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    Role of HDMI in Digital Recording

    I have a perplexing problem with recording from an HD cable box. Here are the connections: Coax to HD box; from box to HDTV via HDMI; from box to DVR via coax; from DVR to HDTV via Component. DVR is set to Channel 3. With this setup I can record any channel on the HD box as long as I have the TV...
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    Help With DVR

    I am unable to perform successful auto tuning on my Panasonic DVR, so I can't schedule a recording. I have a coax connection from the wall to an Atlantic Scientific HD cable box and coax from the box to the DVR with component from the DVR to Component 1 on my TV. I have read the manual and tried...
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    Basic Audio HELP?

    I few more options for you: ZVOX Audio - Single-cabinet, wireless surround sound home theater systems HSU Ventriloquist VT-12 Have fun!
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    Help With Calibration

    Thank you Pat, Mike and Joe. I will buy a new caibration disc. I have my eye on the Digital Video Essentials High Definition HD-DVD. I will assume that I can use this on a Toshiba HD-A3 720/1080i player with a Panasonic TH-42PX75U 42" 720p Plasma HDTV. I will also try the THX Optimode, as...
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    Help With Calibration

    Several years ago I used the 2001 Sound & Vision (Ovation) HT Tune-up disc to calibrate a SD TV with excellent results. I tried the same disc to calibrate a new Panasonic Plasma HDTV and while the picture is striking I am concerned about the Picture/Contrast setting which I understand if set too...
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    Center Mate For MMG's

    Any suggestions on a conventional box speaker to act as center for a pair of MMG fronts? I don't have the space for a Maggie center (nor budget). Thanks.
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    HDTV Calibration Disc

    I like to use a calibration disc to set color, contrast, etc. on my TV. In the past, this has been for a CRT with much success. Now that I have an HDTV I would like to do the same. I understand that if I had an HD DVD or Blu-ray box, I would buy the corresponding calibration disc format to...
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    Please Vote

    Thanks guys for chiming in. I am one that likes to read other opinons as part of my preliminary research and then go see for myself. Thanks again. R
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    Please Vote

    Thanks, Gary for that considerate response! Rob
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    Please Vote

    You have three choices: Samsung 46" 4661F LCD (1080p), Sony 46" 46V2500 LCD (1080p) or Panasonic 50" 50PX77U Plasma (720p). Either one can be purchased for around $1700. Your HT is in the basement and your viewing distance is 10 feet. You have a critical eye and a maximum budget of $1900...
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    HDTV Reviews

    Besides Consumer Reports and Cnet what other resources are available for comprehensive reviews on HDTV's? Thanks. R
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    What would you do on a budget?

    Follow-on response/questions: My lighting conditions: Basement Viewing Angle: Straight on Sources: SD TV and upconverted SD DVD via Oppo to start, then HD TV via FiOS and DVD via player TV Content: Generally movies While viewing SD TV, is there any diffence in the picture quality...
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    What would you do on a budget?

    In general, if you had a single choice between buying a 42" 1080p or a 50" 720p (both Plasma), which would you choose today and why? Your viewing distance is 10 feet. Thanks. R
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    HDTV Picture Quality

    Like so many others, I am struggling with buying my first HDTV (actually I am going to buy three: Living Room, Family Room & Home Theater). I pretty much have decided to go LCD (32") for both Family Room and Living Room (both have outside windows) and Plasma (42 or 50") for the HT which is in...
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    First Flat Screen - Please Help a Newbie

    Take a look at (i.e. research) the TH-50PX75U by Panasonic. R
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    Polish for Black Laminate Speaker Finish

    Can anyone recommend a polish to remove marks and scratches on the finish of high-gloss black laminate (NHT) speakers? Thanks.
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    Bad Vibrations?

    I am having some space problems in one of my listening rooms. Should I be concerned about keeping my receiver on top of my subwoofer? Are there any products that would isolate the receiver? Thanks. Rob
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    Lasrdisc Recording

    Not to interrupt the technical debate on this subject, but when I make a copy I will let you all know how it looks and sounds compared to the original. Thanks for responding to my thread. Rob
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    Lasrdisc Recording

    I know that I can not record (make copies) of DVD's with my DVD Recorder because of copy protection. Before I go through the process of hooking up the equipment, does anyone know if I can record my Laserdisc's onto DVD? There are still movies that I have on Laserdisc (e.g. The African Queen)...
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    Help Subwoofer hook up?

    Peter, What does your manual say? That is your best starting point. Rob
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    Operation Crossbow

    I too have been waiting for this movie to come out on DVD. I wish I could help you with your question, but I have not been able to find out any details except that the release date is January 10, 2006. I own this movie on laserdisc so I am hoping that the DVD release will be at least as good as...
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    7.1 Setup Question

    Chris, The green part on the ceiling looks like it would get the sb closer to center, firing at you. This would be ideal! But, if you can't find a bracket to accommodate this, you may want to stick with your speaker stand idea. Of course, you can also try a single speaker on a high stand...
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    7.1 Setup Question

    The odd shape of your room is not making this easy. You may be better served with buying stands and positioning the sb's together, like you are doing with the cd racks, only closer together. I'll tell you what I would do. You see that ledge on your ceiling that goes down the center of your room...
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    Energy 5.1e

    I have owned a pair of these for many years and have been very satisfied with their performance.
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    7.1 Setup Question

    Chris: You have a lot of space between your sweet-spot and your sb's. This will make them work harder to get the correct balance of sound to your listening position. Locate your sl & r speakers parallel with your ears, firing at you. You can then try your sb's where the sl & r are positioned...
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    Bright sounding speakers

    While this is not a direct response to your question regarding speakers, I want to point out that it has been my experience that a receiver also has its own characteristics regarding sound. For example, to my ears (also a musician for years - electric bass) Denon receivers sound much brighter...
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    XM Radio Sound Processing

    Some interesting technical information on this subject: Rob
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    XM Radio Sound Processing

    Thanks for the support Ron and Bob and thanks for the info on "Neural Audio optimization." This makes complete sense and is no doubt what I am hearing. Perhaps one day this technology will be available to consumers. If nothing else, I hope those who read this post and are not happy with the...
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    XM Radio Sound Processing

    Well guys, I am compelled to defend the fact that I know good sound when I hear it, but I won't. Suffice it to say that XM Radio at my house on my system is very enjoyable with all the attributes that are pleasing to me. They are: fullness with a solid low end, clarity, crispness and imagery...
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    XM Radio Sound Processing

    I can’t understand how there could be such an incongruity with the sound quality of XM Radio in the home. Especially, when considering that those who have responded to my thread, indicating that the sound quality was poor, are experienced audiophiles.
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