Hirez Discs Have You Purchased Recently?

    I bought the Searchers Collection SACD as a blind buy a couple of months ago, and it is great. Forgetting about the mastering, which you know will be excellent from Steve Hoffman, it is a great collection of songs. I'm glad I got it.
  10. Jeffrey R

    King Kong 2 disc $19.99 at borders coupon

    Guess I beat both of you. I have a Tower on my block in NYC. ;) Now that Tower is getting aggressive in their pricing, the proximity is coming in handy. It used to be someplace I'd stop in to browse, but usually bought somewhere else. I'll be in Tower bright and early tomorrow before work to...
  11. Jeffrey R

    Morph the Cat

    That's it--the "Special Edition" is the CD + DVD-A. I bought my copy at Tower Records B&M for $14.99, which was their online price until today.
  12. Jeffrey R

    Northern Exposure Seasons 1 & 2 combined 5/9

    Street price appears to be about $40 for the set. Checked Amazon and DDD.
  13. Jeffrey R

    What Hirez Discs Have You Purchased Recently?

    All due respect to Doug, I think the Stranger SACD is outstanding (only listened to multichannel SACD, not stereo layer), and about 99% of the hundreds of posts I've read on the Stranger SACD are positive. You were lucky to find this, especially at that price. Don't worry, I'm confident you'll...
  14. Jeffrey R

    ALL MOODY BLUES SACDs on sale at

    CD-Wow is totally legit. They're highly regarded, and have good prices, especially on imports, and even offer free shipping to the states from overseas. I bought the import Dire Straits Brothers in Arms SACD from them for a great price, and everything worked out fine.
  15. Jeffrey R

    ALL MOODY BLUES SACDs on sale at

    Search is working again. Total comes to $81.75 for me, so I canceled my order from deepdiscountcd, where my total was $94. Thanks OP.
  16. Jeffrey R

    Film Soundtracks on DVD-Audio...There are only two?!

    Close Encounters is available in hi-rez DVD-A--HDAD to be exact. From Classic Records. I have it and it's quite good. Check a site like elusivedisc for this one.
  17. Jeffrey R

    Any John Coltrane fans out there?

    Just my .02 cents, but I think that Coltrane is such a slam dunk, that I say jump right in, don't mess around, and from on top of the Trane/Monk at Carnegie Hall and One Down, One Up sets, get the Heavyweight Champion Atlantic Box Set, Complete Impulse Box Set, and the Complete...
  18. Jeffrey R

    How does BMG/YourMusic.Com do it ?

    Yourmusic started out with a $4.99 per CD promotion for a few months. Now that was crazy cheap. I went absolutely nuts, mostly buying boxsets. Getting Miles Davis boxsets for $25 or so, when they sold at retail for like $75, was just nuts. And they had (and have a ton of others) like the Faces...
  19. Jeffrey R

    Seinfeld FYE Rebate

    With fye rebates, you can use the price sticker that includes the UPC. That's one of the benefits from buying from the store instead of online--the online orders don't include the price sticker with the UPC. Just don't use the "proof of purchase" tabs from inside the DVD. They want the UPC.
  20. Jeffrey R

    New RUSH 30th Anniversary Tour DVD Details!

    This new DVD puts Rio to shame. Much better picture and audio quality. You can see more thoughts in the thread in the Music forum.
  21. Jeffrey R

    Toy Story 2: Special Edition..... due Dec. 26th

    Much to my surprise, my copy ordered online showed up in the mail today. They must have thought the release date was this week. Haven't had a chance to pop it in yet, but I might test out the opening scene in DTS tonight. Edit: Was able to watch a little bit tonight, and as would be expected...
  22. Jeffrey R

    1st & Ten: The Complete Collection

    This set is a tough one to peg. I ordered it from Walmart when I first heard it was available, and received it earlier this week. Then I heard about the edits. My first reaction was to send it back. And if I had a Walmart near me I might have brought it back already. But after mulling it...
  23. Jeffrey R

    Evil Dead: BOTH Books of the Dead (the two in sculptured packaging)

    Too bad you missed the Anchor Bay sale on deepdiscountdvd a month or two ago. I preordered the 2-pack for $33. But it is now about $42 on DDD, so it is still much cheaper than Amazon.
  24. Jeffrey R

    MoFi's new SACD of Earth Wind & Fire's "That's The Way of the World" for $14.97

    Got mine too last week. Haven't had much of a chance to listen, but what I heard sounded good.
  25. Jeffrey R

    Any HK AVR335 users????

    Hey Ryan, my H/K 635 remote does the same thing with the boxes along the top. I e-mailed H/K customer service, and they shipped me out a new remote no questions asked. I don't even have to send back the old one. That is a defect, and since you're under warranty, you shouldn't have to accept...
  26. Jeffrey R

    AVR 635 and 630 differences?

    I think James' description of the differences between the two is pretty accurate. Choosing is a tough call. You can get steeply discounted AVR630's, including refurbed direct from Harman on e-bay. So it is tempting. But when I decided to upgrade my H/K AVR520 recently, I went with the 635. To...
  27. Jeffrey R

    DualDisc confusion...

    Downward Spiral DualDisc is hi-rez. I own it, and it sounds great.
  28. Jeffrey R

    HK AVR7000 sounds better than Parasound Amp...

    I'm a little surprised by the comment above about all receivers sounding the same. It kind of casts a doubt on all of the hundreds of thousands of home theater threads about which receiver to buy, and all the positions people put out one way or the other. But in the real world, I just...
  29. Jeffrey R

    Will Blu-Ray make all of our receivers obsolete?

    Just to be clear Kenneth, your Harman Kardon AVR 635 does not have bass management on the 6/8 channel inputs (I have this receiver by the way). The two prior generations, AVR630 and AVR525, do have bass management on the 6/8 channel analog inputs. H/K dropped it this time around for the EQ...
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