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  1. Gregg Shiu

    Samsung FPT5094W 50-Inch 1080p Wireless Plasma HDTV

    Bump Lowering the asking price to $1400 since we are getting a new setup soon and this is now disconnected from our receiver sitting on the floor. Will put up pictures of it soon if I can figure out photobucket.
  2. Gregg Shiu

    Samsung FPT5094W 50-Inch 1080p Wireless Plasma HDTV

    First and foremost, I'd like to say... HELLO to everyone on HTF, it's been a long time since I last posted here, as work and WoW have claimed the majority of my life for the last few years. Anywho... here's the posting, please feel free to let me know if I am not within the posting parameters...
  3. Gregg Shiu

    The movies' most visceral DEATH SCENES...

    Can't believe this wasn't mentioned: In the recent King Kong, Andy Circus' character Lumpy getting eaten by those horrifying slug things. Oh, I will not watch that movie again because of this scene...
  4. Gregg Shiu

    The Shield: Season 5 thread

    Here's a pretty decent interview with Kenny Johnson, the actor who plays Lem. Between this episode and the episode back in season 3 where Tavon flew thru a windshield, I still can't think of a show that shakes you up as much as The Shield.
  5. Gregg Shiu

    The Shield: Season 5 thread

    WOW, just wow... Again, no doubt in my mind that this is the best show on Television. I thought that there was an ominous foreboding with Shane being alone with Lem in that parking lot. It definitely can be seen coming, as Antoine Mitchell stated, "Shane's a bitch, and bitches 'give up' their...
  6. Gregg Shiu

    Arrested Development season 3 thread

    Fox made a huge mistake.
  7. Gregg Shiu

    Don Adams, RIP

    As a kid, back when our family had cable, I remember Nick-at-Nite had a slew of shows which just irritated the hell out of, such as Dragnet, My Three Sons, etc. However, Get Smart was truly a gem and such a sensational comedy, it makes me so upset to hear of Mr. Adams' passing. RiP. (sad robot)
  8. Gregg Shiu

    The Family Guy New Season (2005) Thread

    Great episode. If anyone could screenshot the picture of Rupert in a police uniform with the crayon-drawn picture of Brian, after Stewey fired him, that'd be cool. It looks like FG has certainly hit its stride and hopefully can keep this much energy up for the remainder of the season.
  9. Gregg Shiu

    Entourage season 2

    I love how this show, which last season looked more superficial and little emotional value, was able to flip everything upside-down in this episode. I really had the continuing sense of dread throughout the episode. Not big on unhappy endings, so I hope by the end of the season, stuff is fixed...
  10. Gregg Shiu

    Batman Begins (2005)

    Hehe, nice timely responses, thanks. I just remember seeing some parts of Batman Returns on like TBS the other day and laughing so hard at some parts that seemed so un-Batman. For instnace, there was a goon (fire-breathing circus freak) blowing flames all over the Batmobile, so he makes the car...
  11. Gregg Shiu

    Batman Begins (2005)

    I'm admittedly not the biggest Batman or DC comics fan, but I know my fair share of Batman mythos. I personally thought Batman Begins nailed Batman and did it absolutely, positively correct. Don't count me as one of the people jumping on the Batman (Returns)-bashing bandwagon, since I didn't...
  12. Gregg Shiu

    Who makes better chicken than Boston Market?

    Dammit, Pamela, you beat me to it! As one of those Asians with super high metabolisms, I love to eat and keep lots of mental notes on places that stick out or strike me as "must-visits" when traveling. I recall an 'all-chicken' week in LA, and 3 of the days consisted of KooKooRoo's, Pollo Inka...
  13. Gregg Shiu

    The Shield - Season 4 ongoing thread (merged)

    What, no comments on last night's episode here yet? Everyone still upset that there was no Independence Day? Overall, a great episode with a few new developments. I think the guy Dutch and Claudette were interrogating was the funniest thing about last night's episode. Anyone see the preview for...
  14. Gregg Shiu

    The Shield - Season 4 ongoing thread (merged)

    I agree, I dunno which scene made me squirm around in my seat more, Vic's confrontation with Shane or Dutch conversing with Corrine when Vic was walking up. What an amazing episode!
  15. Gregg Shiu

    "Fox Reuniting Itself with 'Family Guy'"

    It's just something to kill the time I suppose. I'm sure I'll be seeing you all later in the next Michael Bay or Eminem thread! :D
  16. Gregg Shiu

    "Fox Reuniting Itself with 'Family Guy'"

    Peter: "Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Stop it... stop it..." BillGrandPre: "Okay." Peter: "Okay?" BillGrandPre: "Okay." Peter: "All right."
  17. Gregg Shiu

    ALIAS season 4 ongoing thread (merged)

    Marshall: "Oh my god, I think I just got hepatitis."
  18. Gregg Shiu

    Arrested Development Season 2 thread

    Gob: "Michael... I've been looking for you." Michael: "Looks like you're looking for dragons... in the future."
  19. Gregg Shiu

    House, M.D. ongoing thread

    I thought this was an awesome episode, easily one of the best in the series. We even got to see a second appearance of a former 24 star; how long you think it'll be before Xander Berkeley's a patient? Also, surprised nobody mentioned this, but it was revealed Cuddy and House had been previously...
  20. Gregg Shiu

    Have you ever been surprised by of swearing on an album

    Well, not gonna defend or crucify the guy, but I'll throw in a response to his question. I got Ginuwine's "The Senior" two years ago and was mildly surprised by the last track, where he's being interviewed by Tigger. It wasn't as if I had heard an F-bomb in a PG movie, but I guess there've been...
  21. Gregg Shiu

    House, M.D. ongoing thread

    A shame more people haven't commented on House recently, especially after the last two stellar episodes. Indeed, it's still a bit formulaic, but sometimes it's not about the destination, nor the road taken, but the amount of fun it is along the way. Very tense moments in this one, I certainly...
  22. Gregg Shiu

    The eternal Family Guy Quotes thread

    Phil, I can't remember the episode title off the top of my head, but I believe that's from the same episode where Peter wrote a story about Luke Perry being gay. I LOVED the part when Peter was sneaking into the office to switch Meg's story with his own. SO great!
  23. Gregg Shiu

    The return of Green Day

    I've been listening to their cd ad nauseam everyday since I've got it, and it's simply fantastic. Makes the work day pass much better having played it at least once on the spin of the ipod. I honestly thought nothing would top Kanye's CD last year as my album of the year, but this has proven me...
  24. Gregg Shiu

    World of Warcraft

    Oh yeah, Wayne... sorry about that again. heh. No, I'm just kidding, I'd avoid PVP at all costs until the supposed honor system is implemented. If they can get it down right, I'm pretty sure you won't have to put up with such jerks in the future. Ganking will merit them with less honor and thus...
  25. Gregg Shiu

    World of Warcraft

    Wow, not too many posts in a thread about a game you'd think tons of us would be playing. Then again, most people are probably doing just that, instead of reading here. I Don't think this has been mentioned, but if you are playing World of Warcraft without Cosmos, a set of awesome macros, extra...
  26. Gregg Shiu

    Is The Simpsons becoming Family Guy?

    Amen to that. As a longtime Simpsons fan, I can certainly agree with Travis that everything since season 10, and perhaps a little before, was garbage. :thumbsdown: Ryan, I understand that time's have changed, but very rarely do you see any Simpsons episodes with the same heart, the attraction...
  27. Gregg Shiu

    Best and Worst TV of 2004

    Best: 1) Deadwood 2) Rescue Me 3) Arrested Development 4) Lost 5) Wonderfalls 6) Scrubs & Chappelle's Show 7) Desperate Housewives 8) Curb Your Enthusiasm WTF Happened to it???: 1) Aqua Teen Hunger Force (enough with the damn Space Cataz!) 2) 24 3) Alias Worst: 1)...
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