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  1. StevenJL

    MOVING SALE!! Dual SVS 20-39 CS+ with samson amp/Paradigm HT speakers

    Only Onkyo 797 left!!!! Willing to ship if split the Shipping & Insurance. Thanks once again for all the interest!!!
  2. StevenJL

    MOVING SALE!! Dual SVS 20-39 CS+ with samson amp/Paradigm HT speakers

    New prices for Paradigm and Onkyo. Thanks for all the interest!!
  3. StevenJL

    MOVING SALE!! Dual SVS 20-39 CS+ with samson amp/Paradigm HT speakers

    We are moving half way across the world this Summer due to career relocations and decided to sell our HT equipment. I really hate to see them go but it is too expensive to ship them....... My wife is glad to see them go :frowning: 2 SVS 20-39+ subs with samson 1000 amp Asking...
  4. StevenJL

    WTB- svs 20-39 cs+ (non-powered) sub or ..

    I have sent you an e mail! :emoji_thumbsup:
  5. StevenJL

    My Dilemma: 50" or 57"

    Chris, Go with the 57H82. I sit about 10-11' away from my Mitsu 55809 and regreting not getting the 65809. Steven
  6. StevenJL

    how long can i get a optical cable? (toslink)

    My DVD player and Mitsu STB are connected via Toslink to AV receiver. Both cables run 35 feet each, goes under the floor to basement and comes back up from right corner to left corner of the family room, because of the french door. I am not sure of limitations of toslink specification but...
  7. StevenJL

    Does anyone buy DVDs just for the movie?

    Yes, and that's most impoortant to me. Having some cool extras doesn't hurt though....:D
  8. StevenJL

    For Sale: 2 Panasonic RP82

    Hello everyone: I found three of these over past month from Canada. I am keeping one for myself, 2 up for sale. Asking $385 for the first unit + buyer pays for actual shipping and insurance. Asking $365 for the second unit (has a very small scratch/barely noticeable)+ actual shipping...
  9. StevenJL

    Panny RP-82 is no more

    Jeffery, You can still find RP82s available from Canada. Just need some time, effort and most importantly, LUCK.
  10. StevenJL

    Preorder 'The Ring' @ for 9.99

    Thanks for the info!!:emoji_thumbsup:
  11. StevenJL

    Sony DVP-NS700P DVD help ...

    check this out.
  12. StevenJL

    Paradigm Beef- Advice Needed(long)

    Mike, I am so sorry that you are having such a problem with this Paradigm dealership. No one needs to go through what you are going though. Try to talk w/ the owner/upper management and see if you can get another 'new' one from other store/direct from Paradigm. They should honor your request...
  13. StevenJL

    Monitor 11 v2 vs. Monitor 7 v3

    Taylor, I have the monitor 11 v.2 and did several auditioning at local dealership just over a year ago. I personally liked the fuller/richer mid range that 11s produced over the 7s. Maybe want to check out the studio 20s......... I believe CC-370 V.3 is the latest. Good luck! Steven
  14. StevenJL

    DirecTV Local Channels Question...

    Tim, I live in Fitchburg and about year and a half ago, tried with couple of stations with no luck. They weren't too nice about it either. But you live 50 miles away from Madtown so why not give it a try? Steven
  15. StevenJL

    Paradigm Monitor 11's vs. Studio 40/60's

    John, Trust your ears!! I ended up with Monitor 11's instead of the Studio Ref. series. I've compared them for about three weeks at the store and just fell in love with the 11's. Either way, you can't go wrong! Exellent service!! Steven
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