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  1. JasonKrol

    CounterStrike for Xbox, whos got it?!

    to select the knife, it is the Weapon toggle button. I think there might be some sort of analog feature though, like depending on how hard you press brings up the knife or something. I have noticed that the knife will not select at times, and others it will. but, I have tried hard enough to...
  2. JasonKrol

    CounterStrike for Xbox, whos got it?!

    I played for most of last night, and while everyone did seem to be running and gunning, I think that was because we were just getting used to the maps and control. Also, I kept just buying everything to see how all the different weapons were. One thing Im a little bummed about is that there...
  3. JasonKrol

    CounterStrike for Xbox, whos got it?!

    I just picked up my copy today at lunch, and tried it for about an hour (before I was forced to get back to work) Initial impressions: Its almost exactly like the PC version, which in my opinion is a good thing. It looks slightly better, and the Buy menu is cool, but Im so glad a lot of...
  4. JasonKrol

    MANHUNT is coming soon

    i just got my copy today a lunch, along with CounterStrike for Xbox. I havent had a change to try it yet, but I cant wait. IGN also said its good for 20-30 hours of play, plus more because of the unlockable bonuses! Woohoo!! :D
  5. JasonKrol

    Socom Ii

    I'm sad to hear that Im the only person that thinks this game is nothing near what SOCOM 1 is, and almost borders on garbage. I played for about 45 minutes, and was basically disgusted the whole time. I will give it a few more days, but I seriously see myself returning it. It doesnt even...
  6. JasonKrol

    Where is the crimson skies (Xbox) review?

    heres my review of the game at my site: Hopefully that answers any of your questions/doubts. Thanks!
  7. JasonKrol

    Would your wife play with you-TOP SPIN tournament, LCVG Top Spin "couples" tournament

    Have you created the Tournament yet at XSN? Or do we have to wait until the game is officially out before you can do anything with it on xsn? Also, my Gamertag is "OCGN Hiro" (Note the space) Thanks!
  8. JasonKrol

    Would your wife play with you-TOP SPIN tournament, LCVG Top Spin "couples" tournament

    Hey, my wife and I will compete! While she rarely plays video games with me, tennis is one of the very few that she actually likes to play! Count us in please!!
  9. JasonKrol

    Microsoft Wins OK for Xbox Wireless Adapter

    yeah, I was considering picking up the LinkSYS Wireless G Game ADapter and a Wireless G Router. With those 2 items, I should be able to hook a regular ol hub to the WGA in my rack and have internet access for all of my gaming/ht needs. The only problem with the Xbox thing is that if you picked...
  10. JasonKrol

    Anna K. & XSN

    hrmm... after a couple of minutes of staring, I noticed the boxshot in the background. What surprises/pleases me is that good ol Petey is on it. Does that mean hell be in the game?!?! Lets hope!
  11. JasonKrol

    Xbox exploited

    I personally dont see MS allowing anything to happen to their baby too. If that means coming to each of our houses, and swapping our Xbox with a new one that has an updated kernal, I believe they would actually do it. But, i do think that this exploit is rather difficult to pull off, but...
  12. JasonKrol

    Socom Servers vs. Xbox Live

    Brett, I wonder if he means the fact that SOCOM has dedicated servers, and most Live games rely on Peer-to-peer. Meaning, I dont know too many people with T1s in their house to be able to host a full 8v8/16 player game. That being said, if RTCW, CS, RS, any 16 player game will ultimately...
  13. JasonKrol

    splitting/switching Component connections?

    Hello all, I recently upgraded to HDTV with Comcast. Thats the good news, the bad news is that this new component connection is an addition to my already maxed out 2 component Inputs in my TV. One was being used for Prog DVD player, and the other for Prog Scan Xbox. I am wondering if it is ok...
  14. JasonKrol

    Midnight Club 2 vs Midtown Madness 3

    well, I for one know that Im going to be picking up MC2 over MM3 for the Xbox, (probably). Midnight Club II is all about 1 thing, speed, and intense over the top racing/driving. Midtown Madness, while not as focused on speed, is very similar in that its a very huge openended city that you...
  15. JasonKrol

    Capcom Vs. SNK2 Am I cheating?

    well, most people are angry at the EO people because it A) requires no skill whatsoever and B) can be considered cheap in that you are automatically blocking everything, and theres no such thing as "charging" your charge moves. Also, you can pull off some of the most rediculous moves with...
  16. JasonKrol

    Hit 'em when they're down, Dave.

    well, like the article says, apparently they used his name to begin with, and then again after it was decided that it wasnt going to be a Mirra title. I dont recall ever seeing a "misleading" advertisement that showed/said anything about Mirra and this game. What I do remember is all the...
  17. JasonKrol

    SOCOM Reunion...

    damn right Im in!! Cal, can you please send an email to all when we can play? Thanks!!
  18. JasonKrol

    Capcom vs SNK 2 (live) Tournament

    yeah, im thinking that I will have to get both as well. I kinda like the huge combos in Marvel vs Capcom, but I like the more realistic and skill-required fighting style of Capcom vs SNK. as a footnote, I hear that Marvel vs Capcom was delayed until sometime in May or Sept due to licensing...
  19. JasonKrol

    Capcom vs SNK 2 (live) Tournament

    Hello all, I just wanted to let everyone interested know that I have launched a 32 player tournament for Capcom vs SNK 2 over at The official launch date for the tournament is Feb 25th, which should give everyone a good solid 2 weeks to brush up their skills and polish off their...
  20. JasonKrol

    Looking for volunteers for

    Very very awesome site!! You should eventually make it so that users who are registered can keep track of all of the games they own, similar to the sites that let users do that for DVDs. Also, if you are interested in affiliation with my site, let me know. I would be glad to add a button...
  21. JasonKrol

    What percentage did YOU get in Metroid Fusion? I got 47%??!

    ohh wow, duh!! Im stupid, sorry for not realizing that! hehe, honest mistake!
  22. JasonKrol

    What percentage did YOU get in Metroid Fusion? I got 47%??!

    one thing that adds to your percentage of game completion (I believe) is scanning everything! % is just not that you found all of the health capsules and missle expansions, but that you have visited every nook and crany of the game, scanned every enemy, and scanned every computer and relic in...
  23. JasonKrol

    Midnight Club II

    Todd, Nothing official has been announced about online play, but it is heavily rumored. And, the PS2 broadband and Xbox Live logos on the official MC2 website only feed fuel to the rumors. (I really really hope online play is a reality, but I cant help but think that its probably some stupid...
  24. JasonKrol

    Congrats JoshF on a great article !!!

    yes, I too was very surprised to see this article! Was an excellent read and made me very proud. Even brought a tear to my eye! ;) But alas, it appears that I am a fanboy after I took the little quiz that accompanies it. Ohh well, who knew?! Great job Josh!!!
  25. JasonKrol

    Dino Crisis 3. New screens.

    I cant wait to see what the game actually looks like when the real screenshots are released. Not the ultra high rez development station screens.
  26. JasonKrol

    *** Official Splinter Cell (X-Box) Review & Discussion Thread

    im on the last level, somewhere near the end of it I assume. This game is soo great I cant stress it enough. Now that I know what to do on each level, I cant wait to relive the experience on Hard difficulty. And, the new missions cant come soon enough via Content Download on Live!! But, I do...
  27. JasonKrol

    *** Official Splinter Cell (X-Box) Review & Discussion Thread

    Someone, anyone, I need help!! Im stuck, and theres nothing more frustrating in this game than getting stuck. This game is soo much like watching a movie that when you get stuck you realize its just a game (ruins the mood :b ) Anyway, Im on the 2nd embassy mission. Heres the part Im stuck...
  28. JasonKrol

    D'oh! NFL 2K3 caused burn in...

    if GTA3 or Vice City havent caused burnin yet with the upper right portion for money and health - then I dont know what will!! Ive played many 6-8hour days of this game without turning off the tv once! Agreed in that it really depends on the contrast setting.
  29. JasonKrol

    Why no Kid Icarus Sequel?

    i have no clue why, but damn would I love to see that on the Cube or future systems!!!
  30. JasonKrol

    X-Live NFL 2K3 - League? Tournaments? Let's do it!

    I will also be hosting NFL 2k3 tournaments on my website very soon (just need a few final bugs worked out). In the meantime, you can hit the site and checkout the existing Madden tournament that has been going on. There will also be some NFL Fever, Unreal, and MechAssault tournaments. Once I...
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