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  1. DustinDavis

    How do you overcome public speaking?

    The best way is to get in front of people and just do it. Back in the day I belonged to Toastmasters, which is an excellent organization that provides you opportunities to improve your public speaking. I highly recommend this organization, especially to college students who want to improve...
  2. DustinDavis

    FS: 1 Tributaries Direct Subwoofer Y (3m)

    For Sale: 1 Tributaries Direct Subwoofer Y cable, 3 meters (9.8 feet). Excellent condition. This cable has a single RCA connector at one end and a sturdy built-in Y-connector at the subwoofer end, so you won't need a Y-connector with it. MSRP $55, I offer it for $30 shipped to your door...
  3. DustinDavis

    FS: 1 pair Paradigm Reference Studio/40 v2, Studio/20 v2

    Tim, Thanks for your interest. Not sold yet. I've actually been looking at what it would cost to ship and I'm considering opening up that possibility. It would be nice to find a local buyer but I may start seriously looking at shipping. So DFW speaker buyers speak now or forever hold...
  4. DustinDavis

    FS: 1 pair Paradigm Reference Studio/40 v2, Studio/20 v2

    Thanks for the comments Rob, and you are right, this is a great price on these speakers. I took some shots of the 20s, at the following URL: Note the imperfections, which are hardly visible at all even at close distance with a bright light. The Studio 40s...
  5. DustinDavis

    FS: 1 pair Paradigm Reference Studio/40 v2, Studio/20 v2

    For sale: 1 pair Paradigm Reference Studio/40 v2 speakers, pristine condition Black ash with real wood side panels $450 negotiable 1 pair Paradigm Reference Studio/20 v2 speakers, great condition (minor scuff on rear of one speaker, not even visible from more than 2 feet away)...
  6. DustinDavis

    Moving to Plano

    Try Pastazio's in Addison. It's a bit southwest for you, but worth the trip.
  7. DustinDavis

    For $%@(* sakes, I have diabetes.

    My Paw-Paw lived to 83 with diabetes. It's a bummer but try to remember you can control it and you can live a full life with it.
  8. DustinDavis

    B&K Seperates
  9. DustinDavis

    cooking meat in the oven - always dries out!

    I've had good success with oven bags. You should be able to get them at the grocery. Really seals in the juices.
  10. DustinDavis

    i'd like to find a GOOD mechanical pencil

    If you are a fine-lead person, this Koh-i-noor pencil will smoke any of the aforementioned. I owned one for years and have missed it ever since I lost it. The metal diamond grip is a masterpiece for long writing sessions, and the .3 mm...
  11. DustinDavis

    Movies that you hope they make.

    I've always thought Tom Clancy's Cardinal of the Kremlin (my favorite Clancy book, I've read it 4 times) would make a good dramatic flick.
  12. DustinDavis

    Latest Pet Peeve: 2 Hr+ Waits at Restaurants!!

    I've had Cheesecake Factory several times and I have to agree that this is one of the most overrated restaurants in Dallas. The food is not above average at all. Not that flavorful, not that original, and certainly not worth a long wait. I wouldn't wait more than 20 minutes to eat at Cheesecake...
  13. DustinDavis

    Line doubler in Mitsubishi RPTVs?

    Maybe the Mits doublers have improved, but I know that my Panasonic RP-56 knocks the socks off the internal line doubler in my Mits WS-55819 (a couple years old). All for the incredibly outrageous price of $180.
  14. DustinDavis

    the problem with con/heist movies

    If you're looking for one where everything doesn't go according to plan, I highly recommend A Simple Plan. It's not exactly a heist or con movie but close enough, and features a very nice performance by Billy Bob Thornton.
  15. DustinDavis

    Movie Death Scenes that really got to you...

    Trying to pick ones not already mentioned... The "moider" of Honora in Heavenly Creatures. The death/resuscitation of Lindsey Brigman in The Abyss. Wolfgang in Amadeus. Though you never really see it, Lefty in Donnie Brasco.
  16. DustinDavis

    Scenes That Gave You A Chill...

    JeremySt, great example from Poltergeist, that scene gives me chills every time I watch it. One for me is the scene from The Others wher Nicole Kidman goes into the storage room with all the furniture covered in blankets. As she moves about the room she begins to hear faint voices that sound...
  17. DustinDavis

    What are your all time favorite multiplayer death match weapons?

    PIPE BOMBS in Duke Nukem 3D. Man, I just noticed my post count was wiped out. I was up to 800 or so.
  18. DustinDavis

    Columbia: What happened to Enigma?

    Well, I just watched the new Enigma DVD and I can say that the video issues appear to be fixed. Thanks CTHV for rectifying the situation and putting out a quality reissue.
  19. DustinDavis

    Reference Quality Games?

    For sound in the heat of battle, I have yet to find a more enveloping and engaging experience than Ghost Recon.
  20. DustinDavis

    Pet Owners: has your pet ever had back surgery

    I had a roommate who had a miniature Dachsund and the poor little guy went down in his back. It's apparently common among weiner dogs. He basically lost control of his function from half his back down, couldn't move his legs, etc. We took Hans in for surgery and the vet said that we don't...
  21. DustinDavis

    The HTF Eating Accomplishments Thread

    "Are you kidding? I'm so hungry I could eat the ass end out of a dead rhinoceros." Just trying to bring it all back to movies. ;)
  22. DustinDavis

    Ghost Recon and Unlockables

  23. DustinDavis

    XBL: Host Disconnect Problems?

    I had that problem last night playing Ghost Recon and then it went away later on. I think it must have had something to do with the XBL service. I could sign in and get online, I could look at friends, and I could search for games online, but when I reached the point where it would try to...
  24. DustinDavis

    Xbox wireless question

    I use a similar setup to Mark's. The XBox is on a wired network behind the Linksys Wireless Router, and then I use a Linksys USB 802.11 adapter to have my computer get on the network. Works great and the USB adapter is $80 cheaper than the WET11. I'm surprised more people don't mention this type...
  25. DustinDavis

    Hitman 2 - Third level help.

    FYI everybody, I got a Silent Assassin rating on this level even though I killed the limo driver. I don't think I got the silenced Ballers as a reward, so it must be the "no-kill" that gets you the reward and the rating is less important.
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