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  1. sam_canavo

    dvd-r and mp3s

    I have been there. Its funny the disk played in a Yammy that couldn't play dvd-a but would not play in Pioneer 563a, though it played in the 363 and it's not compatible with dvd-a either. I wonder if there is a connection with dvd-a and dvd mp3s? My goal is to find a dvd-a player that...
  2. sam_canavo

    dvd-r and mp3s

    I know for the cdr you would need to probably convert it to svcd or vcd. I just can't figure out why it doesn't see mp3s on dvd-r, it reads cdrs with mp3s?
  3. sam_canavo

    dvd-r and mp3s

    Just wondered if dvd players that state they play dvd-r will play mp3s burned to dvd-r. I just picked up the panny s55 and it doesn't read the disks. I may have been naive to think this was possible but thought it was. Could someone clarify this for me. I figured it could hold and play way...
  4. sam_canavo

    You're Objective, Mr. Phelps, Should You Decide to Accept It

    I like this thread. I will do more research and post what I find. The other thing is I am Canadian so it'll be interesting to see what you can get for 2grand CA vs US.
  5. sam_canavo


    I should know how to do this but can't figure it out? With hockey,golf and other things I need to get this going. I have Hitachi 36" with input a and b also using digital cable box. My question is how to split the cable for the outputs? Thanks for any help. Go Leafs
  6. sam_canavo

    I have two computer issues that are driving me NUTS!!!

    Hi Paul Yes one beep is normal, it is rather odd though that you can't boot to the cd rom, what message do you get when you try this? If you get to dos prompt in safe mode you could try to run set up from your cd drive but if I remember correctly xp won't run in dos mode but worth a shot.
  7. sam_canavo

    I have two computer issues that are driving me NUTS!!!

    Hi Paul Sorry to hear about your grief. Lets start with the pc. Obviously it is posting as you get to the safe mode option. Are you hearing any beeps when it boots? Usually with a video card that isn't seated properly you won't get it to post and you will hear beeps. Can you...
  8. sam_canavo

    joining component cables

    Just to give an update. Went to home depot today picked up 3x40ft rg59, some twist on f-connectors, had rca adapters and now have component video cables. Still running s-video from digital cable box until they either upgrade box to component or I switch to HD. Thanks for the replies...
  9. sam_canavo

    joining component cables

    The infocus is 800x600. I am using Panny rv31 and digital cable box. The rv31 is non progressive but has the Faroudja chip and so does the x1. Hope this answers you questions?
  10. sam_canavo

    joining component cables

    We have a surplus store in my area and they sell a product called legend premium series. The box states: High Grade video cable, OFC material and gold plated. I know they aren't the best but for 12ft/20 bucks I thought I would give it a shot. Couldn't find much about them on the net...
  11. sam_canavo

    joining component cables

    Thanks for the replies. I picked up the other 12ft and didn't noticed any ghosting, although I'm going from s-video to component so I did see an improvement. I then realized if I was to mount the projector the cable still won't be long enough. So now my thinking is to return this...
  12. sam_canavo

    joining component cables

    Does anyone see a real problem with joining 2 12ft component cables or will it degrade the signal significantly.
  13. sam_canavo

    How Good can a Front projector be

    I hope you can continue on as this is informative and a very interesting thread. Chris W I won't tell you what kind of FP I have- LOL Sorry I am sorta new to this so not much to add.
  14. sam_canavo

    Weekend with a FP: I'm in love!!

    Jeff M Agreed things can get a little picky over at AVS. I just need to remember, pull the screen down, turn on the x1 and enjoy the movie. It is nice to see people enjoying FP at an affordable cost. Enjoy the show.
  15. sam_canavo

    DIY Masking System

    Hey I have almost the exact same layout, screen in front of tv. I currently have a 60x60 but am looking at 60x80 just wondered how easy it was for the masking. The da-lite will come with some masking borders but probably not wide enough. Any suggestion?
  16. sam_canavo

    Some sort of virus/trojan/whatever keeps changing my browser home page - help!

    Very good points Brett. I work in an IT Dept and the users continue to blame the computers when something goes array. Even people I have built computers for have no interest in learning how they run. They think it is like a car, get in it and drive. I believe that with the advant of...
  17. sam_canavo

    Infocus X1 vs Sanyo Z2

    I am in Kitchener. The closest place to possible demo is Mississauga I see that Future Shop sells it on line. I would prefer not to do the shipping route. I did have the sony vpl-sx5 home on the weekend and it was great but it's xga and out of my price range.
  18. sam_canavo

    Infocus X1 vs Sanyo Z2

    Well we are on the projector subject any thoughts on this one Sony VPL-CS6 SuperLite LCD Projector. I have demoed Epson s1 = major screen door Hitachi sw-210 nice but not overwhelmed Canon CLV-S3 to expensive for the image. Not trying to highjack thread just though someone may...
  19. sam_canavo

    WTB: Panasonic L300U LCD projector. The closer to Toronto the better.

    I was just at 2001 audio and video and they carry the PTAE-200 and 300. If you go to they have the PT-L300u for 1,754.99. What I would like to know is what is the difference between the PTAE and the PT-L, the specs look identical. 2001 is selling the PTAE-300 for 3,300. Any...
  20. sam_canavo

    Directors Christmas trivia....Let's play!

    they ate at Dennys. Are we doing video or music as well? How may bulbs and strands of lights are on the Griswalds house?
  21. sam_canavo

    Where can I get an X1!

    Dave What did you get from Dell?
  22. sam_canavo

    do screens make a difference

    just wondering, demoed epson s1 and it seemed to have major screen door now i am testing hitachi 210 and it is nice but see lines on the screen. The projector isn't the best, but fit my budget and screen is Da lite tripod, from classroom. Do you think a better screen might be in order...
  23. sam_canavo

    Pic'n'Pic with cable box

    Should this be moved to different forum?
  24. sam_canavo

    Pic'n'Pic with cable box

    Just wondered what the best way to hook up digital cable box to use pic'n'pic. I have 36" hitachi with ant a and b inputs and scientific atlanta explorer 3200 box. I know it needs to be split. What is the minimum for splitter? I would also like to run this to receiver for cable fm...
  25. sam_canavo

    can i get away with not having a sub if i have really good mains?

    Mike I have a set of psb alphas and paradigm 3se minis and have used both as front speakers, but when I added AR 10 inch sub let me tell you it made a HUGE difference. Not only for movies but music as well. Small bookshelfs just don't have the bass or the bottom end.
  26. sam_canavo

    John Mayer/Music

    Not sure where to post this but feel free to move as I didn't see music forum (home theatre} Anyway if you get a chance or have heard John Mayer - Man on the Side, it gave my psb's a work out, great acoutic guitar. If it's new to me, sorry.
  27. sam_canavo

    Ordering from Next Big Thing Electronics?

    I have never ordered from them but I see that johnnyg seems to be involved if not the owner. Do a search on this forum and I am sure his name will come up. Just wondered if you could post the web site. I have searched for Next Big Thing Electronics and can't find anything. Thanks.
  28. sam_canavo

    Computer Hook Up

    Jeremy Just go into sounds settings and and set it no sounds. The only thing you will hear is the program your running,mp3s,power dvd, media player etc.
  29. sam_canavo

    Loud buzzing on stereo speakers

    Hi Mike I had a similar problem with computer to receiver. I got a power bar with cable in/out and that fixed the humming/buzzing. Give it a try.
  30. sam_canavo

    Cable Line Induced Speaker Hum

    I didn't seem to have trouble with digital cable box only computer output. What problems are you having? No RF transformer worked for me and was inserting it where cable enters apt.
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