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    What's the best 5 disc cd player?

    California Audio Labs CL-10. Only avilable used.
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    Denon 3805 Built In Amp Help!

    Only the surround back channel amp can be configured to be used by ZONE2 or ZONE3. So if you want 7.1 you will need an additionla amp for ZONE2 or ZONE3.
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    Denon 910 freeze problem

    I have a dvd-900 that does the same thing. Hnags up often on layer changes or when it appears to warm up.
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    CD Changer recommendations -- must have a COAX digital output

    I have 2 changers, one is probably the best changer made (sound quality), it is a CAL Audio CL-10. That piece of equipment resides in my 2-channel setup. It has a digital output, but also has great DAC's in it so, I always use the analog outputs on it. You may be able to pick one up used for...
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    B & W DM601 S3 versus Boston VR-M50

    See if you can arrange an in home demo. That is the best way to make that decision.
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    Denon DVD-2200 or other?

    Does the Denon DVD-1600 or DVD-3800 provide better PQ then the Denon DVD-2200? Is there any other DVD Player's that provide equal or better PQ than the DVD-2200 at equal or less $$$?
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    What method do you use to toe in speakers?

    First set reference level and verify phase. Then, I start out with them not toed in and listen to a stereo source that will produce a good center image (I like the Tracy Chapman - Tracy Chapman CD for this). I then listen and adjust the toe-in until the center image sounds right. I then listen...
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    DVE Audio Tests

    I was hoping DVE would have phase tests for a 6.1/7.1 setup since AVIA only has them for 5.1. Anyone familiar with DVE know if the following test are intended to verify phase Band Limited Pink Noise - Half Left Band Limited Pink Noise - Half Right Band Limited Pink Noise - Half Right...
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    DVE Audio Tests

    Are the following audio tests on DVE intended to check phase? 2 Band Limited Pink Noise - Half Left 4 Band Limited Pink Noise - Half Right 6 Band Limited Pink Noise - Half Right Surround 8 Band Limited Pink Noise - Half RS & CB 10 Band Limited Pink Noise - Half LS & CB 12 Band...
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    What music would YOU take to demo speakers?

    Pretty much the whole CD. Amused To Death, was recorded using Q-Sound. This type of recording is processed with psychoacoustic effects to produce an extremely wide, deep and totally surrounding experience with only two loudspeakers. Tracks 1, 3 & 12 are interesting.
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    3803 zone2 problems

    It is possible as long as in setup, you go to "Zone 2 Control" and set the "Power Amp Assignment" to "Zone 2". I have moved to a 7.1 setup, so I use the internal amps for my surround back speakers now and powermy "zone 2" with an external amp fed by the zone 2 pre-amp outputs on the 3803.
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    3803 zone2 problems

    Zone 2 can play the tuner and all sources providing you have analog cables from the source to the 3803. In my system all my "digital" sources are connected to the 3803 using both digital cables (coax or toslink depending on what the source offers) and a pair or analog cables. The obvious...
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    speaker preference

    I never even consider the driver's in a speaker when deciding what to buy. I let my ears tell me what sounds best.
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    What music would YOU take to demo speakers?

    I ususally arrange an in home demo and use a variety of music I am familiar with. But, some of the pieces, I use are: Sarah McLachlan, Surfacing, track #7: A multi-track studio recording that shows imaging but also shows the capability of putting up a huge soundstage. Toto, Tambu, track...
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    Help me decide on some in wall speakers

    Matt, If you have a Boston Acoustics dealer you may also want to look into their in-wall/in-ceiling speakers. I installed some of the BA VRi in-ceilings and they are pretty good. see
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    Help me decide on some in wall speakers

    Matthew Todd Have you looked into RBH speakers? They have various in-wall's and have their manufacturing located in Layton, Utah.
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    denon receiver

    yes source inputs to zone 2 must be connected using analog connections. The zone 2 input circuitry does not contain D/A Converters in the signal path.
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    Best speaker set for 1500-2000 USD

    If you are considering the direct internet companies, I highly recommend ACI.
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    Vienna Acoustics

    In your budget range there are many good speaker systems to listen to, including the Vienna's. Before you go off on your search, consider all factors not just budget. In my case, I had a similar budget but was also limited by size/weight of the center channel and that the surrounds had to be...
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    Music lovers, what do you recommend?

    I would also recommend ProAc's. Although I have not listened to the NAD equipment you refer to, I have found NAD electronics to be a bit harsh.
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    affordable bookeshelf for tube newbie

    I second the recommendation for used used ProAc Response 1SC's. Used, Jolida, Aronov, Golden Tube Audio SI50 (although their SE-40 amp wasthe diamond in the rough) or CJ - altough that will push the budget.
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    Small in stature; huge in sound

    ProAc Response 1sc
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    Why Do Swans and Rockets look alike

    I believe the cabinets are made and the speakers are assembled in the same factory.
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    What is the tradeoff in using monopoles for side/rear surrounds in an HT 7.1 Setup?

    Let me describe my room to see if that affects things. My room is 23' x 23 ' with a 6' x 9' alcove centered on the left side of the room. There is a open stairway in the rear left hand corner of the room, leading down a level. (room is built over a garage) The ceilings slope from 8' to about...
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    What is the tradeoff in using monopoles for side/rear surrounds in an HT 7.1 Setup?

    What is the tradeoff in using monopoles for side/rear surrounds in a HT 7.1 Setup?
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    Subwoofer Recommendation

    I am looking for recommendations and opinions on subwoofers that are physically small (probably no more than 16" in height) that can go deep and are accurate. I do not need it to be loud (accurate frequency response is a preferred trait to max spl's). Predominant usage would be for HT with some...
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    Will a good external DAC make an Average Transport sound fantastic?

    That depends on costs vs perceived value. I had a mediocre Sony ES CD player that sounded "bright" and cd's played on it had a very 2 dimensional soundstage. So, I picked up a used Audio Alchemy DTI (clocking), a Audio Alchemy DDE (DAC)and the necessary cables (1 toslink from CD player to DTI, 1...
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