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  1. Jeff H

    My Friends on the HTF

    Dave, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Best wishes.
  2. Jeff H

    FS: Rega Planar 2

    Ryan, this is not Ebay. Very uncool to offer more. Most memebers here don't try to profit from their sales. They just pass could deals to fellow forum members.
  3. Jeff H

    FS(MD/VA/DC) $599.00!!!: Atlantic Technology A2000 7ch Amp

    Amp looks great. Haven't hooked it up yet, but it will be paired with a MartinLogan setup and Lexicon MC1. I can't wait to hear it! Thanks, Jeff
  4. Jeff H

    FS: B&K ST125

    PM sent
  5. Jeff H

    FS: Yamaha YST-SW305 Subwoofer

    I will take it. How do you want payment? Thanks, Jeff
  6. Jeff H

    VSX-39TX (Looking to Buy)

    This has got to be a record. I doubt he is still looking after 3 years, but I guess you never know.
  7. Jeff H

    Boston Acoustics AVP7 Pre-amp 250$ shipped!

    PM sent. Please!!!!
  8. Jeff H

    FS Denon avr 486 and 556s DVD player

    I'll take them. PM sent
  9. Jeff H

    Panasonic DVD-F65 5 didc DVD changer

    Do you have the manual and original box? Thanks
  10. Jeff H

    FS: Pioneer ELITE THX Receiver $200 SHIPPED!!CONUS

    PM sent. Thanks, Jeff
  11. Jeff H

    FS: Panasonic RP91 - Champagne

    PM sent
  12. Jeff H

    HK AVR 300, stands, and signs FS in CA

    No sweat here. Give Andy the right of refusal. If he doesn't want them, let me know. Thanks, Jeff
  13. Jeff H

    HK AVR 300, stands, and signs FS in CA

    I wil take the freebie signs. Please email me at [email protected]. Shiping is to 22015. I am interested in the stands if shipping won't kill it! Thanks, Jeff Wow, I type to slow! Thanks for the great offer to the forum. Congrats to whoever gets them.
  14. Jeff H

    Citation 7.0 Preamp/Processor $149

    If it falls thru, I wil take it. Thanks, Jeff
  15. Jeff H

    WTB: Panasonic CP 72 dvd changer

    PM sent. Jeff
  16. Jeff H

    Carver TFM-22/TFM/25 225 watts per channel

    Can you please email me at [email protected]? Thanks, Jeff
  17. Jeff H

    Need 2 verizon phones!

    Thanks for all the help! Todd, I will get back to you shortly.
  18. Jeff H

    Need 2 verizon phones!

    I know this is the wrong forum,, but I need help! My wife and daughter flooded their Verizon phones on a water ride a Busch Gardens. My 2 year contract is up in November and I want to go with another provider. The cheapest phone I can get from Verizon is $150.00. I just need a couple phones to...
  19. Jeff H

    For Sale: Citation 5.0

    I have owned the Citation 7.0 and the DC2 and currently have the MC1. I always wanted to try the 5.0. Why do you prefer the Lexicon? Do you prefer logic7 or 6 axis? Thanks and good luck with your sale.
  20. Jeff H

    Berlkine 088 theater chairs

    Offer sent. Thanks, Jeff
  21. Jeff H

    Sunfire Theater Grand

    How much?
  22. Jeff H

    FS Harmony SST-659 Remote

    I will take it if available. Please email me at [email protected]. Thanks, Jeff
  23. Jeff H

    WTB: Older 5.1 "ready" or 5.1 receiver.

    I have a nice H/K AVR-75 with owners manual and remote, no box, for $150.00. The unit is in very good condition and I live in Burke VA. Thanks, Jeff
  24. Jeff H

    FS: 12 ft. Audioquest Granite Biwire Speaker Cables

    What is the length? Thanks, Jeff
  25. Jeff H

    FS: RCA 36" MM36110 HDTV ready - Philadelphia area

    Sorry, 1" too wide. Good Luck with your sale
  26. Jeff H

    FS: RCA 36" MM36110 HDTV ready - Philadelphia area

    Can you provide the measurements? I have an entertainment system with a tight fit. Thanks
  27. Jeff H

    HT items, Computer stuff for sale

    You got mail. Thanks
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